The world cultural and natural heritage (6 volumes)

Date of publication:2006-1   Press: Shanxi Education Publishing House   Author:Li Junbian   Pages:565   Words:400000  

In the vast universe, the sky blue earth is the only human has found the planet with life. A America astronaut who has performed space mission sentimental said: "from an observation window, it (the earth) alone floating, so helpless......". This is not just a personal feelings, but also reflects the real situation of the earth, the earth is under human evolution since the claim from the endless, its face so changed. Ring from the sea, forests, species extinction...... The higher the degree of development of the human civilization, destroy the program of nature more deeply, it is the absurd irony. However, interaction. We hurt the earth, adversely affected as a result of human destiny. From Mesopotamia to increase the Pacific States, due to the deterioration of the natural environment, many ancient civilization once brilliant temporarily have fall into oblivion, unable to find a bustling scene at that time. Today, in our side, soil and water loss caused by the flood, the spring dust weather without stop, let us to introspect; we pursued and cherished, in addition to the material and emotional, but also in harmony with the natural due. "World cultural and natural heritage" book featured more than 1000 pieces of precious color pictures, with detailed, vivid description and novel, exquisite design, hope to bring you a report on the world cultural and natural heritage of cognition, a report on the natural and cultural beauty of shock, a pure and reading about the fun.
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