Independent bookshops, hello!

Date of publication:2013-3   Press: Jincheng press   Author:Xue Yuan, Xi Haigu   Pages:258   Words:250000  

The copyright page: illustration: later, I repeatedly chewing the words of a friend, think she was right. When the thought of sleep, very light is switched on earth. Chuang-tzu advocated inaction, so can ease up. When thinking of a simple, quiet, the body can be at ease. Now I go to the sanctum Party A, intended person the dust wiped out some, including beat out those gorgeous and elaborate patterns. I think this is not playing the flip game, today's "Wen", had really reached the point where can not be non to. Since ancient times, "Wen" has always been a great metaphor, such as hidden in the paper of a sharp knife, it depicts the world divided into numerous small parties lattice; "Shang Shu Shun Dian", Li said, the latitude and longitude of heaven and earth, japanese. This is also good in the beginning, but later by "Wen" and derived from the various categories of standards, rules too much, but the one to bondage. Now the weight is too deep to as well, a tree trunk, a steering branch end, is the last sign, thin things, is there not perish Science -- all these are because they do not know how to open the open beauty and the kinds of evil! Matisse's drawing the human body the biggest harvest is: simple to rich, the picture can let people live lines, so a few pens. Many things in life with great wings, many people were huge shadow covers. A wise man, see one repetition and piled up, then remove the knockout, the merger of the merger, things return showing clear face.

Xue was the "Qingdao daily" supplement editor. Author of "literati" gossip "review" mast "blue", has "independent bookstores, hello! "" independent bookstores, hello! "(season second) etc.. ID: Douban fish know little book. Sina Weibo:
Sina blog: Qingdao Xue yuan.
Author brief introduction

