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Date of publication:2013-3   Press: Jincheng press   Author:Wu Qian Li Lin   Words´╝Ü10000  

"Beijing Bookstore map" objective is to reveal the connotation of Beijing culture and temperament. This hand drawn map with marked Beijing representative of the major bookstores, bookstores, the wholesale market of books, library, as well as the Xinhua Bookstore, bookstore and private humanities bookstores, book and all relevant sites, providing complete Beijing Culture Travel Guide for the love of reading.
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Wu Qian, after 80 comic artist, painting "pilot" Dandelion "blue light" in "the Happy Prince" "water next to the wooden house" "mountain and sea animals will"; Li Lin, after 80 comic artist, has long been engaged in cartoon creation and book binding design.
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"Beijing Bookstore map: hand bookstore guide" to look for Beijing culture reader with warm, novel and practical bookstore, bookstore, books, bookstores, libraries, cultural exchange center visit guidance.
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User reviews
  •   I want that kind of map, is almost completely already, after all the other shop is not fixed, such as one-way street Bookstore moved out, but draw very well!
  •   Beijing bookstore is on the subject, is also advancing with the times, the paper is very good, value
  •   Draw very carefully, be hardly worthy of belief is how to use the hand. This map has greatly facilitated the love book person, hope to some other city map.
  •   Later would stroll Bookstore
  •   Love kraft paper. Also pretty big. The bookstore is also a lot of. There are routes. The overall good.
  •   At first thought it would be a book is really the result of very detailed maps
  •   Use value can go to Beijing reflects the.
  •   This map publishing, scholars of the blessing. My colleagues are very popular, to order three, send a book to share.
  •   Also good, very detailed
  •   Very good, clear and accurate, suitable for the book of love,
  •   Books haven't read, good quality
  •   Very loving, especially like the texture
  •   Very beautiful, very good
  •   Very good, texture, like love
  •   Books and content.
  •   Good friends, loving, and meticulous and overall better
  •   People send each other, also satisfied with the
  •   The bookstore tour guide, wonderful bookworm required.
  •   Buy when you know is a map, I very like Jincheng press out of the book, will always pay attention to.
  •   The content is very distinctive, hand-painted effect still had to go, is the content of some subjective choice, kraft paper is too thick, it is vulgar.
  •   Love, the paper is very good
  •   That is a book, really did not expect is a map.
  •   So disappointing, as the map is not accurate, the lack of information available.
  •   Hand drawn style is very meticulous, have time to try to locate something!! throughout Beijing culture bookstore!
  •   Map, very practical Beijing bookstore, but it feels as though not entirely
  •   Love is the style of a good hope to go to have a look
  •   Packaging satisfaction, express satisfaction, map is also pleased, I study in deeply, which day to Beijing to

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