Non material Cultural Heritage Research Journal (Second Series)

Date of publication:2009-6   Press: Academic Press   Author:Chen Huawen   Pages:385   Words:300000  

This book for the study of intangible cultural heritage (second series). The book is divided into feature, dynamic, non - foreign theoretical research, case study of intangible cultural heritage, folk culture and the field survey of six parts, mainly discusses the status of inheritance and reflection of Korean traditional arts; study Korean cultural property system and life culture records -- recording work of cultural property hall and Folk Museum; thinking about the intangible cultural heritage of me the directory system; investigation on survival status of Shengzhou bamboo and the development of Kunqu Opera in Suzhou; the inheritance and spread -- Taking "ditty agency", "Qing" as an example and so.
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The feature of Mr. Liu Kuili's conference speech outside the South Korean Traditional Arts Heritage dynamic status and reflection of South Korea into the silk craft traditions and heritage of folklore in the Republic of Korea important status and problems -- to belief and life as the center of Korean cultural property system and life culture records -- Cultural Property hall and folk Museum records of Japanese folk Japanese Folk Art -- art history evolution and spread of the theory research on intangible cultural heritage Chinese intangible cultural heritage classification declaration system -- Taking Zhejiang as an example of China's intangible cultural heritage list system thinking remained ancient village (town) living Aboriginal flow -- the ancient village (town) cultural heritage protection on digital protection "the belief of contemporary folk intangible cultural heritage and intangible cultural heritage" and "non physical" debate -- talk about the protection of intangible cultural heritage of "things" in the role of origin, mode of protection or inheritance -- on the folk belief of non - understanding "case of folk literature communication problems of intangible cultural heritage protection of intangible cultural heritage" concept the research on intangible cultural heritage and Transcendence -- Zhejiang Jiaxie for example Shengzhou bamboo survival situation and the development thinking of the ceremony of folk power and state power in the game -- to the adult ceremony in two forms as an example "intangible cultural heritage" protection from the perspective of the traditional festival survival -- Taking Shandong province "in February two" as an example as the intangible cultural heritage of Lingbi Zhong Kui painting art of Kunqu Opera in Suzhou folk culture inheritance and propagation -- to "clearance agency", "Qing" as an example for layer tired: significance of community function legend Wu Xiao social ethics and the Qujiang Nanhua Temple of Han Dynasty Huineng Mami Central Plains area black magpie motif folk belief -- in the edict of Jingning wood mountain Hui Ming Temple Yu community soup lady case on belief of folk dance: the belief and the esthetic isomorphism and replacement of long neglected folk wisdom -- see the folk wisdom to deal with disaster fieldwork Wenruitang River Basin folk literature survey in twentieth Century by saying Shanghai Tu Shan Wan on handmade folk art of the investigation of the influence of
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