The white people's custom culture in Longnan

Date of publication:2009-8   Press: Gansu people's Publishing House   Author:Qiu Zhengbao  

An ecological village village is what, 1? Xue Baozhai: we are a village chukars BA Xiang Wenxian. Chukars BA Xiang Baishuijiang located in the west of Wenxian, in the Middle East, South Shi Fang Xiang, iron Lou Xiang, north of Xiang and BA Xiang baoziwan. Jiuzhaigou County, Sichuan Province, which borders with the west, resident township government in Anchang, Changhe border to Jiuzhaigou county only 3 kilometers, 80 kilometers to the Jiuzhaigou scenic area. I'm in Wenxian village chukars BA Xiang min Bao Gou depths, connected with the iron Lou Xiang, is the core areas of Min Bao Gou Protection Station jurisdiction in Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve of Gansu province. 3 of the stockade village, located in the hillside forest and forest edge zone, is the mid levels and Alpine village, the soil is mainly black loess stone folder. Diego: our stockade fort is a village group Wenxian iron Lou Xiang Zhai bridge village. Iron Lou Xiang is located in the southwest of Wenxian, Baima River, East in Chengguan Town, south of Dan Bao Xiang, Southwest Sichuan Province Pingwu County, Northwest Sichuan bordering Jiuzhaigou County, North and chukars BA Xiang Shi Fang xiang. The thing grows 31 kilometers, 25 kilometers wide north-south, a total area of 324 square kilometers, accounting for 6.4% of the total area of the county, ranked fifth in the 20 county towns. Cultivated land area of 17000 acres, the township, 15 villages, 51 villagers group. Township government in the village of ancient Wenxian Metro building is one of the four major border, 25 kilometers from the county town, 1300 meters above sea level, from the county to the Qiu Jia Ba panda breeding farms and rural roads have been wearing. Within the low West High East, hill slope is steep, the diversity climates. Western net each with mountain 3530 meters above sea level, is the highest peak within the township. Dense forests, the southwest gully, animals and plants rich in resources, is home to one of the giant panda, precious animal under state protection of 26 species, rare species under national protection has 32 kinds, pasture area. Here the Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve, Baishuijiang administration in iron Lou Zhai with Baima River Protection station. China is one of the four major tributaries flow in Baishuijiang territory of Wenxian, Shi Wu Zi Liang Xiang iron floor originated in altitude of 3543 meters, a total length of 43.5 km, from more than 20 small streams converge into, through the iron Lou Xiang, Chengguan Town Dagangou Ping, Liu Jia Zui village, injection Baishuijiang from ad, the catchment area of 365 square kilometers, with an average annual flow of 4.63 cubic meters / second. Our village is in the forest copycat village, close to the Motianling mountain, mainly for loess soil stone folder. From the village across the Loess beam is white roads Sichuan Province on Wu County, two white people in history and now often along the road between. Zhai bridge: our village is the Baima River upper reaches of the river valley village, the soil is the main soil stone. A: our village is a village group Shimen Gou Cun tie Lou Xiang, is the forest edge village, mainly for loess soil stone folder. Pillow dam: our village, only this one stockaded village, is a village, the main soil is loess stone. Yao Ping: We stockade is a group of villagers iron building country pier village, a village, the main soil is loess stone. Clip Hill: our stockade is a group of villagers tie Lou Jia Ba Cun Xiang Jing, is a village, the soil is the main soil stone. Zhong Ling Mountain: we this Zhaizi iron Lou Xiang Jiu Zhai Cun second villagers group, located in between the mountains and people to Gongshan a small beam, is a natural village of Sino Tibetan inhabited, belongs to the earth village.......
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"The study of folk culture of Longnan Bai people: survey data volume" one, two, three, ecological farming craftsmen, trading five, four, seven, six traffic credit dress eight, nine, ten, eleven living diet, village family agency twelve, at the age of thirteen, was born in fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, married adults -- Seventeen, burial eighteen, nineteen, twenty, medical beliefs, song and dance entertainment twenty-one twenty-two, other twenty-three, white people to protect the folk culture of Baima people appendix a folk culture protection inspection report appendix two appendix three: white people Chieftain System: Fire gods originated from ancient white people's custom culture appendix four: Longnan white horse who participated in the study of folk culture postscript: "investigators" @##@ paper roll White people's custom culture questionnaire survey work took more than half a year, the first phase of the task before it was completed. The data compiled by the completion of the first draft, we also sent to the White Horse Village cultural heritage of the people, the white horse native intellectuals, Ma Ji old and new cadres and white people's custom culture research achievements of cadres, scholars to solicit opinions, to revise and supplement and perfect, formed the second draft. Later, we once again for the Gansu Academy of social science, Longnan Teachers College and the Department concerned expert, Professor, scholar's opinions, eventually forming the book now. In the whole process, the basic principle is: we always adhere to seek truth from facts, from there, keep records, original. It should be said, the data provide material, the credibility of the data is relatively high.
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