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Date of publication:2012-5-1   Press: World Press   Author:Li Hao   Pages:232   Words:206000  

"The judge" is a short story of Bashu one odd set, similar to the Tang Chuanqi, "strange stories, Jina romances, folk anecdotes charm quite ancient jottings. Content to people as the main text, the characters, to the Ming Dynasty, and in the late Qing Dynasty, so all kinds of characters, highlighting a "strange" and the words of all draft; a total of more than 50 articles, many small; characters vivid, distinctive personality; language as white phase noise, and the use of Shu dialect, highlights local colour. It is worth mentioning is that a lot of text a few pens, can convey a strong feeling screen; plot ingenious design, the outcome is often unexpected; character is not flat, but with a complex multifaceted.
"Ba people" edited by Li Hao.
Author brief introduction

Li Hao, born in 1963, Sichuan Suining people. In the "harvest" "October", "modern and ancient legend" "reader", hundreds of domestic and foreign journals published essays, novels, essays, 150 more than word, repeatedly received national, provincial and municipal prize for literature, selected works of dozens of papers at home and abroad. Author of novels set in March "peach blossom", historical essays "heroes through the ages", prose anthology "end of the world, the bright moon, home" and "return to Lugu Lake".
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Chapter excerpt

Righteousness servant Sui Zhou Yin family, clan, grand mansion. Master Yin Shanming, the right hand has six fingers, known as the "six age", forthright Fangzheng, alone with a large ancestral inheritance, tube Fujiang on nine nine eighty-one terminal, passenger and cargo vessels in exchanges between Zi Yu, Yin Fu cast posts have to pay. If be the scholar or lack of money Jianghu hawker into the home, must drink to one another, and pay some money to subsidize scattered. So six the elder brother became Sichuan "timely rain", reputation for Fucheng Qin Shan, spread between Bayu Xiang chu. Guangxu four years (1878) in winter, the heavy snow, three days without rest, straight down the silver fan earth, chill for nine days. The morning of the fourth day party check. The snow cleared, the sun dongsheng. Yin Shanming early morning the taxuexinmei Linghu friends, wearing a silver fox cloak myself a person to the gate, see the stone lions under a person, his thick, wearing a linen cotton underwear, seemed to have frozen time. Yin Shanming to use the hand to mouth in the gossamer. In panic, he will he carried back to the house, called his family cook ginger sugar water, even with several bowls, he slowly woke up and saw Yin Shanming, bow low, mouth "ah ah" sound. And the people asked him his name, the ancestral home, is not a normal response, that is a dumb. Yin Shanming see the looks honest, not a class, read him helpless, we accept as servants, do what is chopping wood. The twinkling of an eye after sweet dumplings of glutinous rice flour, Fujiang thawing navigation, the broad river Qianfan king, a flourishing. In February, it is the peak season of spring ploughing and sowing the Fujiang River freight, agricultural supplies, multiple transmit during this period of time. Xiajiang hoe sickle, before fertilizer seed, multiple sinks in 遂州 terminals, car boat to go, very lively. Yin Shanming to evening, welcome, busy. Gradually, he felt a pair of eyes to her watching his. Yin Shanming in the heart, secretly observe the dumb. Dumb does have some unusual, he water never pole, two hands will easily hundred pound bucket, or not; wood axe, avoid people with a pair of rough hands crackling will steadily logs into pieces. Yin Shanming secretly surprised: dumb is where sacred, why play the fool in the park? Although Yin Shanming was not good with words, but a calm role. He is not exposed on the surface trace of pleasure, every day is still hoping, busy wharves. Occasionally with a dumb to some public occasions, and wine, drink tea; see the distress, still give alms. Dumb look in the eyes, keep silent. In February, Yin a door far and near people, have sent representatives to meet Yin Fu, the annual Ching Ming will. Banquet put fifty tables, Yin Shanming with a dumb a table and a table of toast, if is know more family TERT old life, Yin Shanming would be very humbly drink a sip of wine, welcome and respect for the guests, also has not met, then by the dumb to do with a cup of. Round and round the lap down, mute at least drink more than 30 cup, but he was as usual, with smooth, no significant drunkenness. Yin Shanming's heart was shocked. Is the night when the moon is high, bringing a Yin Fu shone misty. Yin Shanming drinkA few cups of wine, starts to urinate, to dumb dwelling, see true half open, there are voices fine if mosquito melody. Yin Shanming suspicious mind, gently mask peeking aside bamboo forest people. Suddenly, voice dumb room is high, a black dress person angrily: "big pie you undercover for several months, Yin family fine really know?" Hazy night, saw the mute sitting on the bench, hands wildly chopping firewood. The man in black and angry voice cried: "Yin Shanming heartless, tonight when his life!" Yin Shanming see dumb paused, suddenly saw black people from the window jump, one Shan but have. Dumb heaves a deep sigh, crackling will be in the hands of a log into small pieces, and hate the wood from windows one one throw. Yin Shanming was surprised, immediately uric meaning nothing, immediately return to dormitory, told her family will be transferred to the cellar to hide their valuables. Hurry up a family party Bi, steep see Oriental fire, crackling sound at the beginning, a flaming, Yin Shanming retired tingyuxuan came it was engulfed in flames. Yin Shanming flustered, cursed the dumb. The firelight, see bavin room ran out of a man, called the "master", a mad dash for the forum, the moment nobody raging inferno. Yin Shanming far see dumb down the fire, a pain in heart, eyes with tears oozing tide. The fire burn more prosperous, listen to the chanting of the beam Xuan collapsed, there came a loud cries. The next morning, then state the famous Yin Fu. Yin Shanming took the family to clean up the scene of the fire to find dumb body, is already a whole body such as carbon black. The body under the pressure of a piece of iron plate, square know dumb is unexpectedly Peng Nan water bandit two take charge of Trinidad solitary Liu ruyan! Yin Shanming the great mercy, buy good nanmu coffin will mute corpses, do seven seven forty-nine heaven field, buried in Wolong mountain, tree monument "righteousness servant dumb tomb". P3-5
Media attention and comments

"The judge" demonstrates the familiar for the book of anecdotes and folklore in this kind of literature style. He opened another way for us: the secret garden history trail. I haven't seen such a beautiful notes Novels: This is some about Jianghu also about officialdom, is also the legend about the bandits. He is a classical spirit's successor, he wants to show that the classical spirit has been lost to us with their own way. Nie Zuoping
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Szechwan, Ren Jie Ling, the country. The only true, also a geek genius. Worldly wisdom person, funny. After dinner, the neighbors often talk about, interesting. "The judge" shows the author (Li Hao) for the book of anecdotes and folklore in this kind of literature style with East two. He opened another way for us: the secret garden history trail.
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  •   We have the style, notes the charm of the novel. Good novels.
  •   Some meaning, bedtime reading right. The author is subject to the ancient legends Suizhou living place, also stems from the concept, there are gaps and sichuan.
  •   OK,,, is not as good as "secular legend" concise text,, hehe,,
  •   Short length, content of curiosity suction eyes, but the same theme, He that talks much errs much., too much, so more and more back head before the interview met feeling.
  •   As a note book.

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