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Date of publication:2005-9   Press: Version first (September 1, 2005)   Author:Hendrik William Orron   Pages:236   Words:280000  

Why the Danes prefer quiet study, while the western people are keen on the vast teeth? Expansion? Be satisfied with the existing state of affairs and reluctant to move forward? Neutral? What is the relevance of national character and historical development and geographical factors of a country? This is pure prejudice? These problems may be in your mind has flash of doubt. Maybe you can find the answer you want in this book. Van Loon's geography, the eyes look more cast in focuses on the human development and activities, so that it is not an ordinary geographical book, but a human science human works. In the wonderful book down originally dogma like content. Readers, is not only the knowledge absorption, is also a kind of spiritual enjoyment.
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