Report volume - cultural heritage. Scarlett for series - A

Date of publication:2012-12   Press: Tianjin University press   Author:Dan Jixiang  

"Cultural heritage, thinking line series: report Vol. 1" by Dan Jixiang. Over the past 10 years, China's cultural heritage is facing trial for 10 years. The rapid development of urbanization, the urban construction on an unprecedented scale and speed, the protection of cultural heritage in the historical stage of the most dangerous, most urgent, the most critical. In the face of a piece of historical blocks were razed to the ground, many heritage buildings were forcibly removed, many ancient tombs are savage excavation, one everywhere archaeological sites were eroded occupied, cultural workers xinrudaojiao. Over the past 10 years, China's development of science and the cause of cultural heritage of 10 years. The national cultural relics will always adhere to the principle of cultural relics legal construction, cultural relics, artifacts made out of talent training, safety of the cultural relics protection, determined four basic work to focus on, as is pinned to the cultural work "four piles", continue to be compacted, lay a solid foundation for the healthy and sustainable and stable development of the cause of cultural heritage.
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