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"The civilization" assembled in China on the oracle bones of the academic value and impact since the reform and opening up, which fills the blank of the mountains, some at the basis of previous studies, further. "Analects" Shang civilization available scholars and the relevant professional institutions and post. In the strict sense, this should be the "Yindu journal" dedicated to the Yin reward culture research circle third papers. "Yindu journal" from the fourth issue 1984 officially open to overseas release, the first "national business history Symposium" was published in 1985, thereafter, was published in 1992 second anthologies "oracle bone inscriptions and Yin reward culture research" 10 years later, war is the line in front of the readers of the third Department of "civilization" in the Yin reward. Can say, these three anthologies, reflects the "Yindu journal" growth tricks and Shang culture research trend of prosperity.
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Guo Xudong, 1965 was born in July in Linzhou City, Henan Province, 1992, Zhengzhou University graduate, master of history. The Anyang Normal University "Yindu journal" and "Journal of Anyang Normal University" deputy director, the deputy editor of the Shang culture, deputy director of the Institute, vice chairman of the Association Deputy Secretary General Yang bones, Chinese Shang culture research. Over the years, mainly engaged in the research, Yinxu Archaeology and Shang culture research, published more than 30 papers, the Ministry of works.
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"The civilization" in order "and" two collection of 32921 bones staging on a piece of a new party oracle bones science for one hundred years in Japan in recent years new published several important research works on Yin Ruins oracle bones for divination Oracle calligraphy development from Jane about Shang inscriptions in "Rainbow" -- the Shang Dynasty society one of the cases of Li group of oracle bone inscriptions "food" and "day, month (sound GE)" oracle bone age rank on the Oracle has no passive sentence of "Sue" in oracle inscriptions inscriptions in "*" Yin "East" bones of "he" sacrifices "-- the Yin Ruins Hua Dong inscriptions of Oracle in the Zhi * release Oracle in the" 紤 "Luo Zhenyu known real time test oracle bones land during the Shang Dynasty tribute system in Shang Dynasty in the production field of slave labor from the oracle bone inscriptions said Chinese ancient" lattice "" halo "concept in the oracle bone inscriptions fertility problems and explore the for God said" the era of "policy" three milli Sakamoto Yin "solution of the late Shang Dynasty supervisory system of early Shang Dynasty: tribal alliance" the transition to the union of the master of the Yin people is white "try on the calendar method The two problem is the country name, Yin Dynasty Kao Shang Dynasty military observation and proclaim the administrative division of the late Shang Dynasty oracle inscriptions seen in distribution test Yin Jewish people and view of God and the historical orientation of the scene it will observe a Ji Jia Tun archaeological site of Western Zhou culture layer and the underlying soil in Anyang area climate change from archaeological discovery family business course of development of economic transformation of stone 璋如 Yinxu excavation and research contributions from the tomb of Fu Hao Shang Dynasty bronze bronze copy of Arts and crafts from Yinxu found Chinese print source on the bronze ware Taotie ferocious beauty of bronze relics protection research status and development trend of
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Development period of one hundred years two oracle bones studies (1928-1937) during this period that began in October, since 1928 to 1937 June history ended by scientific excavation of the Yin Ruins Oracle hosted during and after a period of time. History of the Yin Ruins in Anyang has conducted 15 large-scale scientific discovery, which lasted 10 years, get a large number of scientific discovery and a large number of relics, relics of the oracle bone inscriptions and other precious archaeological data. And modern archaeological methods are introduced, the study of the bones to break through the traditional epigraphy and historical limitations, made comprehensive development. Since 1899 the oracle was found, unearthed more and more. But at the same time, Xiaotun villagers private dug grave digger is Oracle, which suffered serious damage and ruins, relics and other important phenomena Oracle coexistence. While a large number of Oracle streams abroad, also caused the anxiety of a person with breadth of vision. Academia Sinica Institute of history and Philology, at the beginning, in view of the "oracle bones which are left, and recently unearthed and flow like water. If things go on like this, the relationship between my country of ancient culture and great treasure, will be ignorant natives private dug selling to do. One day later, the loss of a day, it is national academic authority in scientific method of discovery, it is crunch time map". Therefore, since 1928 October by the history and language in Anyang Yin Ruins Oracle scientific excavation, unearthed large scientific Oracle data record. One of the first to the Ninth Scientific excavations were Oracle version 6513, and thirteenth to fifteenth times the scientific excavations were Oracle version 18405. Henan provincial library also in the meantime two excavation, a total of Oracle version 3656. Should write a great deal about that, during the thirteenth Excavations (June 12, 1936) YHl27 pit 17096 pieces of oracle bones found. These bones is not only quantity, but also rich in content, the development of oracle bone studies played a role in promoting, is a major discovery research history. In the aspect of Oracle's description, this time to create a new style description oracle bones combined with archaeology. This book not only Oracle description, "single on the study of philology, natural and many characters before cataloguing books, have the same value, but the reader can absolutely trust it not a fake." More important is, "if from the archaeological perspective, and before the oracle bone inscriptions books much different. They each have their unearthed Xiaoshi, their environmental and everything is clear". The first and ninth excavation of the oracle bones, by Dong Zuobin as "a series of" published the text, which is in accordance with the oracle bones, "they unearthed the order". "If the unearthed relics site, or a relationship, you need to check the registration number" can stick out a mile. Eleventh to fifteenth times the oracle bones excavated, Dong Zuobin series for the "B" series published the text, the compiling style and a series of "identity". "A", "B" two book, laid the foundation for the comprehensive development of oracle bone studies.
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