2011 to participate in the compiling "independent bookstores, hello! "Published so far, there are two did not expect: one is witnessing many independent bookstores drained, second is 2012 January," independent bookstores, hello! "A book the second season". The paradox is an independent bookstore book caused many media and the reader's attention, not because of the book itself, but because this book income are all independent bookstores, and across a number of cultural landmark significance independent bookstore continues to fail. "Independent bookstores, hello! "After publishing, received a lot of emails from readers, most of which the question is, why didn't they city independent bookstore book, or is missing a bookstore, or why they city independent bookstores not into the editor's" eyes ", etc.. My answer was: not missing the independent bookstores, also is not to say that certain Bookstore not income standards, but because there is no author to write these city independent bookstore. Many of the city's independent bookstores have no income in the book, the reason is very simple, is not the author to write. Manuscripts, many authors have the same answer: either there is no Bookstore interest, usually to buy books on the Internet; either with their city life is no good independent bookstore...... Of course, there are also many cities from readers about city independent bookstore news, then, is "independent bookstores, hello! "Sequel --" independent bookstores, hello! (season second) ". The second season has just published, came the news: Several Bookstore Book income was closed. However, with the first season has just published the closure of some independent bookstore caused by different media attention, these stores failures have been a commonplace. As the 2012 January Beijing book "" independent bookstores, hello! (season second) "ceremony" a senior independent booksellers said: at present, independent bookstores closed down is normal, independent bookstores do not collapse is not normal. Yes, all independent bookshops close, a common phenomenon in today has become. Perhaps the group "independent bookstores, hello! "The reason, many friends asked me to independent bookstores survival and future view, in fact, as I answer for" independent bookstores, hello! "The reason this book, I like to stroll bookstore, bookstores can intercede for only, but the traditional independent bookstore is worth thinking about the future. Independent bookshops face difficulties, has many kinds of ways, our views are basically the same: network books sales impact, rent increases, the bookstore the increase of labor cost pressure, the reading habits and buy books mode change, etc.. Some readers have suggested that the government should increase the entity bookstore especially independent bookstores support, especially in policy and funding should give practical help and aid, for example, give credit or subsidy on tax policy. In the hope that the government policy support and help, in my opinion, some difficulties. First say a thing of the past. Five or six years ago, I took part in a future urban culture planning proposals will be discussed, there will be a urban planning experts, and the relevant departments responsible person, have we in the media line of "cultural workers". At the time of the future cultural planning, all the recommendations very much, it's my turn to speak, I said, you have been talking for a long time, but no one puts forward in the construction of urban culture in the future, to the bookstore, especially private bookstores have what kind of planning and support, and then I said a lot of attention should be paid to the privateThe bookstore especially independent bookstore reasons such as independent bookstore is the urban cultural window, is also a city of culture, etc.. But I speak very soon we were rejected, rejected the two reasons: first, the construction of the bookstore is market behavior, there is a need to lead the bookstore, does not need the government to have to do; second, and more importantly, the government has a plan in a new bookstore development of the city zone: to build a library building. My first reaction was, Xinhua Bookstore is not had a "book"? Are we the city also need two such large "bookstore"? The experts, is to build a more extensive "Book Building in a district plan". Did I mention that some negative opinions, think instead to build a library building, as several distinctive building in the city where the independent bookstore, especially do not need to spend heavily. But it is clear that all of my "Pediatrics" views disagree, several leading more laughs generously, just move on to the next project is discussed. Later I asked a friend the Xinhua Bookstore, I said the book in that new building, there are so many readers? Do not lose money? Friends laughed and said: you're a bookish. You know we managed to get this project, it is the government special care in policy, is not only the construction of urban culture, but also for our Xinhua bookstore system support. Originally called the book building, in fact, is an urban development projects, most of the book building, is not to open a bookstore, but the office, hotel, "book" is a reason. In fact, this also shows a phenomenon: around the Xinhua Bookstore, while also facing network impact on book sales, but still does not affect the "Xinhua Bookstore" survival, all commercial lots of gold of the Xinhua Bookstore, especially some two or three line City Xinhua Bookstore, the rental counter and a variety of business has become the best choice. Even some cities of the Xinhua Bookstore outlets "close", also does not affect the Xinhua Bookstore's performance, it is a change of management content, or simply direct rental business place, a place of business to hang in Xinhua Bookstore under the signboard of fast food and other business categories. Therefore, talking about the entity bookstore trouble, I am speaking of independent bookstores, and does not involve the Xinhua bookstore system, because there are no comparable. On this basis, see "meaning" policy on the independent bookstore. What kind of "policy" is beneficial to the independent bookstore? It a: tax. The reader puts forward, on the independent bookstores, the best free. In fact, for a small independent bookstores, if not quite business scale or at the same time to make the book "the middle wholesale", tax pressure can be neglected. Exemption of course is very good, but now for the general independent bookstores, annual tax burden, is not a big problem. I want to say is, rather than tax cuts in, give support such as rent bookstore problem. Second: the rent. For independent bookstores, if not from the local government or Real Estate Company commercial real estate development projects or the housing property rights institutions "policy" preferential and rent relief support, the general meaning of pure commercial housing lease, the rent is the largest independent bookstore "hidden pain". Many bookstores are often in the first rent after the expiry of the contract, in the face of rising rent at the "rent" sigh. Independent bookshops close, and often cannot afford the rent on the rise. If the government in the independent bookstore business place to give support or support, let independent bookstores from rising rents and the independent bookstores, of course, is the biggest good. However, the local government or related organizations to which the independent bookstores in such support, how to choose, who to have again to run, I'm afraid is an unavoidable problem. If you rely on government behavior, the relevant units such as press and cultural institutions and the Xinhua bookstore system does not set out according to the policy, no private capital management "independent bookstore"? This and the above mentioned independent bookstores, obviously is not a concept. Third: money. Funded by the local government, support some characteristics of independent bookstores, but there are some similarities with a problem. How to choose? How to define which bookstore should give financial support? Or to some, to make some special independent bookstores survive to keep it in the local cultural landmark significance, but also to get rid of the dilemma, simply by the government "support" down, but this way, or private or independent bookstore? Throughout the Xinhua Bookstore Group unified purchase "packaged" operation much more convenient? Fourth: personnel. The independent bookstores, put aside now more and more smoke online book sales do not say, the rent and labor costs are the two big pressure, if the policy to independent bookstores practitioners to wage subsidies, then the question is, Xinhua Bookstore staff do not need subsidies? This is paid by the government behavior, obviously against the principle of market economy. Fifth: regulations. Starting from the most serious whether current network entity bookstore book sales on the impact, by the government to enact strict laws, namely the network book sales and the entity bookstore sales at what price "consistent" or other price on a "balanced approach" to protect the entity bookstore or independent bookstores survive. But such rules are worked out, how to execute and prevent network book sales price war, is worth thinking about. See from these different aspects is not difficult, in the hope of "policy" save to independent bookstores, but also more consideration. In my mind, independent bookstore has forever reason for living. Where independent bookstores way, I am not qualified to prescribe, but believe that independent bookstores change traditional book sales, into a variety of business age, it should be said that has come. For example, Guangzhou's party, of course, is not a bookstore, but its form is still a bookstore appearance. No matter how the future evolution of the party, at least have given us an independent bookstore is one of the possible future development of the road. In addition, in the "independent bookstores, hello! "And" independent bookstores, hello! (season second) "in Taipei and Hongkong, respectively, income is very distinctive cultural bookstore, Taipei Bookstore nature of the Eslite Bookstore banner, but more is some small bookstore spread, and Hongkong, the" two floor bookstore ", moreIs in a narrow space with its own adhere to live, is clearly not the metropolis bright corner, is a fan of the corner lonely humanity landscape, but to attract bibliophile's footsteps. Taipei and Hongkong's "two floor bookstore", for us, perhaps with the reference significance across. Now, the "independent bookstores, hello! (season third) "published. This publication, in addition to the country with the spirit of innovation and independent bookstore, more income overseas some unique bookstores, in order to achieve the significance of. Obvious changes, many are not in the traditional sense of independent bookstores, but it became the theme of bookstores, book, cultural space, one of the main development direction of this may also be the eyes of our future independent bookstore.
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Taiwan independent bookstores to @##@ support plan Independent bookstore is a reflection of a city unique scenery of the window, but also reflect the cultural connotation of a city. The bookstore survival state can reflect the cultural form. "Independent bookstores, hello! : season third "the continuation of the first quarter, second quarter style, in addition to include independent bookstore domestic outstanding, from" theme Bookstores "" book "" art space "and" reading experience "and" bookstore alliance "innovation management point of view in-depth study of independent bookstores survival and future. And the antenna is extended to overseas, learn independent bookstores survive and innovative experience from abroad, to the future and the way out of independent bookstores answer.
Chapter excerpt

