The story of earth

Date of publication:2003-10-1   Press: China National Photographic Art Press   Author:Fang Long (USA)   Pages´╝Ü315  

"The story of earth" is a masterpiece of human geography van loon. He used a literary technique, gives the knowledge to the spiritual, the rules of physical geography and human geography in different poses and with different expressions to show in front of you.
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Hendrik William Orron, USA famous humanism literature masters. His works elegantly written, extensive knowledge, explain profound theories in simple language. Van Loon wisdom wit and high perspicacity more people benefited.
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The first chapter of people who live on earth the second chapter geography meaning of the third chapter of our planet's characteristics, customs and habits of fourth chapter fifth chapter four map form sixth chapter, seventh chapter of Europe land and live in a European nation eighth chapter ninth chapter tenth chapter Greece Italy Spain France eleventh chapter twelfth chapter thirteenth chapter Germany Switzerland the fourteenth chapter fifteenth chapter sixteenth chapter Austria Denmark Scandinavia Holland Peninsula seventeenth chapter eighteenth chapter nineteenth chapter twentieth chapter British Russia Yugoslavia chapter twenty-first Asia found in Chapter twenty-second of Asia and the world at the twenty-third chapter twenty-fourth chapter Central Asian plateau Asia western plateau twenty-fifth chapter twenty-sixth chapter twenty-seventh chapter of Arabia Peninsula, India Peninsula China Southeast Asia twenty-eighth chapter twenty-ninth chapter in the fresh and the thirtieth chapter, thirty-first chapter of Mongolia Japan Netherlands East Indies thirty-second chapter thirty-third chapter thirty-fourth chapter Australia New Zealand Pacific Islands thirty-fifth chapter Africa chapter thirty-sixth lucky America chapter thirty-seventh new homes
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  •   Van Loon is that you can use simple words and complex problem clearly people, envy
  •   This book is very real, like listening to the old man talking about life passing scenery!
  •   Worthy of collection, lead a person to endless aftertastes, great, after the visit, when more into it, OK
  •   Generally, the paper is poor, but still can be overcome.
  •   Although this book material value 8 yuan of money only, but its spiritual value is infinite. If you are like geography, might as well buy an appreciation of the appreciation. Perhaps you will see a whole new world.
  •   I insisted on buying this book, before the college entrance examination occasionally pointed out repeatedly, the geography of senior high school students, very useful.
  •   The book introduced the system of national geography, it is worth reading.
  •   Fortunately, more beautiful than middle school geography textbooks.
  •   This version is cheap
  •   Timely delivery, or quality
  •   This book can be a textbook.. From a literary perspective is very good van Loon has tried to explain some boring geography vivid but may own reading expectation is more relaxed a little books so it is boring.. Or like tolerance...
  •   For a man to be utterly ignorant of geographical knowledge or some meaning.
  •   Printing and translation are very general, van Loon's book is very good, but do not buy this version.
  •   How is the color illustrations of some (very few), some are black and white (majority). Before and after the color of the paper is not consistent, too bad? This quality seriously affect the reading!!!
  •   You're right.
    paper said very clearly map?
    the pictures don't know so-called!
  •   So, your avatar can fully represent reading this book expression
  •   You read what version?
  •   This is interesting. Ha-ha.
  •   @bnmbnm
    van Loon book, filled with a kind of humanistic concern, it is worth a visit:)
  •   Have these books, but don't Kan
  •   Hey ~ ~ ~ is watching this edition
  •   Explain press, publishing time, translator, nice to know you were reading which version?
  •   This version is not introduced in the books page has a complete set of detailed? International Culture Publishing Corporation, the translator is the two.
  •   This version now should not buy the book, only triple and Shaanxi normal school.
  •   Everything has an end
    humans in their own way, say so, do your own thing.
    and then wait for the next ruler to comment
  •   This is Digest or the original?
  •   Part is extracted, cento part and write their own empty row
  •   I have to go to have a look

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