Date of publication:2011-4   Press: Xinjiang electronic audio video publishing house   Author:To Beijing, Yu Wensheng painted, Yan Xian painted   Pages:95  
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The world wonders, Turpan Turpan Turpan scenic wonders of the world fifteen of the Gucheng Gucheng, the Gaochang 塔阿斯塔 -- Hara and Zhuo tombs Bezeklik thousand Buddha Caves in Flaming Mountains Crick Karez Aydingkol Lake dune Park Grape Valley barn Museum tuyugou Canyon tuyugou thousand Buddha cave Toksun yadandimao Turpan specialty grape melon watermelon pear fig and pomegranate Wine art and other Turpan Mukammasilev and the Zi Kumu Gaochang YUESHA therapy @##@ Grape Festival Turpan, also known as "fire", located in the eastern Tianshan Chinese intermontane basin in Xinjiang, is Chinese connect the mainland Chinese area of Xinjiang, Central Asia and North and South Xinjiang transportation hub. Whole area gross area 70000 square kilometer, under the jurisdiction of Turpan City, Shanshan County, Toksun County, a total of 26 township (town), 2 subdistrict offices, 172 administrative villages.
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