The Chinese national spirit story

Date of publication:2008-1   Press: China Society   Author:Dang Botao   Pages:195  

Home country forgetting -- the story of Da Yu Da Yu surname Si (Si four), the text of the life, the ancient Tu's country (now Anhui Huaiyuan) people. Da Yu is the legend of Yao, Shun and famous virtuous monarch, his most remarkable feat, that has always been known King Yu combating the flood, and the delineation of land for Chinese kyushu. Legend of Yao, mankind experienced a flood disaster, the whole world deluge, a vast ocean. People had to climb trees, like birds nesting shelter; or climbing the mountain, like a beast hid in the cave. In the face of adversity, the Emperor Yao eat one's heart out, called four big mountain and the governors to discuss strategy. Everybody unanimously recommended that gun, but Yao but shook his head and said: "the human nature is strong!" But there is no second people have the ability, Yao will promise to come down, and warned: "gun to house, be careful." He is sealed in the "worship" (now Shaanxi Qixian East) to the leader, people called "Chong 伯鲧". He accepted the task, immediately rushed to the heaven, the emperor back request flood save people, but that didn't work. He returned to earth, usually people think of earth mat wet scenario, and mobilize everybody, embankment retaining water, the flood rose higher and bigger. Over the past 9 years, it did not see results, he depressed sad. When an owl and a tortoise are dragged through here, see he feel depressed, you ask why. After that, they suggested that he go to heaven to steal treasures "soil". He ventured from heaven stole "soil", really true, as long as it spread to suffer from water, suddenly the mountains, built a dam. But unfortunately, it was soon emperor know, send animal mask body Vulcan zhurong recapture the soil, and kill the gun in the plume mountain.......
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