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Date of publication:2012-12   Press: Life, reading, New York   Author:Sun Yan, Tong Cuiping  

As a publisher, always feel a little sorry for writers, our books are not good enough, especially in literary works. I think that literary works should be 印得比 general books better than. I see a lot of foreign books, literature, fiction, drama, poetry, given the very high benefits in terms of publication, the best paper and best binding, and treating it with those a lot of books printed in difference, make people a hand knew: ah! This is the literary works. We? I'm ten years published work, there is no print a few decent book. Only one satisfactory: MR Ba Jin's "essay" hardcover. Ba Lao once wrote: "it is the first flow sheet, the first binding! Is your brilliant light to my troubled Book Introducing 'civilization' marketplace." That's like a book, the Balao satisfied, I am very happy. I bought a lot of literature books, always feel that we press should think, can make literary works with a bit of paper, binding design is a bit better? Foreign literary works, the appearance is very simple. Dong Dingshan has an article said: work is good or bad, do not rely on the cover, do not rely on color. I'm still "world literature" to see a translation of the article, said foreign literary works cover can not be more than two kinds of colors, much of it is not good. Some color, red, yellow, literary works without these two kinds of color, the color with cold. Each country is different, we don't need to copy. This reminds me of Ba Jin's cultural life press, he printed book, "series", "dead souls" covers three words only black. "Literature", Cao Yu's "Thunderstorm" and "sunrise", the cover is simple, in addition to the title, author name, no more. Until now, also feel very good. Taiwan's "United Daily News" supplement editor Ya Xuan ten years before the Spring Festival to send me cards to write one sentence: "I still think 30's cultural life press' literature ',' literary life series' is the most beautiful." Of course, we cannot be too simple cover, because the Chinese reader habits a little excitement, we want to take care of the needs of the readers, care for the issuance of work, cover or to design better. Britain, France and Germany published literary works cover, rarely image, novel did not take the image to be printed on the cover. We published the "Anna Karenina", was printed on the cover of the two women's image, looks like a movie poster. OutsideChinese literature book covers relatively simple, unlike the children's books, practical book. You can add a package, printed a little excitement, designed to be very attractive, but also printed on paper and the like. Mr. Bian Zhilin told me that the author I put with his photo book to send people, if printed on the paper, I will not send people to tear, printed on the package, you can pull it off. The author died, the photos can of course be printed in a book. In short, the literary works cover, basically to be simple. For the needs of the market the so-called literary works manufacturing, is another matter, the flashy, anyway is not books, read it away. But the real works of literature, is to be on the shelf in the room. The Sanlian Bookstore publishing books set in the binding is a mind. New set must have a bookish, these ten this book sets, avoid using a face, even the series name are not just from the inside cover can be seen is a set of books. "Xi Di book talk", Mr. Zheng Zhenduo is not in, cover please Mr. Ye Shengtao wrote a book entitled, leaf old my request never refuse. This and the "Tang Tao Hui an book talk" cover, please Mr. Qian Junfu design, make this book a good start, it was like. As to the inner cover, using the same format, the original handwriting printed author. It also costs a bit, Ye Lingfeng "essay", found a piece of "Hongkong index" contents of manuscripts from Hongkong. "Xi Di Shuhua" found a picture of Mr. Zheng Zhenduo to "walk" the manuscripts. Other Huang Chang, Xie Guozhen, Yang Xianyi, Chen Yuan, Cao Juren, Feng Yidai, Zhao Jiabi, 杜渐 books set, all bearing the author questions, or provided by family. "Essay" cover, selection of Mr Ye Lingfeng's favourite Beardsley's illustrations, Western books. "Storytelling" Yu huang shang under took two pieces of Chinese classical novel woodcut illustrations on the cover. Yu Dafu set the book "sell buy books" of the title, not from the letters to the four words, no please wrote, row type. This book covers the most is not ideal, is not very well coordinated in this set of books set in. At that time I was not in, not to. "Whitebait" cover made joke. Mr. Huang Chang to the stupid fish eats thanks to "whitebait" reputation, the results made the fish into the water, appeared on the cover is seven or eight in the fish swimming in the waters. Press cover art design is often only a paper notice, do not read a book. No art clearly, I have a responsibility to. Now the "dark" triple an new book series for "new series" smoked printing, abandoned the original cover, change the "uniform", uniform, with a computer word title, not dull and vulgar. Triple to do their own thinking, I really have a little sense of loss. "Fu Lei" a new, cover has changed. It is specially invited Mr. Fu Lei friends Mr. Pang Xunli design, waste and no longer use, heard that Fu Min have opinions, I do not know how to deal with the aftermath of. Ye Shengtao, Qian Juntao and Mr. Pang Xunsu are all dead, triple will not ask these a few predecessors, famous. Their letters work, valuable assets not is press (tangible or intangible)? Easily abandoned, it seems a shame. The book is piled into the books publishing, beyond reproach, I have a suggestion, whether in the publishing of books at the same time, retain the original characteristics of the edition, reprint, "one country two systems" for readers to choose. A few years ago I was in Nanjing Sanlian Bookstore outlets across a reader, he told the book I want to buy a set of homogeneous Joint Publishing, failed to do so, quite regret. Not long ago, the people's Literature Publishing House printed a number of "five four" literary works, readers can see the original cover still face, before this, a press reprint of Lu Xun's works, also take this approach, are very good, welcome by the book.

