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Jing is the only one to live in a place of ethnic minorities, Guangxi is also one of the unique ethnic minorities, is China's rare overall to sea for marine minority students. About 400 years ago, the ancestors of fishing in Vietnam Tu Shan area, tracking fish came to the white dragon tail and tail, the head, Li Shan Xin islands, they found that the depth of the water here is more fish. Good fishing ground is natural, then settled down here, here to become the earliest pioneer.
for hundreds of years, Jing nationality mainly live in the open heart * tail and the head, mountain heart three islands, and another part of the Jing and Han live together Yu Tanji, Jiang Ping, Hong Kan, constant at the coastal villages or towns, Zhushan etc..
The Isles (calendar end, mountain heart, the head) belonging to the Dongxing City, Jiang Ping Zhen, is located in the northern Bay, one of the calendar tail island in mainland coastline most west. Mishima Kita one hundred thousand mountains, a highway east of Fangchenggang City, west of Dongxing City, the northern part of the South Bay, south-west Vietnam Wanzhu island across the sea.
the Mishima sea alluvial and island, belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate zone, marine and one hundred thousand mountains mountains, abundant sunshine, rainfall, warm in winter and cool in summer, a pleasant climate, rich in natural resources,
include land resources and crop resources, mineral resources, marine resources and tourism resources. Is the social economy the area development solid foundation.
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At the beginning of the word
the first chapter the joy of labor scene
1 beachhead Spiller, waves play a
2 traditional fisheries leisurely style
3 agriculture and salt
second chapter magnificent picture of life
1 saying "fresh" for
2 crisp wind cake, smooth fresh rice B wire
3000 juice million juice, as Beijing home catfish juice
4 how to eat glutinous rice sugar porridge to send
5 friendship forever sweet glutinous rice cake
"lip red and black teeth" chewing betel nut
third chapter unique social organization
fourth chapter colorful festivals
fifth chapter the solemn national etiquette
sixth chapter loving marriage song song
seventh chapter colorful national costumes
eighth chapter chic living custom
ninth chapters long national belief.
tenth chapter bright folk art
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: after passing love songs and clogs, families of both men and women will ask "blue media" selected auspicious day of the pro. Combined pro, is the man entrusted with authority on the island "headman" or relatives to help set the "ceremony", please a pair of good at singing, clever strain of men and women, will present disks solemnly to the woman's home, the woman's home to find two good men and women singers to meet present disks. Ritual plate has light weight. In the process of transfer ceremony disc, both with one another, a song. The two sides a, affective Chanchanmianmian, men and women like the song to sing in general. When both sides spoke of feeling full Xing Jin, a singer before the ritual plate connected to the past. At this time, both sides of the marriage is a foregone conclusion. Lian kiss, can be chosen a lucky day to renqin. Before the wedding day or days, the man should choose the wedding date and "content" to date, with red paper list record. And sent home a piece of pork, areca bag, called "send day". If the woman that day too, then back days, such as that the wedding can take days, then single. Renqin can be scheduled date her. In the wedding, the man to send 100 jins of pork, rice wine 200 (4 to 1 kg), rice bucket and some candles, firecrackers and fee. The woman's dowry is a mosquito net, clothing, boxes, wardrobe and other daily necessities.
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"The folk custom" acquisition of Guangxi main nationalities in their history and culture and customs to be compiled, including the joy of labor scene, magnificent picture of life, colorful festivals and solemn national etiquette, enjoyable entertainment folk, brilliant national art etc..
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