• Levinas and the "book" problem

    The face of another and "song of songs", based on the book of contemporary ideological climate, especially such a theory of observation of the European Literature: the last century is a poetics in theory, or is the philosophy of winning era literature, but this victory seemed only accelerated our despair and nihilism feeling, because literature itself increasingly a professional,,

  • The Chinese letter with

    "Tasting: China letter with" as "tasting" series of books in one, introduced China's letter in the development of different historical periods and its value and appreciation, with a large number of pictures with detailed instructions and the market reference price showed the Chinese letter charm, for collectors to understand and learn, play and appreciation of Chinese letter,

  • The old history of the old version of the old

    Interpretation of some of today's culture, literature and art phenomenon when the manuscript. The early years of the Republic of China cultural celebrities little-known actual research; and to the Republic of China has caused a stir, but today has been gradually forgotten popular fiction writer and his works study. ,

  • The people of the book notes

    "Introduction to the book:" people walk content "people of the book, the book of people living. Wake up to the book, the toilet reading, read a book, car, work book, work books, find a book book book under the lamp...... Because of everything, so it cannot help feeling, idle to note, not for the college, not jealous person peep, for 'public hearing diary'." The book,

  • The beauty of bookshops

    20 cultural landmark of the spiritual dimension, Tian Yuan, "the beauty of bookshops (20 cultural landmark spiritual dimension)" content brief introduction: the world's most peaceful places, than the bookstore; world the most satisfying, immersive place, than the bookstore. Everyone has their own memorable bookstore scenery. Any bookstore will be every reader heart,

  • The old house

    The old bookstore, "leisure Square: in a bookshop" content introduction: Mr. Liu life management of foreign books, of course know foreign language, also known in version of books. Canglongwohu Beijing old bookshop old shop assistant, such as he man, now almost disappeared. Mr. Liu in the West China Bookstore, I'm on Dengshikou Chinese Bookstore acquaintance with him,

  • Independent bookshops, hello!

    The third season, "independent bookstores, hello (season third)" the continuation of the first and second seasons of spirit, concerned about the survival status of the independent bookstore, is an independent bookstore Liyan, exploration of Chinese independent bookstores the future road of development. ,

  • Talking about me.

    Li Zhenxi 30 years education reading notes featured the "talk. I: Li Zhenxi 30 years education reading notes on selected" is featured in the famous educator Li Zhenxi 30 years education reading notes. He collected around the education activities, reading all kinds of books and video impressions, writing for others work preface and postscript, book reviews. Based on the deep social and historical, and education to each other,

  • It is elegant

    The book is the book and the book binding art, south of Dr. Tong Cuiping as "leisure square" quantity body compiles a leisure and interesting book. The book contains 66 articles by 39 authors. A book binding art creators authors (Zhang Shouyi, Cao Xinzhi, Lv Jingren, Qian Jun, Qiu Ling, etc.), a bibliophile,

  • The bookstore

    Music, Guangtong publishing house, Changsha ancient old bookstore, art house the disappearance of the bookstore scenic thinking too much about reading memory...... Love s bookstore, guarding the remaining human land, 27 characteristics bookstore, nearly 40 books the phantom of the opera, details and temperature as the Tao shu. All day.

  • The hitchhiker's Guide to Chinese independent bookstore

    Book Yaqian by love books and then fell in love with the bookstore, traveled long China's most distinctive, persist in urban culture position on the bookstore, 23 provinces of China's most powerful and unique bookstores are basic sketch, is a "Chinese independent bookstores to elaborate the hitchhiker's guide". Book information, appreciation,

  • Beijing Bookstore map

    "Beijing Bookstore map" objective is to reveal the connotation of Beijing culture and temperament. This hand drawn map with marked Beijing representative of the major bookstores, bookstores, the wholesale market of books, library, as well as the Xinhua Bookstore, bookstore and private humanities bookstores, book and all relevant places, for the love of reading,

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