The book is the book and the book binding art, south of Dr. Tong Cuiping as "leisure square" quantity body compiles a leisure and interesting book. The book contains 66 articles by 39 authors. A book binding art creators authors (Zhang Shouyi, Cao Xinzhi, Lv Jingren, Qian Jun, Qiu Ling, etc.), a bibliophile (Jiang Deming and Ni Moyan), book author (Ye Lingfeng and Tang), writer (Zhang Zhonghang and Sun Li), a Book researchers (Xu Yanping, Mo Zhiheng, Tong Cuiping etc.), publisher...... Author for the body across a number of circles, such as, Lu Xun is a writer and Book Creator, also can be seen as the cover of researchers, lovers, a book, brought together several generations "bones with".
the book is divided into five series: series one on the books, magazine cover design; two series by the case study on "wandering" and other classic book; three series for the book binding art collection of preface and postscript Unicare; four series by the book and people, on the famous book of famous art achievement; five series on the cover art the scenery, the book.
book by the cover as the breakthrough point, modern and contemporary books for attention objects, is a specialized for cover.
Catalogue of books

I see the book of (the introduction). A cover painting interest on cover art literature periodical cover cover cover painting discussions into Bian Zhilin and Hua Junwu's cover cover painting cover art three magazine cover art on Chapter XI pressure cover art on the cover of the Book Modern Chinese style gas cover two series cover scenery "autumn" is from Guo Moruo's "hundred flowers blossom" binding talked about Cao Xinzhi's "first honey" graphic art "Lu Xun and book binding design and conception of" gossip "wandering" cover "memories" of the "double" the "siege" cover "Quixote" collection of the overall design "Madame Bai Langning Lyric sonnets" binding appreciation "Ci yuan" binding on other "a dream of Red Mansions" of the new design language "Jingren book design" "Lu style" and "double" than the February flower series book book word "binding words and painting" order of Changbai Mountain worship Dante "Lu Xun and the book" order "Qian Junyun design art" postscript "Jun Fu book binding art" selection of the "World Book art genre" reading "new China book binding art The essence of "reading" safe life design art "reading" Cao Xinzhi art "reading" cover "tastes" cover 100 shadow "two order" Qiu Ling binding art "reading" 2001 • foreign books cover frame 226 "foreword" book of book reading. "Four books with figures of Lu Xun and the book binding art Lu Xun and design books about Tao Yuanqing Tao Yuanqing and Qian Junyun Qian Jungou and Cao Xinzhi book three words in memory of Mr. Cao Xinzhi book artist Zhang Guizheng Wen Yiduo's book design art and design art with Chen Zhifo Ye Lingfeng's art style to Ding Cong Peng ice brother brother in any book of Zhang Shouyi Zhang Cizhong and his book design book binding speed Tai Liu Chengyin hee's book design book" dream to ask Tao Xuehua "book learning" the positive response to Deng Zhonghe series five binding art book binding book binding books on the art of book binding Art Charm Book Art Book Ye Zhimei how I "dress" Japanese book two questions I and computer design (outside a) from binding to cross two the concept of book design In the thirty book on the art of the literati and the Chinese modern book binding art book of excellent works exhibition concept about national periodical exhibition covers the design of the national book binding art exhibition review (1959 - 1999) on the "half a binding at home" (generation afterword)
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: book design should be comprehensive printed on the design of a publication, the discussion here, a - cover part of it. A book cover design quality. Directly affect the reader's reading mood. Good design can be fascinating, is too much to part with it. The cover design or simply become a Book of exquisite decoration, or highly summarizes the contents of the book and turn it into image. It is like an opera "prelude", listen to the music language, can get an idea of the appearance of the opera, which makes people feel into the Opera Center, dream drunk in its story, enjoy the beauty of music ". The cover design of a book, also have the effect of. Lu Xun design on the cover of the book, is focused on as books fine decoration, but not to the exclusion of highly summarizes the contents of the book as the image of the practice. The Tao Yuanqing Lu Xun version covers, such as "the symbol of anguish" and "walk out the ivory tower", "Tang legend", which belongs to the former; "flowers", "wandering", the latter; but there are exceptions. Lu Xun in October 29, 1926 to Tao Yuanqingxin, asked him for "grave" design cover said: "could you please give me a written? What I mean is good as long as the "graveyard" meaning no relationship decoration." But Tao Yuanqing design does not follow this advice to Lu Xun, but deliberately adopts highly summarized the contents of the book as the image manipulation, made like now we see that frame masterpiece, Lu Xun also expressed great satisfaction with the. Lu Xun for his book cover design, focus on the fine decoration as books. He can blend in our book style. Such as the "Beijing letter paper album", simply using thread bound book white strip bookmarks, black ink Inca box, attached to the cover of the left side and right angle position, make a few lines for binding the white silk thread Xiangyingchengqu, it is graceful, elegant and pleasant. His book "scream" design of the cover, is from the traditional design to develop this unpretentious and to: change the straight long label as the long box, title and author of the text translated into reverse frame, printed on the cover, slightly deflecting; a steady Pu Yazhi, straight the reader's eyes, is a good design. To make the development of the design, no profound accomplishment of this is impossible to. Later as "hot air", "heart" and "thick skinned" and many other such coverThat is from here for the development of traditional bookmarks form material using only words. These designs are as books decorative category, is a very typical. Once, Tao Yuanqing to accompany me to the Lu Xun home, talked about cover design. Lu Xun is not proposed to use more some national form. He believes that China's ancient bronzes and stone, have excellent pattern and character description, if the traditional things used to cover design, may have a strong ethnic style. Thus, Lu Xun's views on the cover design, is to create our own appearance, which is different from the other styles. This view is very important.

