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Date of publication:2007-1   Press: People's University   Author:Benedict Lapeyre   Pages:165   Words:139000  

Europe is moving towards joint. The mean the same, the price would be EU national characteristics disappear? It was heavy-hearted. In this book the writer in a relaxed and humorous style to eliminate these concerns. Benedict Lapeyre the author of the book, long in the EU headquarters teach French, have the opportunity to each class observation and contact within the European institutions from different members of the staff, and in-depth study of the national character. The author thinks, the characteristics of those famous people around the EU had not lost their reality, remained empty charm, different European national character will long survive and mutual friendly foil. This book is fresh and lively, be full of wit and humour. The brilliant exposition, painstaking research on European character will make you forget that God only through economic and social statistics and learned sociology book of.
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