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The first chapter of his Oriental giant, giant earthquakes and landslides disaster condenses on the national power in the "one year 5 · 12" Wenchuan earthquake is approaching, as an important part of the spirit of earthquake relief, "a spirit" with its great strength and unique connotation, by domestic media as "the mark of our country and national spirit". Needless to say, "a spirit" is a generation of Dongqi people work hard and perseveringly, tenacious struggle the creation and accumulation of results, and formed its own course of a history of it, is not a short duration of time to complete. However, it caused the people to pay attention, has attracted worldwide attention, but after the Wenchuan earthquake. Before the earthquake comes, so this is located in the Northwest Sichuan town of Dongfang Steam Turbine Works fame is not now. A generation of Dongqi people created, inherited "Dongfeng spirit", like deep in the mountains like jewelry, the dazzling light needs to be polished. Can say, if not this come unexpectedly Kuangshi disaster, many people do not know the dongqi. However, it is the earthquake disaster for our country, the nation will once again be temper, let the spirit of the Chinese nation unprecedented sublimation, but also let the Dongqi this beautiful scenery in front of the world of spirit. Therefore, the understanding of "Dongfeng" spirit must first from the earthquake disaster about. In the history of mankind, like the Wenchuan earthquake disaster is rare. As a result of the earthquake came suddenly, high strength, belonging to shallow earthquake, so it caused by the national economy and people's life and property damage is especially huge. According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs statistics, China's 2006 National all kinds of natural disasters killed 3155 people in 2007, the national all kinds of natural disasters which caused 2325 deaths. In 2008, a Wenchuan earthquake has killed eighty thousand people's lives, the affected area of more than L2 million square kilometers, making millions of people homeless. It is no exaggeration to say, Wenchuan earthquake caused the consequence is serious, the tragic scene, never less than a war.
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Introduction to the first chapter order giant earthquakes and landslides his Oriental giant, disaster to gather national strength two, the ruins to straighten the backbone mountain (a) falls on a "leading enterprises" (two) stand up a "true giants" (three) to establish a "spirit of the monument." the second chapter the sea cross flow was true colour of a hero, a leader decision three line construction (1964 ~ 1966) (a) six character principle: backer, scattered, hidden (two). Hidden location, Sichuan two, West Hanwang (1966 ~ 1970) in (a) from the first to the three line (two) hard times (three) "the Great Cultural Revolution" shock (four) three, he imposed martial law construction side production (1970 ~ 1974) (a) work hard and perseveringly, edge infrastructure and production (two) the first 75000 kilowatt turbine (three) the first furnace molten steel (four) fully completed and put into operation four, a long way off the grand plan in early development (1974 ~ 1978) (a) Dream Road (two) hard tackling tough road (three) "in search of marry" road five, come down in one continuous line (a) the pioneering spirit of relay, torch transmission (two) spirit, mark the third chapter reform on the road playing time, like a wave effect. Competition (a) reform and innovation, to market (two) market strategy, success (three) times, by age two, all rivers run into sea blending Chinese and Western (a) open cooperation, fully inclusive and equitable (two) Outside the Box, jade (three) had moved the spirit, the three in the world, beyond the self scaled new heights (a) innovation spirit, Dongqi soul (two) Lectra hard times, scientific development (three) national industry, Sustainable Heritage fourth chapter humanist casting Dongqi soul, attractive: dare to play a "people-oriented" chapter fifth times Hong Yang "Dongfeng @##@ spirit". In 2008 the "5 · 12" earthquake in Sichuan people facing the rare earth experience and situation, has beautifully pressure and test, also shows a new spirit and new realm of Sichuan people hitherto unknown. "The outstanding representative of Dongqi people" is the new spirit and new realm. Located in Mianzhu City, Sichuan Province, Hanwang town hardest hit by Dongfang turbine Co. Ltd. suffered huge casualties and losses in the earthquake. The face of disaster, Dongqi people unite as one, self-reliance, the rapid development of earthquake relief and self-help production. In the factory in ruins, a series of aftershocks continue the case, to resume production soon, created a production peak of Dongqi record. Dongqi stories reported by the media caused a strong reaction in the society as a whole, is highly rated by Hu Jintao General Secretary of the party and state leaders. This year in March, CPC Sichuan provincial Party committee to carry out an in-depth study of "Dongfeng spirit" activities in the province decided, requirement Party organizations at all levels to learn "Dongfeng" spirit as an important political task, in the province's rapid off of "Dongfeng" spirit upsurge. "What is the core value of Dongqi spirit"? How is it formed? It shows what kind of national spirit? Shows how historical foundation and ides? Show the unique Sichuan people what spirit? This is all we need to seriously explore and try to answer the question. In front of the readers of this dedication "spirit of the Chinese nation had: sound of the age", are some of the superficial awareness of these issues, some results of our preliminary exploration. "Dongfeng spirit" is formed in the three generation of Dongqi people of entrepreneurship and struggle in the. It first embodies loads self-improvement, hard work with quiet hard application, wisdom, dedication and innovation as master of the pioneering spirit, and then shows tenacity, encounter difficult and unyielding, adversity and firm