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Date of publication:2010-4   Press: Ningxia people's Publishing House   Author:Bai Gengsheng   Pages:363   Words:360000  

Chinese is heritage. From tangible to intangible, from oral to written, all the types and forms of cultural heritage in the China Nothing needed is lacking. The Chinese national interest in cultural heritage has never decay; including the creation of it, protect it, passing it, enjoy it, know it. For a long time, China super stable social, Chinese vast vast earth, people of all nationalities creative, making China's cultural heritage category prosperous, widely distributed, large size, rich connotation, caused the Chinese civilization the vast panorama, the support of Chinese students do not interest. The cultural heritage of our country since nineteenth Century battered, originated from the western industrial revolution forced China agricultural civilization gradually disintegrated, and by building on the basis of the traditional political, economic, cultural buildings have collapsed. So, "the nest," eggs "? A lot of cultural heritage with the "Ashes To Ashes". Natural disasters, than the national war, destruction of the change dynasties, as well as the marauding imperialism, but unfortunately in this historical vicissitudes of life we were on our own traditional completely negative, or on heritage incapable of action. From the five four to the cultural revolution, we walked too many detours! We paid the price too much. Since the founding of new China, fundamental changes have taken place in Chinese cultural destiny. Through the efforts of several generations, we have accumulated a certain cultural force, and has made many achievements in the protection of cultural heritage work. However, due to various reasons, the value of cultural heritage and are not fully known, cultural heritage resources are still not put to good use. On the other hand, we have also seen bound for burden, resistance, spirit, it is equivalent to the conservative, backward, feudal superstition, the show will wipe out the delusion, in "doubt everything", "overthrowing all" is based on the construction of a new culture, ideology. Under the background of market economy, we have any impact on its commodity economy, big loss and even death attempt nothing and accomplish nothing, even to the narrow sighted economic interests, political project and made a lot of "construction" of the destruction, caused immeasurable losses.

This book is widely involved in context of globalization in the new century cultural heritage protection of the background, international principles, national policy, cultural heritage material and non - material classification, concept, rescue protection practice, academic inquiry, type research, historical analysis, the phenomenon of criticism. The biggest bright spot is the thought: cultural heritage protection subject from the cultural, cultural institutions to expand to all sectors of society; the national cultural security specific values, safety, safety culture system of cultural heritage, cultural resources security, safety culture, safety culture gene of talent safety culture, safety culture, art market; the state sovereignty is expanded to the field of culture, highlighting the special position and function of culture in the era of globalization; the value segmentation cultural heritage is political, economic, social, educational, academic, artistic and other...... We spare no effort to cultural heritage, especially on the inheritance of folk cultural heritage protection, theoretical, "for a simple objective: to respect the cultural creation, inheriting the national spirit have, to arouse people's cultural self-esteem, self-confidence, self-respect, consciousness, promote the great rejuvenation of the Chinese civilization, to life writing about Chinese culture loyalty."
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Bai Gengsheng, 1957 was born in February in Yunnan Lijiang, vice president of the international society of the shaman, Naxi society president, deputy director of the China folklore society long, author of "the myth of" folk culture protection frontier "Discourse" and so on more than 20 monographs, edited "Chinese folk oral and intangible cultural heritage" "Chinese folklore ethnography" to "Chinese folk custom dictionary" "Chinese folklores" and other series of more than 20 kinds, the first
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Preface China intangible cultural heritage protection of intangible cultural heritage protection characteristics China China declaration of intangible cultural heritage and its strategy to further strengthen the National Cultural Sovereignty Construction of the intangible cultural heritage protection and the national cultural sovereignty attach great importance to the cultural security and cultural heritage security enhanced the awareness of cultural security, maintaining the country culture security about the "Butterfly Lovers" of the world heritage of western development and cultural construction of high folk culture protection for problems of folk cultural heritage of folk culture of legal protection of folk culture resources of folk culture industry on building harmonious culture ten big relations on the construction of harmonious culture and promoting social harmony and rapid changes in Naxi folk justice emergency "river of folk culture protection significance understanding" the story of the spring, Thangka art talk about Leizu Jingwei folk Chiaki folk art 30 years Shengjing compile version "China folklores" condition and task about "China folk cultural heritage rescue project at the beginning of the new century Chinese co work review and Prospect of appendix" color and Naxi folk "preface" Dongba mythology study preface "" Dongba mythology symbol preface "white 庚胜 and Na Xi Science, folk cultural heritage speaker talent without rhyme "poem" sound "painting" properly handle five relationships with art in postscript
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Illustration: at present, the construction of eight stations in a library in Lijiang, from Jinan to Judian high gap Pinghu, namely after be international tourism, Lijiang will become an important power base of the country, the power to Southeast Asian countries, China's southeast coastal provinces, all over Yunnan will share the Lijiang water resources transformation into the. This will enable Lijiang's history turned a new page, weeks will also enable Lijiang and Naxi culture facing extremely severe test. Because this is the Naxi ancestors in the Tang Dynasty was forced to move eighty thousand households deconstruction to Kun Chuan has been the biggest a social and recombination. Facing the challenge, we can not give up the responsibility, look coldly from the sidelines at, attempt nothing and accomplish nothing, nor Pianan corner, be content with staying where one is, refused to develop, but can not be confound at, get crazy, bucked the trend, the best choice is supposed to take time for, save, scientific planning, from now on action, rescue, protection to the riverside of folk culture, and the transformation, development. "Folk culture, folk culture in Jinsha River Li River" of the area. I want to appeal to Lijiang, and the Yunnan cultural circles is: one, to follow the traces of underground cultural relics, explore a library eight station area development as soon as possible, not caused always submerged in the vast Yanbo Hong Tao; two, there are plans to transfer the ancient bridge, old bridge, word cliff ruins red bronze and the lattice the bronze relics, Judian placed Yi Fen, Shigu Ji Sheng he Victory Monument, monument to Red Army, rock paintings, the Tiger Leaping Gorge signThree, the extensive collection of objects; save on the riverside folk literature, genealogy, inscriptions, calligraphy and painting, letters, on the formation of the effective protection of the relevant written materials; four, used in photography, video, painting technology on a base eight station area terrain, villages, fields of aerial photography, shooting and mapping, cartography, leave the original form of the underwater world and its related data, the landscape; recording oral culture five, rapidly organized forces to the river the village, they include oral literature, dialect, dialect, language, help, jargon, the Spirit said, offering words to name, etc., in order to pass the time, for the culture of Lijiang and study of Naxi culture preservation living language materials; six, save the river folk culture information, from the annual events, life rituals, production, life, folk folk custom traffic, trade folk custom to folk art, religion, social organization, furniture, tools, such as Yin Yang village landscape no one falls through a "carpet bombing" as the census; seven, to a base station project area eight water, on the ground floor, mountain mineral, animal, plant, geography, environmental resources To make a thorough investigation.

