South North horse total land

Date of publication:2003-1   Press: Ji'nan Publishing House   Author:Resonant   Pages:235   Words:185000  
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1 wedge 2 rural where 3 Cao Cao and Tao Qian 4 rehabilitation of world 5 North Song opera 6 Jiang spring into the old year 7 high moon photo the Great Wall 8 plug Wen Di 9 horse straight on the Tianshan cloud 10 Hermitage and street 11 will be thinking in Liangzhou 12 (just less) is a green landscape 13 ten in dream sleep Yangzhou 14 broken spring in Jiangnan 15 autumn intestinal oblique day Perch Xiang 16 washing makeup makeup look peony as 17 independent Dongfeng 18 lotus flowers in red 19 flute and drum a few boats to meet 21 20 nine loose sand occasion wind grass also fragrant 22 Mu Yu Xiaoxiao sings Wu Niang 23 sweet figure too hastily 24 Warriors after all, is the home of the end @##@ mountain This book is the edge topic of cultural China South North horse general from a book, this book will let you know China Saibei Jiangnan poetic geography!
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