The northwest minority culture and the western development

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On ethnic culture and cultural history, ecological, cultural industry of Chinese national culture and the development of the great development of Western China, a lot of works have been published. This book is mainly by ethnic multicultural northwest as the object of study, focuses on the new situation in the western development, the development of minority culture, northwest changes; also is the ethnic multicultural northwest to the modern transformation and reconstruction problem. We say "northwest minority culture", belongs to the category of regional and national culture, has its specific region (Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai, the new five provinces) and live more than ten minorities besides the Han outside in this vast region culture. From ancient times in our country northwest minority nationality culture very much, so it is not a single, one yuan, but multiple; each in the formation, development of northwest minority culture, and affected by ethnic culture around, from a variety of cultures and nationalities of the northwest, therefore the cultural source also can be said to be "plural". Northwest minority culture, especially the relationship between the culture and the development of the western region, not only is the deep-seated problems of theory and practice in China how to develop and solve minority cultural transition to modernization, the northwest minority areas of cultural construction and spiritual civilization construction, and even the social stability and economic development; but in the western development, transformation, construction of ethnic multicultural northwest modern model of multi culture, is one of the necessary conditions for successful trend since the western development and Western development. Therefore, study on the relationship between the northwest minority culture and western big development, it has very important theoretical value and realistic significance.
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Zhou Weizhou, born in 1940 in Kaiping, guangdong. In 1962 graduated from the Northwestern University Department of history archaeology major, the same year to obtain a professional study of ethnic history of the school students, under the famous national scientist Professor Ma Changshou. After graduating in 1965, engaged in teaching and research of national history in the room Chinese historical research in Northwest Shaanxi Province Museum and Northwestern University successively. In 1986 by the lecturer to promoted to professor. Incumbent Shaanxi normal
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The first chapter of northwest minority cultures, history and current situation of an ancient northwest minority cultural development and variation in two, modern northwest minority cultural formation, development and characteristics of the three, the northwest minority cultural status of the second chapter of northwest minority education and the development of the western region, northwest minority education development two, a review of the history of western development and the development of ethnic minority education three, the northwest minority education problems and thinking of the third chapter of northwest minority religious culture and the development of the western region, northwest minority religious culture and the basic characteristics of the position of the two, under the condition of socialism in Northwest Minority religious and cultural adaptation three, in the process of western development in northwest minority religious cultural development trend and main problems and Countermeasures in the fourth chapter of northwest minority literature and art and the development of the western region, northwest minority literature and art inheritance pattern, characteristics and value of the two, in the process of modernization in Northwest minority literature and art of the development and change of three, western development in the Northwest Minority Literature The art of problem and Countermeasures in the development of the fifth chapter of northwest minority customs and to develop the western part of China, northwest minority customs and habits of the formation and characteristics of two, in the process of modernization in northwest minority customs and habits of the development and change of three, western big development in Northwest Minority customs, existing problems and Countermeasures in Chapter sixth, west great development of northwest minority cultural relations theory, explored the northwest minority cultural properties, characteristics and development of the basic law two, since the western development in northwest minority cultural development trend and the effect of three, modern northwest minority cultural construction and development of western culture. Xinjiang national culture and western development relations report appendix two in the process of western development in northwest minority village economy culture change -- Gansu Qinghai two rural inhabited region specific ethnic village survey appendix three Ningxia Tongxin County Hui customs investigation postscript
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Now the domestic academic research results, this period will be the Northwest Ethnic and regional culture related points are as follows: (1) Zhou Qin Cultural District (now Shaanxi, Eastern Gansu and southern Ningxia). Here is located in the middle reaches of the Yellow River river area, in the Neolithic age and its culture are closely related, is one of the cradles of Chinese civilization. Zhou, Qin people and the 羌戎: the family, the. Zhou has built the Western Zhou Dynasty to the spring and autumn and the Warring States, Qin, Qin, 人建. The Zhou people rise in Shaanxi West, death's inheritance, middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River's summer, Huaxia Culture, created the Chinese civilization, to become the main body of Chinese culture. Qin Guoji is in Shaanxi, and finally in 221 BC unified six countries, established the first centralized feudal empire China history. Zhou Qin culture gradually influence and integration around some people, such as Zhu Qiangrong, Bai Di, Yi Qu etc.. Qin Tongyiliuguo, Chinese culture has become the subject of all ethnic groups in Chinese multicultural. (2) Gan Qing Cultural District (now Gansu and Eastern Qinghai). Here mainly inhabited by Di, Qiang, Xiongnu (Hun Hugh slaughter, muddy evil Department) tribes, they mainly dominated by the nomadic economy, but some areas have developed the agricultural. "After the Han Dynasty?" Xi Qiang Zhuan recorded on a legend: Qin Li Gong (BC 476 - before the 444 year reign), Qin is the name of a non Yi Yuan sword slaves escape, Qin, after go through untold hardships, the Qiang people return (now Qinghai Hehuang area), from Qin people who learned cultivation and skills and the livestock, the Qiang people in agriculture and animal husbandry developed gradually. No Yi Yuan sword is worship of Qiang, the UAE ho. Since the Qin Dynasty to the Western Han Dynasty emperor, the mainland regime did not rule to the Gansu Qinghai region, so when the pre Qin Gan Qing cultural landscape is not very clear. (3) North Xinjiang Tianshan Cultural District (including Western Gansu). Here is Wu Sun, which has, Hun nationality nomadicDistrict. The sun, birds, "the home of Dunhuang, Qilian". Dunhuang, the Chinese are located in Dunhuang county (Gansu this rule; Qilian, Dunhuang) is now the Xinjiang Eastern Tianshan, the Huns called "day" for Qilian. Just to the early Western Han dynasty.
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