belief in the indomitable will and strong. Thirdly, it also reflects the heart qi, aggressive, strong, strong cohesion, open-minded and tolerant and harmonious team spirit. Finally, it is also the Sichuan Great Practice of reform and opening up, the courage to open up, dare to firm practitioners as a person first portrayal. In a word, it reflects the Sichuan people in particular ability to endure hardship, can endure, especially to the spirit of dedication, reflects the unique cultural character of Sichuan group: hardworking, brave, strong, Guo Yi, and integrity, wisdom, modest, open; not only the courage to bear, firm and indomitable, and heart of Thanksgiving, optimistic and humorous. The Bashu people Cliffide Flower group culture character after the catastrophe of baptism, have become an important part of the great earthquake relief spirit, has become a new embodiment of the great national spirit and the spirit of the times, to reveal a new brilliant. Current important historical mission of reconstruction of three years of tasks to complete two years of basic recovery after disaster. The international economic environment of uncertainty and potential risks increase, some outstanding problems and contradictions in domestic economic development has highlighted. The growth, people's livelihood, maintaining stability and responsibility, the task is arduous. Thoroughly study and carry forward the "Dongfeng spirit", to unite and inspire the people's confidence to overcome difficulties, is of great significance. Study of "Dongfeng" spirit, not afraid of sacrifice, is to learn the spirit of the hero to win. Heavy casualties in Wenchuan earthquake caused great loss and, Dongqi people refuse to be cowed or submit, tenacious, to the "indomitable" heroic spirit in disaster rescue, completed 10800000000 yuan output value of record in the year of the disaster, with brilliant performance to prove to the world that "any difficulty Nanbu Dao hero Chinese people". The earthquake pain China, Sichuan people moved the world. Strong, optimistic, tough, self-reliance of the Sichuan people won a great victory of earthquake relief in the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, the State Council next, ushered in a new stage, the new mission of reconstruction and development. This will be a major test of not less than the earthquake relief. The more difficult, more is to learn a person that rise in difficulties, forge ahead in the spirit of adversity. Change from passive to active, turn challenges into opportunities, turn pressure into motive force, to rebuild their beautiful homeland recovery and high spirited psychosis. Study of "Dongfeng" spirit, is to learn, carve firm and indomitable spirit of struggle. From "a hemp rope innovation industry" to "do business, eat grains, creating famous brand, for the big", from twentieth Century 80's top pressure produced 300000 MW steam turbine to hydropower, thermal power, wind power, nuclear power "more electric simultaneously" development, had 40 years is a advance despite difficulties, the courage to bear struggle history. It is this seize every minute, never slack spirit support Dongqi from small to large, from weak to strong, to create a domestic and international counterparts marvel.Mu Continent of Legend. At present, our province is faced with speed up the reconstruction and development of the two pair of heavy, especially need to learn Dongqi people, firm and indomitable spirit of struggle to carve, the people of all ethnic groups in the province's incentive to fight, strive to promote the "two speed" process. Study of "Dongfeng" spirit, is to learn the independent innovation, scale the heights of pioneering spirit. As a landlocked Basin National major technical equipment industry base, Dongqi for decades on breakthrough innovation in all aspects of mechanism, management, technology and so on, always walk in the forefront of the industry, with independent research and development to promote the product updates, with the core technology to participate in international competition, occupy a space for one person in the world of high technology, to become the world power equipment manufacturing industry "giants". As a major agricultural province in Western Sichuan, large population, weak economic foundation, the foundation is weak; the dual effects of Wenchuan earthquake and the international financial crisis, many difficulties, pressure big, heavy task. Special situation determines that we must east steam for example, comprehensively implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, taking innovation as the soul, transcendence as the goal, efforts to grasp the law of development, change the mode of development, innovation and development of ideas, solve the problem of development, stimulate the vitality, for Sichuan to speed up the development, scientific development, sound and fast development momentum inexhaustible. In the provincial Party committee "on the in-depth study of" Dongfeng "spirit" activities of the decision after the announcement, the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, the organization timely mobilization of the research staff and workers to seriously study and understand the significance of "Dongfeng" spirit and essence. In view of the detailed, in-depth interpretation of the Dongqi spirit theories lack, we form a subject group, Dongfeng company deeply carry out research activities, in order to "Dongfeng spirit" as the example, after two months of hard work, the spirit of "had written:" the Chinese times ictus. The hope is to present the ongoing study of "Dongfeng" spirit activities help. Due to our own is still in the learning process, to "understand the Dongqi spirit" further; and theoretical knowledge is limited, time in a hurry, the book reflects only experience of our present experience, there are many shortcomings and defects, welcome readers. If the "spirit of the Chinese nation had: ides" publication can play a role in the province to carry out the study of "Dongfeng" spirit activities, we also feel very happy.
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