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Hao Shiyuan, male, born 12 August 1952, Mongolia sand. People in Wuchuan County of Inner Mongolia Hohhot City, Mongolia. The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Ethnology and anthropology. Madam Fu Ying, the original Chinese Ambassador ambassador to Britain, Vice Minister of Ministry of foreign affairs Chinese. Biographies: 1968 Hohhot 2 after graduation and settle in the countryside. In 1973 into the Beijing iron and steel institute organization learning. After graduating in 1976 to Hohhot second machine tool plant. From 1978 to 1981, a master's degree graduate studies in the history of Mongolia Inner Mongolia University, research direction for the Mongolian Yuan dynasty. From 1982 to 1988Years, engaged in research work in the study of ethnic China Academy of social science, in 1985 as deputy director of the Institute, in 1988 June as research associate. From 1988 to 1991, he served as director of the office of the Academy of Social Sciences, Chinese since 1991, back to the national institute. 1991- this China Academy of Social Sciences Research Institute deputy director, director, director of the generation, researcher, doctoral tutor, "national studies", "the nation in the world" magazine editor in chief, enjoy the government special allowance of the State Council, national outstanding young experts.
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Comprehensive articles by chapter overview fourth festival in Manchu Xinbin of national area. According to the fifth census in 2000 statistics, the county's total population 306949 people, among them, the Manchu population of 221526 people, accounting for 72.2% of the total population, the Han population of 71465 people, the county accounted for 23.3% of the total population; Korean population is 13309 people, accounting for 4.3% of the total population; in addition Mongolia nationality, Hui, Daur, Xibe other minority population 469 people, accounting for 0.2% of the total population. Xinbin was the birthplace of the Manchu, Manchu is from China's history of female human development, the history here mainly residents Jianzhou Wei jurchens. After the demise Jin, left in the mainland Jurchens gradually finished, the subject of Nuzhen retreated to Heilongjiang, Mudanjiang and Tumen River area. The Ming Dynasty, in order to enhance the whole nation in northeast area management, the establishment of large Wei, the maid, under the reality in health management, Jurchen upper sealed the different levels of health, the office, a governor, all command organization, command that all, 1000, 100, Zhen Fu name. The Jianzhou Jurchens, is named by the Jianzhou wei. Xinbin region Jianzhou Wei Jurchen in the 1438 AD by leader Li Manzhu (Ming orthodox three years) was to move to Hulan hada (now Xinbin Xinbin chimney Hill) southeast of living. The year 1440 (Ming orthodox five years) statehood left guard leader when the pursuers come near, Dong Shan also moved to here and share Li 满柱 department. The year 1442 (Ming orthodox seven years) by separate statehood Jianzhou left defended you wei. At this point, built in three Wei Jurchen were settled in perillaseed river. Nur Ha Che was born in Jianzhou Nuzhen, migrating from the built in three Wei to Xinbin, then to Nur Ha Che a total of five generation. His grandfather Chang Ren Jianzhou Wei feel left captaincy general, father Tucker Shi Ren Jianzhou left Wei conductor to make, was killed in battle against the Jianzhou Nuzhen ming. Nur Ha Che frequented Fushun horse city at a young age, he had been to Beijing for several times, by the Han culture, with outstanding political and military talents.......
