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Date of publication:2003-9   Press: Renmin University of China press   Author:Hendrik William van Loon   Pages:539   Words:670000  

Why the Danish people indulge in the quiet room, the Spaniards enthusiasm for the vast world? Why Japan in modern times to expand outwards, and the land is also small Switzerland remained neutral? What is the connection between a national character and historical development and geographical environment in the van Loon? This lively, interesting geographical book perhaps, you can find the answer. After a brief introduction to the basic knowledge of geography, the author according to the country were described in the geographical environment, focusing on the analysis of the evolution of geography and history, national character influence on the formation of the crowd, so this is a book about "people" geography book.
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Hendrik William Orron (Hendrik Willem van Loon, 1882-1944), Hispanic American writer and historian. In 1911 by the German doctor degree of University of Munich, after graduation has been engaged in a variety of occupation, but in writing made the most attract people's attention achievement. Representative works include "Holland Republic", "history of the decline and fall of the story of mankind", "van Loon geography", "the story of the invention of" etc.
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Write the day in front before delving into the book, I will tell you how to use this book in 1, the world we live in is also home to many other people 2, "geography" definition of the word, and I will be in this book how to apply it to 3, our planet: its habits, customs to 4, the map and etiquette. A chapter on a huge and fascinating topic very succinct. At the same time, the people slowly learning how to find their way on our planet, the observation of 5 seasons, and how they produce 6, think small upland think on this planet, why some of them are called continents, while others are not 7, on the European discovery and living in that part of the world. 8, Greece, the eastern Mediterranean rocky headland, acts as a bridge between the world of Asia and emerging Europe 9, Italy, according to its geographic situation, once the time is ripe, can play the hegemony in the sea or land hegemon 10, Spain, Europe and Africa impact position 11, France, have everything you want in the national 12, Belgium, a disk to create national, in addition to internal harmony, what is not missing it in 13, Luxemburg, 14, Swiss history miracle, alpine countries, have good schools and the United National -- they speak four different languages 15, Germany, set up too late 16 countries, Austria, a neglected state, unless it no longer exists 17, Denmark, in some small than model of superpower 18, Iceland, political experiment in the Arctic Ocean Room 19, Scandinavia Peninsula, the kingdoms of Sweden and Norway jurisdiction 20, Holland, Beihai on the Bank of the marsh, but it became an empire......
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