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Important results of crack the mystery of Wa culture (sequence) condensed Mr. Duan Shilin decades of efforts, fully reflects his academic achievement and exploring spirit "the history and culture of" one book, to be published, to celebrate. At the Simao Normal College, Ximeng Wa Nationality Autonomous County in 2006 August, organized the "first Chinese wa culture academic seminar" under the impetus of the wa culture is thriving today, this book is an important result of a cracked the mystery of history and culture, will attract more attention of people on the history, culture. For a long time, studying the history and culture of Wa nationality has been a quiet state. According to rough estimates, if Europe and the United States, Japan and South Peninsula countries scholars except, active in academic and research the special culture and domestic scholars, perhaps less than 20 people, including a number of talent showing itself wa scholars since the reform and opening up.

Study on the history and culture of Wa and wa area has long been engaged in MR Duan Shilin, a new and original works. His research has the following characteristics: first, his history and culture full of Wa and wa area of deep feelings, he Li Chen pile on historical facts, Nene Yu Ereignis of pride, it is not difficult to see his ardent love and sincere heart. Secondly, the scope of Mr. Duan Shilin's research is very broad, listing the history and archaeology, literature, folklore, epic and character, who is involved with the history and culture of Yunnan Wa and wa area, all concerned about the inquiry, and pay attention to seek contact with the process of. Once again, Mr. Duan Shilin young history undergraduate through strict training, mastered the historical research method and criterion. After decades of unremittingly efforts, he studied the problem carefully, have great originality, show the splendid scroll of history and culture and the World Wa Wa area.
Author brief introduction

Duan Shilin, born in September 1939, Yunnan Fengqing county. The History Department of Yunnan Normal University after graduation. Long term teaching in the area, local chronicles compilation work in recent 10 years. Decades of teaching made over, all the rivers and mountains of the region, data collection, research, in various newspapers, magazine published academic articles about one million words.
Catalogue of books

Yunnan Cangyuan cliff painting is the ancestors created cultural relics of Yunnan Cangyuan cliff painting family trial on Yunnan Cangyuan rock paintings of the clan -- Discussion with Qiu Zhonglun the German ethnic origin in the wa -- as an example of national Gengma Shifo hole site clan Zhu Geliang tempted south route and Meng Huo Clan Study -- and Dianchi says, Han said, Yi said discussion Cangyuan cliff painting character of "headdress wa wa son linked name" a Wa people admitted to "Zhuge" mystery Yunnan Cangyuan cliff painting and "Ya canvas" Legend of Yunnan, Yunnan of China survey, Dianchi is the "Pu" tribal language -- and the name of Yi say, Zhuang said discussion the epic "Sigangli" historical value on the wa wooden drum culture festival culture and the reflections on the development and protection of the wa wine culture value and development on the traditional dance of the value and development -- Interpretation of "hair dance" on their traditional dress culture characteristics and the value of the architectural style and its protection and Development -- the "dry column type" residential explains the marriage customs of harmonious civilization in the new century the clothing development thinking. "The historical status of the historical status of Banhong incident" -- Review on Professor Dantoni Hall's a view on "Banhong incident" 70 anniversary of the commemoration -- Banhong awa mountain during the Anti Japanese War reduced WA "Hu Jia will" in the historical position of the patriotic anti imperialist struggle -- Analysis of "the great national hero"
Chapter excerpt

Thinking of each ethnic costumes wa dress development in the new century all originated from the cold and to protect yourself first, but after entering civilized society, has become a national comprehensive characteristics and the image of the United States is an important marker, is a comprehensive art of a nation for thousands of years, the pursuit of truth, goodness, beauty and create the treasures. With the deepening of reform and opening-up, the development of market economy and tourism, the frontier and the hinterland, China and overseas, the national exchanges gradually close, mutual influence in expanding, WA dress form evolving, faster than any time in history. Needless to say, in the city of Lincang rarely see wa dress, is in the Cangyuan VA Autonomous County Meng Dong Street Hotel, service and miss "handsome" wearing the dress at work is not too much, the other is remarkable. The most visible signs of a nationality and other ethnic difference basically have three: one is the clothing, two languages, three are building mode. Among them, clothing is the most intuitive, most rich color, the most sensitive characteristic markers, is also one of the national characteristic markers of the most concentrated. National characteristics, is a sign of the existence of a nation, is also the nation's advantage and the most precious wealth, we should cherish, protect and develop characteristic. Yunnan to build a big cultural province, this is the people of all ethnic groups in Yunnan, about 40000000 in the western development and one of the important tasks. Lincang area to play "this card wa culture", in order to speed up the pace of economic and cultural construction in Lincang area, this is the prefectural Party committee, administrative office in the increasingly fierce market competition situation, grasp the advantages, grasp the initiative, one of the important strategic decision to speed up the pace of development in Lincang area, Lincang area is a practical, look far ahead from a high plane. Decision making. Because of the development of nature and society are the reflection of such a law: no superiority and the characteristic, everything will lose the attractiveness and competitiveness, will lose vitality.
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