A grand view (lower)

Date of publication:2004-10   Press: National Publishing House   Author:Lu Zhongwu   Pages:全三册   Words:200000  

"Chinese • Hunan • channel Dong cultural heritage" is to establish a "national integrated • implementation of Tongdao Dong Autonomous County; a major measure of ecological tourism county" strategy. It is to carry forward the national culture, to accelerate the development of national tourism, deepen mutual understanding between different ethnic groups, and promote the construction of material civilization and spiritual civilization, have very important realistic meaning and historic significance. Channel is a subject to Dong, Dong, Miao, Han county, Yao and other thirteen ethnic groups, ethnic minority population accounts for 87.4% of the total population, accounted for 78.3% of the Dong nationality. In the long course of historical development, the industrious, brave and creative Dong people, created splendid culture, is part of the big family of the motherland magnificent history and culture inseparable. The construction of the "four treasures" Dong -- cool court, Stamford Bridge, village gate, Diaojiaolou; blew the dress code; Dong -- a constraint; closing banquet sashimi, pickled fish; the masses love to see and hear the song, Dong Xi; has the characteristics of voices of song, song larynx way, is an excellent representative the whole of Dong culture. With its unique cultural connotation, rich cultural heritage, be praised. The first series branch, three parts, respectively, "guest", "grand" and "Dong grand song Taikan".
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China Hunan channel Dong cultural heritage integrated first series (on) the total order "weex yeek" culture of historical records folk oral paragraph, yeah, "weex yeek" story of the origin of various forms of "weex yeek" cocktail guest guest guest guest play Lusheng play dragon spring cattle ball guest raising man carried the story busy a "weex yeek" to prepare for the LORD a song for the word to prepare for formal dress Lusheng rites on send Posts be full of wit and humour into Zhai Zhai Yingbin ceremony bar on gossip Jiugong grab serious "speak" and lively dance activities section, on the song hall game duo Ye Lusheng sang Dong play romantic socializing song to sit night "steal" the moon dish to eat the tea sugar soup took shuttlecock invite social activities cut bamboo basket lid do stand Xiang peculiar rich diet culture together banquet diet witticism "weex yeek" from "weex yeek" PigHead feast in the activities of religious belief and taboo...... China Hunan channel Dong cultural heritage integrated first series (in Hunan) Chinese Tongdao Dong cultural heritage integrated first series (lower)
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