Van Loon geography.

Date of publication:2005-5   Press: Shaanxi Normal University press   Author:Hendrik Orron   Pages´╝Ü510  

This is from the hand of van Loon, different from the traditional sense of the geography book. It broke the traditional geography book writing way, on the concept of "person", human activities and the importance of ascension to the top, from first to last is concerned about the "pure" side -- science, arts, business, religion and politics, the height from the history of the relationship between man and geography and earth, vivid interpretation of the concept of "human geography". At the same time, in the historical narration interspersed with review of the long process of the human and the nature of mutual coordination and adaptation, as well as in the process of human society and explore their own potential and try to find the ultimate way of human and earth -- the only home of harmony. Van loon in this book through its usual style, and the humorous language text boring knowledge of Geography in the invisible, so that people in a relaxed and happy occasion not only enjoy the grasp of the human history development sequence of events, and can get a lot of inspiration in her occasion.
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Hendrik William Orron (HendrikWillem Van Loon1882 - 1944), born in Holland, Rotterdam, beginning in 1903, Cornell University and the University of Munich in Germany USA learning, ph.d.. Early at the society, as a teacher, editor, journalist and broadcaster. The two hundred pound, stout Dutch Americans strong published "the story of mankind in 1921
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Written on the front in the further reading before, I will teach you how to use this book to the first chapter of this world also live in other people as defined in chapter second "geography" and the word used in Chapter third, we live in the planet: sixth chapter of delta chapter seventh European origin found its characteristics, customs and life and habits of fourth chapter map and navigation technology chapter fifth seasons in the land of the eighth chapter of the eastern Mediterranean: Greece Shi Bao, a bridge between Asia and Europe ninth chapter Italy: can play the hegemony in the sea or on hegemonic role the tenth chapter Spain, in Europe and the Africa shock at......
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