The mystery of the Taliu people

Date of publication:2005-6   Press: Yunnan people's Publishing House   Author:Jian Liangkai   Pages:371  

Jane Liang, research center China city culture creative senior fellow, writer, national culture research expert. Small Liangshan out of the man, with mountain charm, hill temperament. Serving in the army for eight years, was transferred to the Yongsheng county Party Committee Propaganda Department, former County Federation vice chairman, civilization office director, "Yongsheng daily" deputy editor in chief and other staff. Life in a rigorous and realistic scientific attitude is committed to writing, his main works are: novels "with" jade kylin, photo album "the site" Ling Yuan Jing, reportage "here", "mountain corner injection light", "Xin" and so on to the silent thunder. Editor of academic papers "Mao Zedong ancestors -- from Yongsheng to Shaoshan". Sixty, after retirement, still One's resolve is unshaken., in high aspirations.
Author brief introduction

According to legend, the Ming Dynasty Zhengde years (1506-1521 years), the temple built in the holy land of Buddhism toast chuandeng Jizu mountain of Binchuan. Jizu mountain should be the abbot Gao please placed two bronze statue of Buddha in the Lotus Temple, then use the Dove Chuanshu contact with Sichuan Emei abbot, abbot of the Heng Mountain in Hunan Emei mountain just received from two bronze statue of Buddha, decided to put the two bronze statue of Buddha given to Jizu mountain Lotus Temple, and sent two teacher escorted to. Two Shitai with Buddhist piety, strain every nerve, from afar, tramp over mountains and through ravines, through go through untold hardships, to the East hillside camp has night. There is a primeval forest zone, no human habitation. Two Shitai terribly fatigued, sleeping in the virgin forest. At night, a sudden earthquake, Mountains fall and the earth splits. collapse, debris will sleep in two 'press. The mountain collapsed with clay, later known as the red mountain. At that time a teacher together with the negative copper Buddha statue buried underground. The injured have simmered mourning, carrying the negative copper Buddha left red hill hard slog, as she struggled to went two days journey to good e Dongshanling, deteriorate due to injury, and suffer hunger and cold and Baoshi wilderness. A few years later Liang e people in the mountains found after copper Buddha moved into the village temple worship, until twentieth Century, in the early 70, lost in the "Cultural Revolution", has One's whereabouts is a mystery. The late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, Gao and Zhang's toast toast for turf, consolidate territory, expand the sphere of influence, will assemble a group of nomads to camp, to be farmed, Jielu for Zhai, extension soil for food, the garrison system, the camp for the expansion of camp, and soldier Zhai built castle. The shift of agricultural tribes settled things called "he rusu". Suddenly one day, presided over the construction of Tusi castle Gao Douguang member into the mountain after mountain hunting, occasional flood scouring and exposed in the ground copper Buddha statue found in the red mountain, on the back of the cast of "the statue of Buddha," the 5 Chinese characters. The Tusi generation Chongxin Buddhism, the Buddha discovered surprised, think cash is a chance, then it will copper statue of Buddha to the castle, built the temple worship.
Catalogue of books

Sequence / Zhang Hongping / 1 essence, he left the value of culture development and protection (acting preface) / and home repair / 1 chapter /1 chapter Magic Castle / 21 section "him" of the source / 23 section second and the "he" called related historical materials of /26 in the third quarter the war in the disappearance of the ancient castle / 28 fourth quarter 斗光 and Qi Yun Dong / 33 fifth / 37 chapter second section of the ancient city of elegy Beilin spectacle / 45 first he left cemetery of / 48 second section reveals the White's tomb tablet / 57 third / 64 fourth day festival totem evolvement of Yi and Han fusion witness / 69 third chapter origin origin mystery / 73 first day oral history / 75 section second progenitor tombstone records / 80 section third "Hongwu regulating Wei" and other 82 / fourth section on "three hundred and sixty Wu" / 85 section fifth vibrant paradise /86 fourth Zhang Qiyi Wedding / 95 section be full of wit and humour youth shed second / 97 "seven" / 99 section third, /107 section fourth Man and a Woman an endless enjoyment seemingly irregular rules / 111 section fifth, /115 section sixth simple formal marriage radius / 118 section seventh and the national marriage between Eighth / 120 / 121 ninth day free divorce Free marriage origin / 123 the fifth chapter material culture / 127 section houses / 129 second section of Chinese fireplace culture miniature - bed / 136 section of the third traditional diet / 139 fourth / 142 fifth day festival dress clothing material culture / 151 chapter sixth religious culture (on) / 163 section of natural worship / 165 section second ancestor worship / 171 third / 173 fourth day festival customs of funeral ritual activities / 185 section fifth taboo and taboo / 191 chapter seventh religious culture (lower) / 195 section of religious and cultural inheritance -- duo system / 197 second day, third day / 202 Duo Duo is chanting / 207 chapter eighth language / 241 the first section name and title / 244 second day Chinese, Yi, yta main words table / 246 third day Chinese and he left, good e, Tujia, Yi, commonly used words Lisu (phonetic) contrast / 248 fourth / 250 fifth day him to leave a message of him to leave a message with the Weishan Yi comparison of the ninth chapter of folk literature and art / 269 / 277 the first festival folk story / 279 second / 291 third day festival folk proverbs, riddles / 296 fourth day art / 296 chapter tenth inscription on the gravestone couplet collection / 299 first day tablet /302 second day tombstone records selected Edit / 307 third December 326 fourth day test / alias gravestone couplet collection / 327 appendix one one keep the original free marriage social / Wang Ningsheng / 338 appendix two Yunnan Yongsheng county he Lu people castle and Fen Lin inspection / Song Yuqin / 349 appendix three love line - Yunnan Yongsheng Taliu people group visit to Huaping remember / Jane Liang Kai / 359 appendix "mysterious" seven "/ blue Wu Yangru first / 363 / 368 / 370@##@ bibliography. "The mystery of the Taliu people" the 25 words, is the first system introduced him to keep people on national culture. The mystery of the Taliu people living in the territory of Yi Xiang Yongsheng County six de Lisu, he left the mountain is the old tea horse road on the military fortress, he has had to create glorious history, but because of the long history of the barrier, whirling the history; there had been a brilliant and destroyed the ancient the castle, from the provisions lost, suspenseful; a as the acme of perfection of the forest of Steles, contained many historical mysteries; deducing endless romance "youth shelter", is a double line of dual marriage system; home shaped symbols and reciting the book duo line to sing with the Lijiang Naxi Dongba culture has different approaches but equally satisfactory results. Wonderful, but the sequence of events is difficult to make out a good case...... Comrade Jian Liangkai devoted years of effort to complete the "mysterious the Taliu people" one book, comprehensive, system, objectively introduces him to leave people in history, culture, religion, marriage life and production, is the financial knowledge, historical, literary, fun for the whole of the Taliu people book. The publication of this book, opens the door to a perceived him ethnic customs and history and culture of the people, provide valuable materials for the study of Lijiang ethnic culture.
Chapter excerpt

Yunnan Lijiang him person, live in the tea horse road as they pass, they build a beautiful home at the same time, to create a rich ethnic characteristics of the splendid culture of Chinese nation, a flower garden in a country. This book is the first comprehensive study on national culture, system, objectively, accurately describes the Taliu people, is the financial knowledge, historical, literary, fun for the whole of the Taliu people book, aims to uncover the mystery he stay, will he leave people's production, life, customs, historical emerge in its totality the true colors, to show the world.
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