Tuoniang river country woman

Date of publication:2008-4   Press: Li Fuchun's national press (2008-04)   Author:Li Fuchun   Pages:280  

Li Fuchun, male, zhuang. Graduated from History Department of Central University for Nationalities Institute (now South-Central University For Nationalities). Had engaged in the Tuoniang River Basin and the western region of Guangxi years rural work and journalism. Later transferred to the Guangxi Academy of Social Sciences Research on national economic, poverty alleviation and development of Western china. The main works include: "Chinese commodity economy in the minorities areas of research", "minority", "economic theory to get rid of poverty and new ideas" (cooperation with willow), "resource development and national development" (co authored), "Zhuang" (the Thai version) (cooperation), "old" development of Western Guangxi (the main author), "Long Expecting -- Guangxi is carried out western big development strategy theory" (Feng Zhuan).
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The first chapter of my marriage and family who had been friends in their own experiences into scientific research basis, when friends become the object of scientific research, the accumulation of life form for the development and utilization of resources, precious wealth which is personal. Now, please accompany me, go to my young age and recently made resistant to see their friends, ougui marriage sweet life, to share their ougui marriage and family happiness. Family and marriage Li Renji let us first to hang Xiang Ni Dong Cun to visit my old friend Li Renji. Mud hole village is the famous duck town "Guma line" emerging up mud Dong Wei, "mud hole" is the literal translation into Chinese names, strong words are two very strong water. Here the field fertilizer to the United States, a rich plumes spotted, trabecular bone thickness, succulent and firm, delicate and delicious, eat not greasy, each about two kilograms of duck, duck called mud hole, renowned in the west of guangxi. Ni Dong Tian much fertilizer, is resistant granary, and Shangdi Guangxi to Yunnan via Luoping, Gu Zhang, Ma Bang's "Guma line", has attracted a lot of attention. As early as in twentieth Century 60 in the early 1980s, the county would do "planting vegetables demonstration point" here, try to change the local farmers have no garden, Lin eat 野莱 every situation. Then, still here in double cropping rice field after model, here again the county's largest Yangda reservoir construction. Duck, grain, vegetable, water, are an important part of rural work. This is the first in the Rural Work Department of the county, and then in the "Cultural Revolution" in the grasp revolution and promote production headquarters office, and later in the production group of Revolutionary Committee of the county, as do rural work officer, repeatedly into the mud hole village. Li Renji is the Secretary of the Party branch in twentieth Century 60 in the mud hole group, so we have more exchanges, long became old friends. The story of Li Renji 30 years later I returned to Westwood engaged in research of Zhuang ougui marriage, no fee what Kung Fu, will know that old friend Li Renji is the protagonist of ougui marriage. The last two days of 2000, the author did not return to Nanning after new year's day, but about serving in the Xilin County Party Committee Propaganda Department's old friend Nong Hua Biao, starting from the Xilin County Bada, made a special trip to the mud hole village to visit Li Renji, made a about ougui marriage talk with him. He talked about the marriage and family of their own, on the marriage customs of local zhuang. Through conversations with Li Renji, had the further understanding the Tuoniang River Basin Zhuang ougui marriage, hear new story ougui marriage many have never even heard of it.
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The preface Tuoniang River secret Tuoniang River legend son fish Tuoniang legend son back mother water legend's mother to marry the flood legends Tuoniang River Research Tuoniang River anecdote about sentence Juting country secret about the Lin clan Cen secret about resistant lesson plans secret Tuoniang river the new story "more Ma door" story to master and take a story the first chapter of my friends who had been in the marriage and family of Li Renji's marriage and family mud hole village is the famous duck town Li Renji life to marry his wife, and they have no "can take to create" "constant Lambe angle your" ougui marriage "probationary period" ougui marriage in Li Renji's change of noble family from ougui marriage Lin clan extraordinary marriage takes a new and old friends scholar Wang Luhui duck master Yang Heguang villagers Committee document Cen land into second chapters of my youth who had been colleagues love story in the countryside "Santong" acquaintance guard was born in "Santong" in knowing each other love in labor was born in scientific farming in love in love in love in the green fields root cause blossom fruit of love. In the scientific research of love in Nakaji Shigeruhashi in the isolation of Acacia when agricultural cooperatives accounting in the door son-in-law Lo when twenty years of love, tears of twenty years after suffering the hands in the long life accompanied by a rich family as park in the Tuoniang River Food mansion, Baise, Tiandong Xilin • that Lao third chapter Gouding old states united cloth marriage and name it (on) the fourth chapter Gouding old states man cloth marriage and name it (under) the fifth chapter woman's man Luo what chapter sixth friends in Tianlin County case experienced ougui marriage story seventh chapter Atlantic River singular title and maintain the characteristics of the marriage of eighth chapter stone arch tragedy and good labor women heroic chapter ninth violated the country woman day old town changes the tenth chapter Ji GUI 滇黔 zone ougui marriage conclusion lifts the woman's mysterious veil postscript @ ##@ in the Marais "Tuoniang river country woman: Gui Bian Zhuang ougui marriage origin status trend" based on field visits, to real, vivid, elegant style, more visual, multi form, omni-directional, three-dimensional description of the existing in the Guangxi fam -- Tuoniang River Basin Zhuang "daughter of the country" "women marry husband" ("Europe your") the mysterious world. Here, the women's freedom to choose a husband, married women marry men marry, the marriage, men from women in women's chair, home economics; family structure no mother-in-law, sister-in-law and sister-in-law relationship...... This "Tuoniang river country woman: Gui Bian Zhuang ougui marriage origin status trend" will sociology, theories of ethnology, anthropology into the "European noble" marriage, family life, opened a "country woman" the veil of mystery to the readers.
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"Tuoniang River in Yunnan, Guangxi Zhuang woman side ougui marriage origin status trend" by the national press.
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