The Lugu Lake Mosuo matriarchal culture record

Date of publication:2006-8   Press: Yunnan people's Publishing House   Author:Ma Jidian   Pages:286   Words:220000  

Ma Jidian, born in 1936 in Yunnan Yongsheng, 1952 to work in Liangshan. He served in the Liangshan national team leader, Liangshan office secretary, CPC Ninglang county Party Committee Party school vice principal, deputy secretary of the County Commission for Discipline Inspection, Ninglang County CPPCC Vice Chairman, vice chairman of the National People's Congress in Ninglang county. In Lugu Lake, little Liangshan for 48 years, now retired.2000 years in Lijiang.
is the author of "daughter of the country the birth of the Buddha" Yunling "cloak" dagger "Yongsheng human amorous feelings", biography. In the province, ground, county and other publications published news, documentary literature, essays, prose, literature and history, more than 100. Now the vice president of Yunnan Writers Association member, Lijiang cadres poem calligraphy association. Rated as one of the little Liangshan culture.
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Gorm mountain there are two magic cave, some say, is a goddess's cave of treasure, one is the goddess and God tryst hole. The goddess of the treasure caves, Mosuo language called “ Graham Abu ”. Legend Graham Abu, is not only the goddess's cave of treasure, but also our Yongning ATU “ treasure hole ”. The hole is located in Gorm mountain peak, in the face of Lugu Lake cliff, is a deep and large cave, there are a number of branches, can accommodate 100 people, but the population is very small, can only crawl. Legend, the second generation of the Yongning toast Ji eight, because not assured of his second son, have nothing to do with the second, and selfish desire. The Ji eight decided to eldest son as heir to the eldest son toast, but is the second after the assassination, second son inherited the toast position, the Ji eight second after fear as toast, toast with monopoly, so the family jewels, gold, a gold belt, in the night all hid Abu Graham cave, and the the fully enclosed, who do not know, until the last, eight only to the family mumbled jewelry and gold waistWith hidden in the Gorm mountain, but did not say exactly the spot, he's dead. When the funeral was over, all the members dispatched to toast Gorm mountain treasure, but has not found. Gong Xia Shan said Tibetan heard Gorm mountain with toast home belts and jewelry, there are a lot of people had to Gorm mountain treasure, did not find. Toast offspring later still to Gorm mountain treasure, only to find the treasure cave, cave belts and jewelry was stolen, leaving only the toast gold belt and jewelry tubs and stolen dug trace. Abu Graham Tusi jewelry was who stolen, remains a mystery. Northeast of the mountain cliff Graham halfway up the mountain, there is another cave, the cave Mosuo language name: “ Grimm Nico ”, meaning of case Mu goddess hole, is case Mu goddess and male mountain, be concerned with love and romance tryst. The goddess Grimm in Grimm hole, the mountain 3450 meters above sea level (Grimm mountain peak 3770 meters above sea level), entrance to Lugu Lake, standing the viewing platform, Wonderland like beautiful panoramic view of Lugu Lake landscape. … …
Catalogue of books

A singular Lugu Lake natural landscape of Lugu Lake's ancient legend
> Lugu Lake look
water resources, animal and plant
hill of case Mu goddess (Sierra Leone) bamboo floor,
case Mu goddess hole
Beautiful Assia Glen
the charming little Hai Zi
ancient men of literature and writing good magic black
Khan Kublai troops at the Lugu Lake
magical Kyrgyzstan intended cave
yak mountain forest -- Sun Moon and
goddess hot springs
two Mosuo matriarchal culture landscape
the Mosuo history and population distribution of
Yongning chieftain system and soil prefect
Yongning toast genealogy
Yongning yamen toast
扎美 Yongning Temple (Yellow Sect Lama Temple)
'wave Sakya Monastery (white teach Lama Temple)
the Yunnan Sichuan on the ancient tea horse road Yongning caravan
on the ancient tea horse road Yongning Tanner street
wooden bottom Jing cave murals site
, Cun Tu prefect sites and one hundred years of ginkgo tree
farming activities and productivity
Yongning basin and maternal village of
singular Mosuo matriarchal family
"Assia" walking marriage puzzle
during the "Cultural Revolution" axia Marriage Reform of
Mosuo people and Kinship terms
women's fertility, baby naming, sun worship ceremony
solemn rite
the Mosuo people on children's traditional moral education

unique religious architecture
the Divine Mother House Chinese fireplace culture
roof fluttering flags and chanting six words really say
the Mosuo family handicraft industry
unique Mosuo people dress
distinctive flavor of food culture.
the Mosuo people festival in
the Mosuo genesis mythology
the primitive religious totem worship
unique funeral custom
charming folk music and dance
intoxicating heart songs
Yongning soil prefect duct o Yunshan and 格则永玛 Mrs.
Lhasa Drepung Monastery living Buddha reincarnation Luo 桑益 world
Rock and a cloud mountain ancient friendship
talk about "Gu" the mere mention of the letter "Gu" puzzle
the Mosuo people taboo
three Lugu Lake landscape
Yi Yi culture origin and population distribution
Yi stockade villages and houses building
small Liangshan Yi wine culture
slavery and Jiazhi culture
bimo culture and sorcery, divination
ceremonious Torch Festival of Yi
racing and wrestling
and sound of love Yi dance and mouth
Liangshan Mau ancient October solar calendar
four Lugu Lake Pumi cultural landscape
Pumi population origin and
Pumi religious
Pumi wedding customs of ancient
Grand I in section
five Lugu Lake Lisu People in the cultural landscape.
family and head of

food and clothing of family and marriage custom
religious music and dance.

attached: Highway Ninglang county to the surrounding area @##@ odometer (km) This book a comprehensive introduction to the Lugu Lake Mosuo cultural and natural landscape and folk customs of rare books. Its publication, for the vast number of visitors, the tour guide, experts, scholars to understand understanding and study of Lugu Lake regional ethnic culture, especially the Mosuo history culture and customs to provide a objective and accurate and vivid picture. The mother lake, mountain. Huotang, Hua Lou, the Mosuo, Assia, canoe, Muleng house magic Lugu Lake daughter of the country, as a maternal Kingdom finally earth, attracts numerous visitors eyes. The accumulation of the Lugu Lake for nearly half a century, will bring you into my palm etiquette, master Choi Mosuo matriarchal family, know the dusk morning from the axia married, a taste of Lugu Lake Sanjue, feeling free from vulgarity of Mosuo life journey, early childhood linger history of human feelings, showing a wonder, mystery and the real Lugu Lake for you.
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