Made in France

Date of publication:2012-4   Press: Life, reading, New York   Author:Wu Xide   Pages:228   Words:129000  

The French culture the most fascinating is elegant, the most dazzling passion. All the people will like the French, but hate the French. However, the French pride can be tolerated by the people, because it is built on high grade.
"made in France: 100 words 100" in French culture words, immediately help you grasp the essence of French culture, each keyword is a key, a window, behind each keyword is a life history and cultural history. This book will take you into the French cultural context, found the good thing in life of french.
it is one of the most wonderful communication, not only let us into another world, and let us come back to look at themselves, to confirm their view of the world, so that they can continue to dialogue with the world.
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Wu Xide, professor at Tamkang University in Taiwan, the French department. The French History Department of University of Paris 7, bachelor, master and doctor. Long engaged in French teaching and translation work, a former Paris "European Journal" news translation, director of French Department of Tamkang University, Taiwan Association of teachers of French director. Translation of a "European civilization", "cultural globalization", "thinking of danger: Interview with Christiva, author of" new Europe ";", "read the French contemporary literature", "the space", "the modernity of Camus and his works" (French).
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Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: Illustrations: Bikini is a very successful "cultural creativity" case. This term refers to a Coral Island North Pacific Marshall Islands in July 1, 1964 in the United States, a nuclear explosion, caused international shocks. Five days later the French fashion designer Real (Louis R é ARD) bold launch a two cut nearly naked female swimsuit, and this island is named, metaphor of male viewers with the same explosive effect. Three weeks later, he rented a small plane with aerial advertising: Bikini, smallest bathing suit in the world! The summer of second, it appeared for the first time in the Mediterranean Riviera Beach, then quickly swept the world. Prior to this, beach in women are wearing one-piece swimsuit, men are not the exception. The "limit" Madden swimsuit really blew the topic, many conservative Catholic country stipulates that women may not open in. The United States has also been to 1960 years before it will be "not guilty". Bikini swimsuit induced shock obviously less than Bikini bomb, its success is also due to the three "Bikini girl". The first is the brave acts as the model of Bernadi Bnnie (Michelle Bernardini), strippers background allows her to show hot body; the second is "God created woman" (1956) movie Brigitte, Bardot (Brigitte Bardot), as well as the first movie "Bond girl" (1962), the Swiss star Ursula. Andress (Ursula Andress), the classic picture that a white Bikini, such as the lotus flower is so unforgettable...... In fact, BC 1400 Grecian fresco has this two section type of dress. Later, the western world by Christian "shame" concept (pudeur) the effects of depression for thousands of years. According to the survey, a women's magazine of the United States, the reason why women love Bikini swimsuit is "ziyuzile, relax mood, more confident". In other words, to emancipate themselves, rather than to please men, not to mention about pornography association. Now, with the open society, Bikini had inured to blame, the word even to "World War II" to 1970's of this historical period. It is from the German "natural naked" (FKK/Freie Korper Kultur, namely "free body culture"). Since 1980, the French simply to get rid of all, scrambling bare rushed to the "celestial camp" (camp nudiste).
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"Made in France: French cultural key 100" by the San Lian Shu bookstore publishing.
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  •   Very good, but I think if it is a further point to the better, between the lines to see the very understanding of French culture, but entry readers no life and culture foundation, some not good understanding.
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  •   This small, paper feel is not too good, content. May the author is Taiwan's sake?
  •   At this, slightly exaggerated... There may be many people work together, and the editor and don't understand the french. Like "Avignon" guest "is a translation and shiha, our continent" Avignon "translation" and "Chirac" more, also appear in a book only specification is not the same hand.
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