The family culture of the

Date of publication:2008-5   Press: Jilin University press   Author:Zhou Shufang   Pages:311  

Based on the change of the political structure, to the overseas Chinese surname Wang, Xie was led by Wu, "four surname" Gu for shaft, to turn to the Wu Shen for marking, one by one in the paper, both the wind-induced noble family after song, Qi, Liang, Chen Sizhao, and every once aristocracy surname of Yayun; both the noble family of internal communication, cross also has its and the imperial chamber; both the Royal Palace of the rise and fall of the talented woman's genealogy, talent showing itself. Multi level, multi aspect, multi structure, style and penetrating the nature.
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The first chapter landscape "one after another 1 talents and 2 雅相 Shigong Temple special hard good maintenance of family is not falling 3 Wei Zai Heng Hai Lin HD is a cloud...... The second chapter title won the lasting influence over a long period of time the third chapter fourth chapter to his broad-minded gradually entering blissful circumstances were to the cultural heritage of Sheng only we fifth chapter sixth chapter full of wit of reputation in the seventh chapter, the rise and fall has long and eternal things between the eighth chapter a refined pleasure of poetic minds can cross reference postscript
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"The family culture of" published by the Jilin University press.
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  •   This book is really bad, on the one hand, wrongly written or mispronounced characters; secondly, the author just historical data about the translation, not too many new things. We do not buy ah.

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