A Russian scholar in the eyes of the Chinese

Date of publication:2004-1   Press: Heilongjiang people's Publishing House   Author:[Russia] Broff   Pages:201   Words:140000  

Belov Frajn Georgiyevich was born in August 7, 1931 in Harbin, Chinese, parents is the former Soviet Union in Chinese Consulate General Harbin diplomat. In 1954 graduated from the Moscow China Department Burapha University; Philosophy Research Institute of Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union in 1959 graduate. The chief researcher, the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of philosophy, Professor, PhD; Professor of Moscow State Linguistic University; China
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To China reader author Broff words Chinese complex (Preface) in the city and countryside Chinese youth work and at home Chinese train meeting in Chinese university to talk about social science about Confucianism discussion in Mao Zedong's hometown "Gang of four" the lady in the son of Deng Xiaoping's fate in Russia and Chinese will always be brothers? Postscript postscript @##@ translation The author of this book is a famous Russian sinologist, the 50's had with Ren Jiyu Hou Wailu, a famous scholar of graduate students. The Chinese access 30 times. The book of changes Chinese praise for 50 years, says the master Chinese modern culture Hu Shi, Feng Youlan, Liang Shumo, Du Weiming, Mou Zongsan, Xing Bensi, Li Zehou, Pang Pu etc.. On Sino Russian relations described in depth. The central meaning "a book, a Russian scholar in the eyes of the China" is said Chinese leaders choose the right path, so that the Chinese unprecedented strong. China success, because Chinese with Mao Zedong, also with Deng Xiaoping, with Jiang zemin. The road of socialism Chinese characteristics, is Chinese road to success. As a Russian scholars, according to the study of China their years, issued on China praised, in fact is that "from Beijing to win". This book is the author of travel in the perception of travel Chinese experience and observation results. Know and understand this book is about the various practical problems, to Chinese social personal life issues, China civic goals and expectations, expresses the author's Chinese complex. We have to Chinese show a foreigner feelings and opinions.
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