Cultural Geography

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Cultural Geography in the early part of the twentieth Century, it is currently the mainstream Foreign Department of geography, especially one of the basic courses in Europe and the United States University Department of geography. Some transition from the Department of geography departments, such as city planning, regional planning, geography and environment, geological and environmental system, also this course, even professional liberal arts departments also open this lesson in some non. This course is not only literacy courses, and professional courses, so usually opened in the university one or two grade. As bachelor's degree courses, it is introduced China mainland in recent 20 years. At present China inland some key university department of geography will be as an elective course in the teaching plan. With the rapid development of national economic construction, culture construction are becoming increasingly prominent position. Under the situation of economic globalization, under the impact of foreign culture, the development of China all aspects of the need to support cultural geography theory. For example, how to maintain each city landscape style in the city planning and construction, have paid attention to the preservation of ancient cultural heritage. In the introduction of foreign culture, development of elegant culture and prosperity of folk culture, how to embody the idea of multiculturalism, which requires use of cultural geography knowledge and science theory. In order to cultivate qualified citizens national construction to meet the needs of basic education, civic education as main body, has the cultural geography knowledge is added to the middle school geography, history and society course. Basic education and the reform in normal colleges, the teacher training must add on cultural geography curriculum. This textbook is written in such a social background.

Cultural geography is a branch of human geography, humanities phenomenon as it will create for human culture, spatial characteristics and spatial pattern and then study these cultural phenomena. The materials from the main research achievements at home and abroad of cultural geography, the basic framework to study theme of cultural geography textbooks, analyzes different humanities and social science theory and research method of cultural geography. This textbook is the characteristics of China case analysis of main body, close to the Chinese readers, students with cognitive law. In addition, this text introduces the application value of cultural geography in the field of practice, it is a positive exploration in the domestic cultural geography textbooks. The case and case analysis of each chapter is organic supplement to the teaching material content, research methods to teach cultural geography, elastic content belongs to teaching. This text is divided into ten chapters, introduces the development path of cultural geography, cultural ecology, cultural origin, cultural communication, culture, cultural diffusion, cultural integration, local culture, cultural products, respectively. The textbook is not only suitable for all the teachers and students in colleges, and government departments are indispensable local culture construction theory reference book.
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The first chapter first section of human geography and cultural geography section second of western culture in modern geography development section third Chinese cultural geography development problem of review reference second chapter material cultural geography first section material and cultural overview section second production culture geography third day life culture geography section fourth architectural cultural geography section fifth influence material cultural differences factor question for review reference case analysis of the third chapter of spiritual and cultural geography section first language of geography second religious geography third day art geography questions for review reference case analysis the fourth chapter first section culture cultural ecology environmental footprint, second different cultural view of nature third festival culture transformation and ecological carrying review questions reference case analysis of the fifth chapter first section cultural source of various cultural source second festival culture resources geographical background of the third day culture innovation source problem of review reference case analysis the sixth chapter culture communication section first culture communication and communication theory in section second, cultural diffusion and mass media, advertising third day culture propagation problem of review reference case analysis the seventh chapter culture eighth chapter, ninth chapter and culture space where cultural landscape first The 0 chapter of cultural products
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The other version: "for higher education eleven “ five ” the national planning materials: Cultural Geography"
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