The drift of the local boundary

Date of publication:2008-11   Press: China Social Science Press.   Author:Wang Liangfan, Dai Qingzhong   Pages´╝Ü277  

"Boundary shift local: in the context of globalization minority living wisdom and culture" in Guizhou as an example, the outlying area of our country minority cultural development under the trend of globalization, to explain in the development of the culture from the perspective of how to construct the modern form of their own. The author thinks, style, national survival in various places (especially the grassroots groups) cultural traits can continue to exist under the globalization trend, whether from the objective facts of development, or development consciously choose to look, globalization is not the elimination of local, grassroots people life character.
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The globalization development theory and development of category in the first chapter the two globalization development in the view of globalization and localization of the second chapter outlines the three globalization of cultural significance: the human cultural globalization is the global spread of modernity and the construction of the two western modern interpretation of the three multi Modernity: the era of Globalization of human culture's future development prospect in Chapter third, globalization the trend of the remote areas of China ethnic minority culture and global culture communication and remote areas of China Minority Culture in China in the two main culture and minority culture three underdeveloped economy and ethnic minority culture and the fourth chapter in the context of modernity and local culture and identity in a global modernity and locality of interaction of two the modern country under the influence of local social dimension of the changes of the modern Qiandongnan three Hmong local culture revival and identity of four local knowledge of modern and ethnic identity construction of the five local ethnic minority cultural renaissance and modern significance of the fifth chapter of self identity development in China from the perspective of remote minority culture under the situation of globalization in remote areas of national minority culture - the objective requirements of the development of the two world Rural area under the trend of the development of the minority culture unique advantage three Modernity: the way to realize the future development prospect in four remote areas of national minority culture self modernity of China's ethnic minority culture in remote areas of the study -- village culture, the minority cultural development of remote areas in the perspective of Globalization (case) Lugu Lake area of Yunnan Province, the introduction of the Mosuo people in Leishan County of Guizhou province in Xijiang 1000 Suoga -- they walled twelve main references postscript
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The first chapter of development in the field of vision of globalization in the development in the field of vision of globalization is speaking, standing in the less developed or less developed areas of the social attitude of globalization, but in our study, is a remote area of our country minority culture development perspective to examine, interpret and evaluate globalization. The reason to do such a limit, firstly because of interpretation of "globalization" is an interpretation and interpretation questions, such as "go global" and "globalization" is two kinds of completely different position, while China's remote areas, so far is basically the situation and position a "global"; the second is the theme of this study is not the "globalization" (-- we just take it as a fact description), but "minority culture in rural areas of China under the trend of economic globalization development". Development theory and development of category theory and society 1 social development theory is the theoretical perspective of this study. The so-called social development theory, refers to the target, the characteristics, the rise in twentieth Century 60 in the underdeveloped Society -- the developing countries and regions -- development condition, dynamic and model theory. The theory of social development is the first scholars research on Latin America, East Asia and other regions of the underdeveloped Society (developing countries) the modernization process, mainly by the modernization theory, dependency theory, world system theory. In the study of China's social modernization progress, social development theory has also been applied to the less developed regions in China Research society.
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