The Ningxia people's publishing house, especially the kindness of MS Chen Wenjun, usher in the fourth national cultural heritage day, low set "interpretation of the protection of Cultural Heritage said" will be officially published. The properties of the protection of cultural heritage, "Quan said" belongs to the collection of essays, collected dozens of text have been part of the newspaper, see World Journal, proceedings, reference, the other part is in the relevant academic conference, media interview explained about ideas, contents, but until now have lines into words. Although the coronal with "cultural heritage", but due to the nature of their work, and had decided to knowledge, common set of objects involved are mostly "folk cultural heritage", or "oral and intangible cultural heritage". For the "cultural heritage" in the "natural and cultural heritage", "landscape", "heritage", base set are not as specialized "Quan said". Discussion on problems of these heritage protection, but to me the future continue to deepen the practice and thinking of the task. Moreover, it also should not be tasted "Quan", but "the scene a little, wrapped Liang Su Chung; a little later, hair thin including; language a little, every cut a little catch ask; word, dynamic baht steel reserved color the dispute" type. On cultural heritage "protection", common set of the generalized definition, but have included inheritance, transformation, innovation, the connotation in it, and puts forward the production, life, life, education, art, industry six means of protection, international, national, folk three protection level, text, the origin, three forms of protection, but also in cultural heritage resources theory, value theory, function theory, sovereignty and field. To make a long story short, this is a pan of "protection" concept. For the "cultural heritage" and "protection" Quan said, although in practice are theoretically basis, but common set still has shortcomings. It is caused by the little thought of his laziness, still be inferior to saying is because of their own in recent years has been to focus most of your energy into organization in cultural heritage protection, leadership, and engaged in the busy administration induced by Chinese federation. Under pressure from problems pile up like a mountain hand, facing the arduous tasks of reform and innovation, there are many important academic thinking, but I cannot be in two places at once to static God writing, no thought can come true. So, although has been "Quan", but the "interpretation" is not a macro and comprehensive, for the "explanation" is also not deep scars, not thin, very ashamed. Many problems exist for this album, I when overcome in academic practice in the future, in order to make the cultural heritage protection theory has matured, and has certain reference function protection of cultural heritage in china. I believe, as long as the cultural heritage also exists, the Quan said is always new.
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