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The general ordered the first chapter of the first comprehensive natural conditions section second administrative institution and division third population of fourth day national chapter second political section China party and its organization construction section second people's Congress of the third day fourth festival the people's Government of the CPPCC and social groups in section fifth the judiciary section sixth regional ethnic autonomy (the third chapter on the economy the first section section second) agricultural economy of forestry products operating third section fourth section water conservancy construction fourth chapter economy (lower) section industrial economy in section second and section third of traffic and commercial and trade finance fourth day Fifth Festival Tourism Cultural and education section fifth chapter second section third section of Education Science and technology of health fourth festival culture the sixth chapter first quarter second quarter social stratification of marriage and Family Customs third day fourth Festival fifth religious festival social security section sixth environmental protection and construction of section seventh of household income and living standards typical article the first chapter Township Investigation Section 1 Xinbin town social survey...... There are second chapters in the private economy in third chapter school education survey fourth chapter forest surveys. Chapter 1 the development of agricultural economy of the second chapter of the third chapter of forestry economy development of native economic development problems and Countermeasures in the fourth chapter the local industrial economy development the fifth chapter development problems and Countermeasures @##@ postscript The research group in social investigation and write "Xinbin Manchu volume" process mainly focus on the following aspects: first, strives to reflect the Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County since the opening and reform, great changes took place in turn the world upside down in the party and the government and the community to help support. Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County, Autonomous County in 1985 at the beginning of the establishment of poverty, was designated as the national "eight seven" poverty county poverty alleviation programs, and various indexes of national economy development in Liaoning province after a. But the survey has been changed in the investigation group, hull. GDP per capita in 2002 ranked the ninth place in the province's 27 counties, the per capita net income of farmers in seventeenth. The modernization level of people's life has been greatly improved. This point, the members of the investigation group of He Xiaofang has deep feeling. She was in 1988 accompanied by the leaders of relevant departments first Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County of investigation. This steep mountain forest, traffic inconvenience. From the county border town in the next train to arrive by car, tramp over mountains and through ravines Xinbin town where the county government. This journey 70 kilometers, bumpy, the car takes about 5 hours by car, other natural longer time. At that time the county telephone switches, between township and village long distance call. He Xiaofang at nanzamu town Xinbin town to call the county leaders meet for dial dial, no more than 3 hours. During the period of investigation, because a light snow, even the car with the people trapped in the winding road in four or five hours. Today, Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County has built a lead in all directions of traffic road, mountain plate already in the green leaves, become the witness of the history of the development of the new traffic. Program-controlled telephones have been popular, mobile phone usage has increased year by year. From Shenyang take bus Xinbin to but also four or five hours. Personal experience in the preparation of the writers "Xinbin Manchu roll", the historical context of economic and cultural construction of the clear as far as possible, and then describe the situation. Secondly, to reflect the characteristics of Manchu Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County rich. Along with the historical development and the progress of the times, together with the people of all ethnic groups of Manchu people growing. But in Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County, Manchu still retains national characteristics and the national consciousness was embodied in the production, all aspects of life. As long as personal to here look, will have direct experience. More importantly, in the new period of socialist construction, Manchu people showed the urgent need for the development of a strong desire. Xinbin Manchu to be descendants of Nur Ha Che proud, carry forward the high spirited and vigorous spirit and morale Manchu rise, greatly changed the former poor and backward features xinbin. So, "Xinbin County Manchu volume" in general and typical piece, arranged a section and content reflected Manchu characteristics, so that people can in the limited text, see the Manchu style. For example, ethnic origin, ethnic education, social custom content comprehensive articles; in a typical piece, chose the side branch by Nur Ha Che of the Qing Royal lumbar Station Mura Kazushi Yong Ling Shou Ling soldiers of the Eight Banners outside the village populated by descendants of peace as a survey point, these are reflected in this theme. Thirdly, in order to reflect developments in advance in Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County, both arduous and tortuous, Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County in the development achievements, while also facing the existing problems, and explain the development and prosperity of any nation is not Everything is going smoothly., but waves forward development. In a typical piece, the township survey, field survey, the village survey, reflected the achievements and problems. In the special chapter, focuses on exploring the five aspects of agriculture, forestry, industry and other special. These five aspects of the topic is now Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County economic development is the most important of the five difficult problems. On the one hand, these five aspects have had a glorious history, give Xinbin brought great economic benefits, and is currently the most concentrated in Xinbin economic development problems. Such as forestry, industry, local native products of ginseng and so on, have became an important source of Xinbin taxation. And now because of national policy changes and market and other reasons, the industry will no longer be a new growth point of economic development, the development of alternative industries need. Research on these issues, sum up experience, it is important significance of the investigation group investigation.
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