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Date of publication:2007-1   Press: China Light Industry Press   Author:Chen Xiaoping   Pages:145   Words:76000  

Fabric is China folk art in a beautiful flower. It is based on the cloth, silk, silk, satin, as the main raw material, based on the theme of folk people yearning for a better life, with deformation, exaggeration, and fusion, absorption technology to make a variety of category of folk art, by cutting, sewing, embroidery, stick, pick, pull (bar), a a cloth arts and crafts together, winding, Na, stacked, inlay techniques to produce. Cloth art works of various shape, style, color rendition, light and practical, and show a clear sincere folk customs. Chinese ancient folk cloth clothing, shoes and hats, to bed curtain, satchel, knapsack, pillows, toys and other small decoration (such as scarves, Sachet, fan bag, purse, handkerchiefs, etc.). These daily activities is not only beautiful, but also enhance the strength and abrasion resistance of fabrics, very aesthetic value and practical value. Techniques involving various cloth, wide application range, a folk craft both traditional and novel. The main book collection is popular in Shandong, Shanxi, Shaanxi area of the contemporary folk art more than 300 pieces of printed volumes, exchange, in order to draw, to allow more people to enjoy the folk art, folk art research.
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Process overview words category school history folk cloth, cloth two, a folk folk cloth art, folk art three culture four, folk cloth making clothing footwear satchel indoor supplies a bonnet sachet pillow ear pillow top interior furnishing cloth tiger swing piece hanging cloth sticker other postscript postscript
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