The world cultural and natural heritage

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For thousands of years, numerous cultural relics have been lost in the dust. Only by the force of cultural relics, it is difficult to get effective protection and restoration. In twentieth Century 50, Egypt, Nubia areas heritage rescue work, reflects the importance of international cooperation, opened the new page of cultural relics protection. In 1972 November, UNESCO, seventeenth session of the General Assembly adopted the "Convention" protection of the world cultural and natural heritage, the first definition of the world cultural and natural heritage made clear, the concept of world heritage from the official birth. "The World Heritage Convention" is the international standard document has a far-reaching influence in the global scope, its main task is to determine the natural and cultural heritage in the world, will be considered to have outstanding universal significance and value of the historical sites and natural landscape, is mankind's common to assume the responsibility to protect. The main contents include: the definition of cultural and natural heritage. The establishment of the cultural and natural heritage of the national protection and international protection. The Committee for the protection of cultural and natural heritage of the government, namely "the world heritage committee". World heritage is mainly include three categories: cultural heritage, natural heritage, cultural and natural heritage. This book to color picture 1000 exquisite beyond compare, with financial knowledge, fun in one text description, details of the world cultural and natural heritage famous school, and English World Heritage list.
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Human civilization remains precious together, showing the global rare landscape wonders!
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