Yunnan Zhiju Yi family investigation and study

Date of publication:2007-7   Press: National Publishing House   Author:Li Xiaoli  

Li Xiaoli, born in 1968 February -- Zhiju in Yunnan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Chuxiong province a Yi's Alpine village. Department of history in 1989 Yunnan national college graduate, a bachelor's degree in history. Graduate students major in 1989 admitted to the Yunnan National Institute of Ethnology from Jiangning in 1993, Professor, master's degree in law, and then work up to now. 1999 was appointed as associate professor. Admitted to Yunnan University in 2000 with a high incidence of yuan the professor of Ethnology doctoral professional China ethnic marriage family direction, in 2004 won the doctorate of law. Since 1990, in Wang Ningsheng, two in Yuan under the guidance of a mentor, tracked long on Zhiju Yi community, the accumulation of a large number of first-hand information, published "Chuxiong Zhiju Yi marriage customs," "Yongren Yi social investigation -- Zhiju" West "of the investigation and study" and other series of academic papers.
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In the first chapter of marriage and family research section of a foreign marriage family, marriage and family research in western countries on issues of concern and research long-standing family. Platon in ancient Greek, ancient Rome Homer, Tassi Tes such as per capita in different degree of family support, children education problems are discussed. Since then, research in the field of marriage and family of scholars of Bert N. Adams, Harold Ristensen, 勒普累, ears etc.. In nineteenth Century, the earliest anthropologists and sociologists on marriage and family field and discussed the topic research. During this period, l858 Darwin published "origin of species", natural evolution the idea beyond the field of biology, and exert a profound influence on marriage and family research. "The main topic of the indigenous social institution of marriage and family system." The early sociologists, the origin and evolution of family full of interest. The main representative of this period as: l861 Swiss anthropologist J.J. 巴赫芬's "matriarchal theory"; in 1865 the British anthropologists J.F. Mclennan's "primitive marriage"; in 1870 America anthropologist Morgan of the "ancient society". These works have profound influence on the later marriage and family research. In 1844, Morgan "ancient society" based on the combination of Marx, Engels, the book summary and comment completed "family, private property and the state of origin" one book, which marked the establishment of Marx's family theory. Different from previous studies, Marx's family theory first put the family system and social system are integrated, research is much deeper than before. French anthropologist Andre Bill ghesquiere "family history" is in the part of introduction "anthropological perspective kinship and family", clearly pointed out the theoretical analysis and research framework of this book by the anthropological perspective. By twentieth Century fifty or sixty age, family history research in the rise of the west. Object of study, family history, theories and methods are obviously different with the previous family history, its research results not only in the professional field, but also in the society has caused great influence. Since the sixty or seventy's, along with the process of modernization and city development, emerge in an endless stream of new problems related to marriage and family. Each new problem comes from the realistic social life, marriage and family related problems including the feelings of husband and wife, the relationship between parents and children, the family system changes, women, sexual, reproductive and other social problems. Especially the western feminism, sexual liberation, the people urgently need to study these problems.
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The first chapter of marriage and family research review on the first day of marriage and family, an overview of a foreign marriage and family research review two, China ancient Chinese marriage and family research review three, Chinese modern marriage and family research section second modern Yi second chapter technical route and research frame section technology route, data collection and finishing two, data analysis three conclusion test four, conclusion, forming second section on frame third chapter investigation area survey section history section second natural and economic survey of third section of primitive religion, the worship of nature, a two soul worship, ancestor worship and three of fourth section of society life, "West" of the source, as "two West" conditions three, "the west" to four, new and old "West" of the handover ceremony, "five West" function, "six West" mechanism. The fourth chapter Zhiju Yi marriage investigation and Research on the first day of marriage form, ethnic endogamy: "so to buy a house" and "click to buy" two, "they fuck up" three, four "uxorilocal marriage, the marriage between cousins" second day a good standard, labor two, good looks, good character, three four mate selection standard The change of third day, two, met a love of a section fourth marriages, marriage age range two, marriage, marriage is limited to three regional and national four, Zhi Zuo Yi young female population migration study fifth day wedding ceremony the fifth chapter Zhiju Yi family survey and Research on the first day after living and family structure of the second day after marriage etiquette third family relationships, family relationship and adjustment of two, Zhi Zuo Yi women in the family status change of section fourth in a family funeral, receiving two, three, four, buy water mortuary funeral presided over the five, six, seven notice and coffin, offering eight, nine, Fifth day around the coffin funeral the family function, production function, reproductive function, two three Zhiju Yi family function change research conclusion references @##@ postscript Since 1990, the author conducted a long-term follow-up study on Zhi Zuo Yi community. Through the investigation, the author found Zhiju Yi has two typical cultural features in the aspects of marriage and family -- "costume competition Festival" and "string girl". In essence, "costume competition Festival", "string girls" is a means, a marriage and family, maintain Zhiju Yi survival and development is the ultimate objective. The two cultural characteristics reflected two kinds of production in the special environment conditions Zhiju the adaptation mode and operation mechanism. Based on the above facts, the author carried out in the anthropology field investigation and research, according to the whole landscape, anthropology, comparative view of relative concept, first of all, from the perspective of empirical research describes Zhiju Yi marriage and family life and practice; and then, studied by economics, system science and other multi-disciplinary approach and the theory of Zhiju the main aspects of the change in marriage and family.
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YunnanZhiju Yi family investigation and study "published by the national press.
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