Xue Yuan's "independent bookstores, hello! "Let people enjoy the major cities of independent bookstores existence and unique temperament. Urban express "independent bookstores, hello" author Xue Yuan there, "what kind of city, what kind of independent bookstores. It can also turn to say, what kind of independent bookstores will have what kind of city." Today, full of the spirit of the centripetal force of independent bookstores, as a banner of urban culture, just live in the spirit of dedicated fans, or simply to the reader the feelings of many years to maintain, I am afraid it is difficult to long, policy, economy more and to support, is perhaps the most urgently needed. - workers daily a focus independent bookstore book - "independent bookstores, hello! "Publishing, book relates to more than 20 cities independent bookstore. The decline is inevitable in the independent bookstore of the moment, that dream, practice and belief independent bookshops very worthy of praise. Therefore, this reporter interviewed one of the editors of the book Xue yuan. Xue Yuan said that the independent bookstores directly reflects the city's reading population living conditions, while they do this book original intention, not written elegy for fading in independent bookstores, but strengthen our feelings about the existence of a cultural dilemma. Information times domestic a bunch of "youth know molecules", operating a book called "independent bookstores, hello! ". This title, a tribute to the independent bookstores. China economic times
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"Independent bookstores, Hello! (season third)" based on the first second old style, adding independent bookstores and adhere to the innovation, the more deeply explore the entity bookstore in the future. "Independent bookstores, Hello! (season third)" illustrated, the bookstore features around the world, is a book to an essential book shop, independent bookstore indispensable first-hand information. Readers can learn from all over the world from the unique independent bookstore experience, to the Chinese independent bookstore to learn. Sina director Wang Yan, the famous critic Yang Xiaozhou, all sages Bookstore founder Liu Suli, Du Yi Dong founder Qiu Xiaoshi, Qing Yuan Bookstore founder Wan Guoying jointly recommended! We sell not a book, but the cycling of organic reading life!
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Now many developed countries product price is lower than in China, but the book much higher than China, dumping strategy shop contrary to economic laws is unlikely to last, the bookstore is still a can to meet the challenges of the industry in chaoyang. Sina network founder Wang Yan independent bookstores the ups and downs of the relationship between a country's civilization success. Founder Liu Suli -- all sages Bookstore
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