The oral tradition and folk culture

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Xing Haiyan, female, Tu, Qinghai Datong, folklore master, now Northwest University For Nationalities social anthropology. Lecturer in folklore, folklore, folk literature and sociology of teaching and scientific research work, the research direction is minority folk culture specific Gan Qing area. In recent years, in the national and provincial key journals relevant academic papers published more than 20 articles, mainly works on behalf of "northwest minority university students religious status survey" etc.. He has successively presided and participated in the "Gansu Nuo culture investigation and research" study, research achievements by the State Ethnic Affairs Commission of social science research achievement award. To guide students works repeatedly won the "Challenge Cup" university student extracurricular national and provincial awards, was named outstanding teachers competition.
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The rescue and protection of appendix postscript @##@ custom function ninth chapter Tu traditional oral oral and variability in the eighth chapter the oral traditions singer of the seventh chapter sixth chapter Tu Tu oral tradition the wisdom of life in the fifth chapters in part II the oral tradition of prose traditional oral formulaic expressions of chapter third verses fourth Tu Tu Tu oral tradition chapter second chapter multiple narrative mode the first chapter 1 introduction of multiple space under the in oral tradition and cultural space in the oral tradition of the Oral tradition is a national heritage from generation to generation, legend, myth, epic ballads, folk stories, talking and singing literature, oral literature and related statements and verbal art. Oral language can display a kind of cultural activity in itself with typical form, when it is placed in the specific folk custom life, can reflect a culture mode. "The oral traditions and folk culture" through literature review, combined with field work, the use of video means of investigation, for the first time, systematically expounds the contents and forms of the oral literature; and the Tu oral literature form back to life in the corresponding field, see it as a living tradition, investigation of their relationship with the folk life and change process.
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