Wa Culture Research Series (3 volumes)

Date of publication:2008-8   Press: Shi Lei Yunnan University press (2008-08)   Author:Shi Lei   Pages´╝Ü420  

"Wa Culture Research Series (3 volumes)" published by the Yunnan University press.
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Character is the core content of a kind of culture and promote the traditional culture, is a kind of self characteristic and inherent features different from other cultural. The culture is an important part of multi national culture Chinese, has its own distinctive cultural traits. Famous scholar Professor Li Zixian based on American scholars Cleopatra "and the famous Chinese scholar Mr. Ling Chunsheng, points out the cultural characteristics of as many as 26. Thus. Wa culture has a rich cultural connotations, to reveal the cultural and historical, the cultural characteristics is the key. Study on effect of this chapter on the wa culture in post in the division, the wooden drum, MoBa, swift cattle, black teeth, body piercing and other cultural characteristics in the culture and history of the position and role, and the significance of the Wa people in today's society. A, Sigangli myth and its cultural heritage: the cultural characteristics of the songs without words WA, its cultural heritage depends mainly on the language to tell, and verbal art in Dai nationality culture is particularly important and popular. A verbal art, beautiful melodies, GetWord ballad is the main character in the. Many of us think has disappeared and was on the verge of disappearing, is can be restored by songs. American anthropologist Frederi Delaguna said: "the songs and stories to return", "as if they were already long dead old man telling and performing the same". It was songs, provides us a nation without words: the cultural information, it provides an open the mysterious key to the door of our culture. Wa is a national sing and dance, song "a Wa people sing a new song" to make this nation renowned at home and abroad; personality is distinct, bold powerful "hair swinging dance", a strong ethnic style song and dance shows the VA. "The music melody and rhythm to basic human values to the specific form, making them easier to remember and attractive", therefore, music has become the best form of national cultural heritage without words, "songs and other verbal art form, often express a group value, belief and care".
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