The spiritual culture of minority nationalities in Yunnan and the cultural spirit (upper and lower)

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Li Guowen's "Yunnan ethnic culture and cultural spirit -- the national cultural heritage of the Naxi and Yi" is divided into two volumes, a collection of important research results of Naxi, Yi ethnic cultural heritage, including minority thinking, philosophy research, minority ancient books literature survey, translation, research, foreign culture study selection, nationality, religion, folk custom, cultural studies and cultural studies and learning from five parts of preface and postscript.
Author brief introduction

Li Guowen, Han, Professor, supervisor of postgraduate. Graduated from the Yunnan University. The 1976 - 1991 at the Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences, history, religion, philosophy, social philosophy, respectively. As the deputy director of the Institute of social science. 1991 - 2009 at the Yunnan University of Nationalities. Former research director, library director, Secretary of general Party branch. Has long been engaged in national social, cultural and physical field surveyTheory research. Published "Dongba culture dictionary", "Dongba culture and the philosophy" and other 6 monographs, "wisdom of our ancestors -- Yi ancient philosophy))," limis Yi race folk "," China minority philosophy history "and 24 co authors, in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and Chinese America relevant journal published 84 article. From 1996 to 2001 in Taiwan and Japan, respectively Chinese American for academic exchange. Won the "Yunnan Province outstanding contributions of outstanding professional and technical personnel", "Yunnan Province outstanding contributions of philosophy and social science experts", "Yunnan University of Nationalities Wu philosophical education fund outstanding teacher award" and other honorary.
Catalogue of books

minority thinking and philosophy of
of primitive thinking should pay attention to the first hand information minority philosophy research must attach great importance to information work -- in the "Chinese minority philosophy and social thought history learns the Fourth Board established
and academic report" speech from
Dongba of ethnic minorities view of the universe -- a cross disciplinary forum a minority philosophy a view of the universe and anthropological significance of
Yunnan minority primitive philosophy thinking of
Naxi ancient philosophy of
the Naxi Dongba culture of the concept of yin and Yang.
from the ancient Naxi pictograph time the origin of the concept of
from hieroglyphs to see the origin of the idea of ancient Naxi space
ancient Naxi animal worship of primitive universe
Naxi ancestors on the original structure of Philosophical Reflection on
Naxi hieroglyphic Dongba about human nature the naive view
Naxi Dongba "five lines" record of
Naxi primitive "Jingwei five elements"
Naxi primitive "frog gossip"
the ancient Yi Nationality The natural philosophy of Yi epic
"chamu" philosophy in a -
the Yi people of male and female, male and female everything the original concept of yin and Yang Syndrome
the five elements and their view of the universe
Yi "vitality" people say
Yi "water" people say
Yi totem stranger -- Tiger human homologous
minority literature survey, translation, research on
Xinping Yi Yi Yi ancient Naxi culture essence -- the ancient Dongba hieroglyphs and
Zhongdian, Lijiang, Weixi, Naxi Dongba pictograph character
the folklore, save the investigation
and journal Dongba and his the Dongba Dongba manuscripts -- normal memories of
Taiwan Institute of history and Philology reservoir Dongba part of bibliographic description and translation of
Naxi hieroglyphic Dongba "bu" translation cause
the Naxi pictograph Dongba "bu" in a Book of etiology and calendar knowledge and
the understanding of philosophy of
the Naxi pictograph "duty" the horoscope of
foreign cultural study of selected
America Hawaii Island Mystery Culture of
-- Hawaii indigenous ancestors in the volcano rock stone figure group study
USA Hawaii Dadao Hilo City Chinese Cemetery in Hawaii to see
I America Naxi cultural studies scholars -- Rock's tombstone
nation, religion, folk custom and culture of
Yunnan ethnic and religious minorities in Yunnan
primitive religion
Hani primitive religion and social customs investigation of
Naxi primitive religion and social customs in Lijiang County, according to the Tacheng
Long Ba Dian Cun, Naxi funeral
Yongde County Xiang Yi Li pygmy people ebony funeral observation of
Diqing in Naxi, Lisu, Pumi Yi and primitive religion
Dehong border in the community of ethnic and religious life and management of
the town of Lijiang and its surrounding the Naxi Buddhism drip
Yongde County minority residents in the Buddhist faith
Yunnan Lijiang Naxi area of Taoism.
Naxi Dongba religion and Taoism content infiltration.
two or three Taoist culture and Yi -- the Taoist culture of Yi society two important research on
the Naxi Dongba Dongba culture < / BR and > currently in Naxi culture study some problems -- for the Naxi cultural studies will be set up and write
Naxi, Tibetan religious culture permeating relationship -- a case study of "number", the word "■ symbols and learning for analyzing
the Naxi Dongba" medicine "
Yongde County near the busy sea reservoir rock Zi Zhai Lisu
Yongde County fall o wa Zhai village Brown clan society's traditional ethics culture of
the prefaces and postscripts and learning from
" Chinese the primitive religion of ethnic data integration in Hani volume "
" the wisdom of our ancestors -- Yi ancient philosophy "Introduction to Dongba culture and the philosophy "-- Introduction to ancient Qiang left origin of Naxi Dongba culture contained in the philosophical understanding of
" man God media -- "the Dongba priests aspects of
" Yi Li pygmy people folk "postscript"
Yunnan minority literature investigation and study of "total order
" Li Guowen Naxi study on
"preface" Dongba culture and the philosophy of "writing reviews of
Li Guowen: scientific research, academic papers published in
Chapter excerpt

Since ancient times, humans have some people don't believe in God or God made man said, but to make every attempt to find the human origin of the magic of nature, so naive that: people are derived from nature of human origin, is the natural or material is a kind of nature things; believe generation is a long process, that is by some biological evolution. The best guess, primitive religious myth legend handed down from the world of various nations generation, from the ancient books of ethnic and some ancient ruins fully reflected. First said the ancient Greeks to human in nature. At about 7 - sixth Century BC, ancient Greek on the nature of the problem of the whole world. Some materialism philosopher and natural philosopher, abandon the traditional religious myth mysterious explanation to the world and its surrounding all natural phenomena, and according to the nature of the objective observation, experience, with nature itself to explain the natural world, the nature there are a source of everything in the world, including human, material, rather than by a supernatural God created. For example, representative Telles's earliest materialism philosophy of Miletus school (BC 624 547 BC) was proposed: constitute the basic material world and everything is "water"; everything in the world including life,, are arising from the "water" in the. Another representative Anak Seaman De is proposed: the essence of the world is not a fixed material is "infinite". And put forward: the earth is liquid state at first, then gradually dried up, leaving land, so biological reproduction, long out of the animal and plant, first appears in aquatic organisms, after the appearance of land biological. Humans began to produce, first fish, then gradually change, the surface of the water, they live on the land. Our primitive ancestors originally in crustaceans, wandering, in the water feeding. Then fish who surfaced, came to the land, the carapace burst, then into a humanoid. According to Anak Seaman De's conclusion: people with plants, is out of the earth, and the gods have no relationship. Anaximander student Anak Cimini (about BC 585 - before 552 years): the only material origin is the "air", and think, "air" because of temperature changing into all other substances, such as fog, water, soil, stone, plant, animal and human nature; by air condensed into soil and mixed with water, and then by the heat of the sun to produce. There is a called Anaxagoras (BC 500 - before 428 years) philosopher, he and the origin of the human with the previous philosophy of natural scientists agree.
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