• Bashu people

    "The judge" is a short story of Bashu one odd set, similar to the Tang Chuanqi, "strange stories, Jina romances, folk anecdotes charm quite ancient jottings. Content to people as the main text, the characters, to the Ming Dynasty, and in the late Qing Dynasty, so many people,

  • Study of contemporary Chinese human geography

    "Introduction to contemporary research in human geography content" China: "human geography" is jointly organized by the geographical society Chinese and Xi'an International Studies University journals, to 2008 April has been edited and published 100 period. Since its establishment, has always been to tracking theory, leading the research direction, occupying academic highland for oneself,,

  • Van Loon Geography: about the story of the world (1-2) (color illustrations collection of the)

    About the story of the world: black and white illustration version, Van Loon's Geography: the story of the world, this is a book about the "human" geography book. The historical evolution of van Loon originally from the geographical point of view about countries, analyze the characteristics of different groups, explanation of man and earth -- our only, common home relationship --. Since our planet "has been turned into a massive operation company",,

  • South North horse total land

    This book is the edge topic of cultural China South North horse general from a book, this book will let you know China Saibei Jiangnan poetic geography! ,

  • New China's ethnic policy research experience in the practice of Yunnan

    Zhao Xinguo compiled the "new China's ethnic policies in the study of" Yunnan practice experience in classification based on our national policy, with a lot of accurate, authoritative, up-to-date information from two aspects of theory and practice summarizes and analyzes the provincial Party committee and provincial government always adhere to the creative implementation of the the people of the central,

  • A Russian scholar in the eyes of the Chinese

    A Russian scholar in the eyes of the China, ISBN:9787207061546, author: B. Broff (Russia); translated by Li Rong,

  • European national

    The words "main content of European nationalism": Europe is moving towards joint. The mean the same, the price would be EU national characteristics disappear? It was heavy-hearted. Author in the "European national" in a relaxed and humorous style to eliminate these concerns. ,

  • Van Loon geography

    "Van Loon Geography: a brief introduction about the story of the world": why Denmark people indulge in the quiet room, the Spaniards enthusiasm for the vast world? Why Japan in modern times to expand outwards, and the land is also small Switzerland remained neutral? A country's national character and historical development and geographical environment,

  • Graphic waterways

    "Graphic" shuijingzhu > ":" shuijingzhu "written in sixth Century, was written by Li Daoyuan, the more than 30 words, to" water "as the key link, records of 1252 rivers, one by one, the source of water, the tribe, flows, flows through the area, bus and general situation of the river, and landform, climate each basin,,

  • Cultural Geography

    "Introduction to cultural geography" content: cultural geography is a branch of human geography, humanities phenomenon as it will create for human culture, spatial characteristics and spatial pattern and then study these cultural phenomena. The materials from the main research achievements at home and abroad of cultural geography, cultural geography teaching to research topics,

  • Asia Tour

    Twenty years of reform and opening up, the opening to the outside world, came to Chinese while the foreign guests, Chinese move towards the world. Visit, visit, study, work, study, tourism, foreign unique ethnic customs charming exotic scenery, left a deep impression on them, which will form a number of overseas travels in china,

  • The Chinese Reader

    The Chinese culture in Russia, "the Chinese Reader: Chinese culture in Russia," Russia's literary friends, have a long history. At the beginning of seventeenth Century have personnel from the beginning, the rise in Russia at the end of seventeenth Century and early eighteenth Century "Chinese hot", is the beginning of cultural exchanges between the two countries. The court and society are keen on Chinese cultural relics, the Russians with those in Western europe,

  • Van Loon about geographic story

    This is not a common geography, Yu Dafu had the best of it: "to generalize the really clever but. Dry and tasteless of scientific knowledge, he then write, read his book, both adults and children, have forgotten that Weiwei juan." The humorous language style, concise and simple, suitable for the majority of readers. ,

  • Made in France

    Keywords 100 French culture, French culture the most fascinating is elegant, the most dazzling passion. All the people will like the French, but hate the French. However, the French pride can be tolerated by the people, because it is built on high grade. 100 key words in the book, immediately help you master the French culture essence,

  • The story of earth

    Van Loon geography, "the story of earth" is a masterpiece of human geography van loon. He used a literary technique, gives the knowledge to the spiritual, the rules of physical geography and human geography in different poses and with different expressions to show in front of you. ,

  • Van Loon geography.

    This is from the hand of van Loon, different from the traditional sense of the geography book. It broke the traditional geography book writing way, on the concept of "person", human activities and the importance of ascension to the top, from first to last is concerned about the "pure" side -- science, arts, business, religion and politics, from the historical height,

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