The book cover and back cover, known as the "cover", was originally used to protect the book core. Mr. Ni Moyan said: in the Chinese publishing history, book binding and layout is also growing, cover with hemp silk, cloth, paper, binding, and constantly improve. Modern dress book "appear, make Chinese publishing history has entered a new stage. But the initial "dress book cover as well as the book is simple, is printed on the title, author's name and the name of the publisher. The works of art into the book, the book into the art field in China and Lu Xun is the inseparable. He is a strong role in the modern commodity market, book binding physical function and cultural function are more and more alienated and at the same time, Lu Xun's books art tradition has been marginalized. Cause this effect. Is now rampant in junior high school the press "to attract the eye on". - cover outside the initial use of protection of books, books in the 悦目赏心 beautification effect, once upon a time, be imposed "eyeballs" market advertising function! So, in order to achieve the promotion of utilitarian purpose, how many books are beautiful, how many books were put on gold and silver, how many books are heavy! Not only to "attract" readers "eye", then the cover of the book seems to be only be made into fancy "marry clothes", swagger and city that way? 1991 in Hongkong realize "lady Tao Xuehua computer designed Fang Yan", when she saw the most advanced "desktop publishing system" when, suddenly feel, "prepress technology at home will have an earth shaking change". Back in Shanghai, she sits in his studio, once deeply "enjoy high technology brings convenience and happiness", but there was a time when she by "and" into "exclaim": a few years ago, the bookbinding art is still in the "bookish" or "advertising" the discussion. Now, look at the stretch "oil day oil", "makeup" of the book cover struggled in the bookstore at the vigor, seems to be watching laser anodized flash to the reader's eye caught up and the form of work content scenery difficulty, no doubt, debate has been settled, "advertisement" to ruthlessly domineering crowned as the "dominant design art". Hidden in the "advertising" the subtext is: "follow the market"...... I have a word, to enter the market in the past, do not have to storytelling volume gas, advertising gas, leaving a "clean" to give readers in the format design? The book is the carrier of culture, reading is its most important function. Readers, the reader, to read. In a format not too "chaos", not "trouble". Those not content, regardless of readers, from beginning to end, fancy layout, turning each page, the reader will be subjected to a visual disturbance, visual pollution, straight to see people scared, how to digest? Ms. Tao says: "but it can be predicted that the market eventually prefer simple, highly personalized creative spirit, and cultural style and charm of the skin of children", "all design did to it, should be very clear about what the readers' needs, how to provide readers with concise, light and refined visual focal point, use every skill and design elements are ultimately to add content, emphasize the content, make reading more convenient, more interesting, and not let the so-called 'design' dominate the whole page." For over the format did not design, her sharp comments: "cover with Cho to tear, the inner core to tear? Can only ask the designer to show leniency!" Remember that nearly twenty years ago, Mr. Dai Wenbao for the Zhu Zheng "and the book" (Shanxi sea press 1988 edition) preface, expressed him as a senior editor of the great expectations: "through various types of editing work, with creative writing and editing of beauty beauty, design the beauty of the" Three Beauties "binding with books, to demonstrate to the world of contemporary Chinese cultural and academic level!"......
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"Leisure Square: it is" the most elegant company, addicted to books like crazy bibliophile and books, both of Cao Xinzhi and Qian Jun Fu, Qiu Ling, Zhang Shouyi, Lv Jingren, book binding art masters and Mo Zhiheng, Xu Yan equal books, also has a fan in this publisher, ginger De Ming, Ni Moyan Tibetan calligraphers and Ye Lingfeng, Tang Tao, Sun Li, Zhang Zhonghang and other writers...... Many Lu Xun who spans circles.
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