The Han nationality custom history (5 Volumes)

Date of publication:2004-12   Press: Shanghai Xuelin   Author:Xu Jieshun   Pages:全5卷   Words:180000  

From the pre Qin to Han Dynasty, from the Tang Dynasty to early Republic of China, the land of China five thousand years of history, is deep into the Han nationality's blood, put it into customs, and hide in the heart. The changes of custom view -- the long living in Han China great nation, can generally understand the history of 5000 years, the Chinese nation, the Han nationality custom history, for us to start a great country came into the spirit of the five thousand years of history. "Han history" divided "Introduction to customs, Qin Han customs", "Qin and Han, the Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties, Sui and Tang Dynasties, Han customs" "five generation", "song and Yuan Han customs in Ming Dynasty, early Qing Dynasty Han customs," "in the late Qing Dynasty, the Han customs" in five large. According to the history of formation and development of Chinese ethnic origin, different times, through the interpretation of the social and cultural background, customs forms, customs and customs evolution thought and spirit, to historical changes, in the production of custom, living customs, etiquette and custom, festival customs, beliefs and social customs six customs. As weft, reconstruction and reproduction of the customs form of Han nationality in different historical periods. Throughout the book, we can see, the book in the Han customs and historical research on the theory and method of a lot of achievements. This book is China article systematically describe and study Chinese customs monograph. Its source to the Chinese nation, the Republic of China, last long, inclusive of the entire process of Han ethnic customs I origin, development. It takes the history, custom images for weft, the folk custom to test under a wide range of social environment, historical background of human survival situation, detailed description of the Han nationality customs in the development and change of each historical period, and try to reveal the characteristics and evolution of the Han ethnic customs, the full and accurate materials, the distinctive point of view, is "has the originality and high academic value of the book".
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The first volume of pre Qin Han custom order preface introduction, first chapter is the introduction of the general theory of the first festival second festival of the Han nationality formed third Han nationality development section fourth Han nationality's formation and development of the fifth section of the second chapter of the Han nationality customs in Han custom section section second of pre Qin Han production customs third section first played the Han nationality life the fourth festival customs first play the Qin Han Han etiquette and custom fifth day at the age of sixth day pre Qin Han style belief custom section seventh of pre Qin Han social customs reference this volume postscript volume second Han and Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties of Han Han Han customs customs first chapter first overview section second Han Han Han Han production customs third customs fourth section of Qin and Han Dynasties Han etiquette and custom fifth Han Han old customs sixth Han Han belief custom seventh day Han Han social customs in the second chapter, northern and Southern Dynasties of Han nationality custom section second section of the Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties Han production customs third dynasties of Han living wind The fourth festival custom in Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties Han etiquette style fifth dynasties of Han old customs sixth Wei Jin Dynasty Han belief custom section seventh Jin and southern and Northern Dynasties social customs in Han references this volume third volume of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the five generation of postscript song Han customs fourth volumes of Ming Dynasty, early Qing Dynasty Han folk customs in the late Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China in fifth volumes of Han nationality customs
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