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National spirit is the spiritual pillar of a nation's survival and development, is an important measure of a country's comprehensive national strength. Carry forward and cultivate our party has always attached great importance to the national spirit, from the beginning of the 14th National Congress of the party, the party in Congress to strengthen the patriotism as the core national spirit and reform and innovation as the core spirit of the times education as an important task of the people of the whole country, mentioned before; with the party's innovation theory is carry forward, to cultivate the national spirit and the spirit of the times as an important content of the construction of the socialist core value system. It is based on the national spirit profoundly grasp the significance of national survival and development, the comprehensive national strength of ascension, our party has repeatedly stressed, should actively develop advanced socialist culture, the construction of socialist spiritual civilization, carrying forward and cultivating national spirit, which is the fundamental guarantee of the socialist Chinese forever remain invincible, is the basic premise to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation the great cause of the. In the seventeenth report, Comrade Hu Jintao stressed again: "to consolidate the guiding position of Marx, unremittingly with the Marx doctrine Chinese newest achievement military party and educate the people, unite with the common ideal of socialism with China characteristics, with patriotism as the core of the national spirit and to reform and innovation as the core spirit of the times boost morale, leading the fashion with the socialist concept of honor and disgrace, the common ideological foundation consolidate the party and the people of all ethnic groups to unite and struggle." We must seriously study and deeply understand the Secretary General's report, spirit, unremittingly to strengthen China characteristic socialism theory and policies of the party's education, strengthen the national spirit and the spirit of the times education, strengthen the construction of socialist core value system, strengthen the ideal and faith, strengthen national consciousness, responsibility consciousness, enhance national confidence and cohesion, maintain national unity and social stability, in order to achieve the goal of comprehensive construction well-off society to contribute.

The book is divided into seven parts: the introduction of national spirit, the great spirit of patriotism; a fine style of work hard and perseveringly; reform and innovation way; harmonious society; exciting high national integrity; outstanding representative of traditional culture; the history of the Yancheng celebrities. In each series, both on the national spirit related content briefly expounded and tips and selected part, since ancient times, most can manifest the typical person national spirit and matter. Through these typical of people and things, so that the national spirit can concretion and visualization, enhanced infectivity, persuasion, influence.
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Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao about to inherit and carry forward the national spirit of the first series of the great spirit of the first chapter of patriotism patriotic famous patriotic general second chapter third chapter fourth chapter second patriotic patriotic poet scientists made the fine style of work hard and perseveringly third series of reform and innovation of the way the first chapter Chinese history several reforms in the second chapter China the four great inventions of the ancient third chapter China ancient science innovation achievement of the fourth chapter of contemporary China innovation of science and technology make a spurt of progress and fourth unity and harmony of the historical heritage of the first chapter of the unity and harmony of the second chapter and the third chapter idiom of respecting the fourth chapter honest fifth chapter seventh chapter sixth chapter do boldly what is righteous unity and friendly service to the people the eighth chapter love peace, friendship with foreign countries communication and fifth exciting high national integrity and sixth outstanding representative of the traditional culture of the first chapter Confucius and Confucius idea of the main contents of the second chapter implement the policy of benevolence is Mencius thought center contents of the third chapter to strengthen their self-cultivation is the "University", "doctrine of the mean" the fourth basic requirements of chapter me thought seventh series of the history of the Yancheng celebrities reference the literature
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The first part of the first chapter of the great spirit of patriotism, patriotic minister a help King Wu of Zhou Zhou Shang Zhou Dynasty was established, in order to consolidate their ruling status, implement the system of enfeoffment, that is their own relatives and friends and hero called the princes, and the princes to across the nation to manage. The prince is a hereditary system, have very great power, to build up their army. But these rulers must maneuver under the Zhou emperor, to the emperor week taxes. In order to keep the old aristocracy, King Wu of Zhou the king Zhou of Shang Wu Geng son as a vassal enfeoffment in business, the old. To monitor the Wu Geng, prevent his rebellion, King Wu of Zhou and the old business into two blocks, let him when fresh, esteemed to management. Fresh fiefs called Guan Guo, degree of fiefs called Cai Guo, the history of the fresh name is Guan Shuxian, a name is Cai Shudu. After the end of King Wu of Zhou enfeoffment, let the other princes to seal the fief, but let the Duke of Zhou and several other ministers in helping him. The Duke of Zhou cannot, had to let his son Bo Qin to the seal. Soon, King Wu of Zhou died due to break down from constant overwork, before he died, he put the military and political power and recite the entrusted to the son. The Duke of Zhou, a Ji Dan, King Wu of Zhou's brother, he was King Wu of Zhou died, the reading stand for the emperor, said Zhou wang. King young, all military and political affairs were commissioned by the Duke of Zhou treatment. The Duke of Zhou be a clever, capable, Riliwanji, sleepless nights, make painstaking efforts, sometimes even to eat, wash your hair, there are many people visit, so he had to stop several times. Because of the rich experience, and work diligently and conscientiously, military and political affairs processing must be arranged in good order. The Duke of Zhou's achievement so many people praise unceasingly, but his brother tube 叔鲜 and esteemed by Cai Shudu and others to slander him, even slandered him to drive out the nephew chanting, usurped the position. At about four, the Duke of Zhou openly do interpretation work, get most princes support.
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