Van Loon Geography: about the story of the world (1-2) (color illustrations collection of the)

Date of publication:2003-11   Press: Renmin University of China press   Author:(United States) Hendrik William van Loon   Pages:497   Words:265000  

This is a book about the "human" geography book. The historical evolution of van Loon originally from the geographical point of view about countries, analyze the characteristics of different groups, explanation of man and earth -- our only, common home relationship --. Since our planet "has been turned into a massive operation company", in which people live only cooperation -- not just "take", not just "give" -- to peace and order. The book carefully inserted in a rich picture of geography, history, transfer information for you directly, make you a better, more intuitive understanding of van Loon, understanding of van Loon geography.
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Hendrik William Orron (Hendrik Willem Van Loon 1882-1944), America famous humanism literature masters. Van Loon works elegantly written, extensive knowledge, explain profound theories in simple language. Van Loon wisdom wit and high perspicacity more people benefited.
van Loon, weight two hundred pounds, strong of Hispanic Americans Hendrik Orron, skilled in the use of extremely lightweight cute paper
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Write in front before delving into the book, I will tell you how to use the definition of this book for 1 of the world in which we live lives of many other people the word 2 "geography", and I will be in this book how to apply it to 3 of our planet: its habits, customs and etiquette 4 map. A chapter on a huge and fascinating topic very succinct. At the same time, the people slowly learning how to on our planet to find some way of their 5 season, and how they want to produce 6 pieces of dry land on the planet, why some of them are called continents, while others haven't 7 about Europe and the development of life in the some of the world's 8 Greece, the eastern Mediterranean rocky headland, acts as a bridge between the ancient Asian and emerging Europe 9 in Italy, according to its geographic situation, once the time is ripe, can play the hegemony in the sea or land hegemon 10 Spain and Europe, Africa impact position 11 French, all countries have wanted to the 12 Belgian, one made of paper to create national, in addition to internal harmony, what is not missing it 13 Luxemburg, the history of a miracle 14 Swiss, have good schools and the United National -- they speak four different languages 15 Germany, set up too late 16 countries Austria, a respected the state, unless it no longer exists 17 Danish, in some small than model of superpower 18 Iceland, the Arctic Ocean in the 19 Political Laboratory in Scandinavia Peninsula , the kingdoms of Sweden and Norway jurisdiction 20 Holland, Beihai Kun shore swamp, but it became an empire 21 Great Britain, an island off the coast of Holland, it will be responsible for the welfare of human 1/4 population 22 Russia, its geographical position makes it difficult to determine which are a part of Europe or a part of Asia 23 in Poland, the country has been featured as a corridor, and now it has its own corridor 24 "Treaty of Versailles" product of Czechoslovakia, 25 Yugoslavia, "the Treaty of Versailles" another product 26 Bulgaria, the most perfect Balkan countries, collecting butterfly king in the world in World War II bet on the wrong horse, eventually reap what one has sown 27 Romania, a petroleum and Royal National 28 Hungarian, or its remnants of 29 Finland, hard work and one's ability and cleverness can overcome the bad natural environment an example of 30 Asia found......
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Why the Danish people indulge in the quiet room, the Spaniards enthusiasm for the vast world? Why Japan in modern times to expand outwards, and the land is also small Switzerland remained neutral? What is the connection between a national character and historical development and geographical environment in the van Loon? This lively, interesting geographical book perhaps, you can find the answer. After a brief introduction to the basic knowledge of geography, the author according to the country were described in the geographical environment, focusing on the analysis of the evolution of geography and history, national character influence on the formation of the crowd, so this is a book about the "human" geography book. I tried to write a "human" geography, because I believe, importance of any piece of land depends solely on the people of this land to the scientific, commercial, religious or something of an art form for all the contributions made by all human beings regardless of the size of the happiness. The book carefully inserted in a rich picture of geography, history, transfer information for you directly, make you a better, more intuitive understanding of van Loon, understanding of van Loon geography.
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  •   Very good
  •   Looking through the idle time, does not have to start from scratch, any part can be.
  •   Feelings are too difficult to read, may be written by a foreigner.
  •   Recommended English original! But his knowledge of geography is good
  •   This book is not good, a lot of professional vocabulary translation is not accurate. Do not recommend others to buy
  •   Van Loon book are good, very lovely people.
  •   That is a geography book, is actually more like a history book, well written, but the translation is too bad, and the illustrations and the quality of material in the book are not too good. Feel that students should read, can have the help to learn history, geography.
  •   Write at the time of this book is not easy, but the book was very general translation. There is little doubt whether it is genuine
  •   Van Loon geography, this is not a geographical book. It is a century of history and geography books. It is worth reading.
  •   That is simple to write... Moreover, many things are not like be inopportune or inappropriate.
  •   This version of the translation is not very good, but not van Loon own drawing, not to recommend.
  •   I ordered in the order when the version, but to the old version is, although the price is the same, but don't feel well.
  •   To tell the truth, the translation is not how
  •   Okay, but not 16 open, 16 open the small. Very good book, I received yesterday, very good,
  •   The upstairs, this version is fully Chinese, no english.

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