The boreal forest

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Nan Wenyuan editor of the "Northern Forest - grassland ecological environment and ethnic culture change" of the national ecological environment in minority areas of northern China and the culture change from ecological anthropology perspective, not only pay attention to the basic theory research, reviewing the history of north forest peoples, nomadic and farming ethnic in different ecological environment adaptation model, the pioneering research field north national ecological anthropology, but also pay attention to the application of theory and countermeasure, implementation of national ecological civilization construction and sustainable development policy for the government in order to give information, make positive contribution to promote the coordinated development of regional environment, culture and society.
Author brief introduction

Nan Wenyuan, male, Mongolia, the Chinese party, master's tutor, Professor of the school. The current president of the Dalian Nationalities University, Northeastern Minority Research Institute, National Institute of world concurrently serve as a director, director of the national theory Association, committee member, National Commission for Culture Series Title Appraisal Committee of the Dalian Municipal Academy of Social Sciences specially invited researcher of Northeastern University part-time professor. As a philosophy of social science achievement award of Liaoning Province, the review team members. Was named national outstanding teachers, provincial outstanding experts, in 1993 to enjoy special government allowances of the state council. Undertaken and completed the "China Tibetan ecological environment protection and sustainable development research", "the Northeast urbanization in national relations and constructing harmonious society studies", "Qinghai Tibet plateau environment and traditional Tibetan culture", "religious and ethnic and social development", "religion and Western Minority Education" "North Prairie nomads the changes of social culture and sustainable development research", "Liaoning ethnic problems in urbanization" and other national and provincial projects; publishing "cocoa Nur Mongolia -- toward the edge of the history", "Tibetan ecological ethic", "traditional Tibetan culture and Tibetan Plateau environmental protection and social development", "Islam and the Muslim social life", "national development and policy", "northeast national studies", "Tibetan Ecological Culture" and other academic works; write "ethnic theory", "national development and policy", the "national theory" won the two prize at the provincial level outstanding teaching achievement, relevant works won the National College of Humanities and social Science excellence results threePrize, humanities and social science of Dalian outstanding achievement award two.
Catalogue of books

The first chapter of northeast forest steppe ethnic cultural explanation.
A, on ecological culture as defined in the
two, regional definition and historical change: ecological culture of epitaxial
three, grasp of national ecological culture interpretation and construction of
four, research on ecological cultural significance
second chapter forest grasslands national ecological culture in the formation and evolution of
A, the Northeast ethnic formation exist in the forest steppe ecological environment
two, the northeast forest steppe of ethnic ecological culture characteristics of
third chapter northeast Manchu traditional ecological culture.
A, the origin and evolution of
two, the ecological environment of
three, the Manchu traditional ecological culture of
fourth chapter Manchu ecological culture change.
A, the changes of the ecological environment of
two, Manchu ecological culture change
three, the reasons for the decline of Manchu traditional culture.
four, in the process of modernization of the national cultural heritage.
fifth chapter northeast Mongolia traditional ecological culture
A, northeast of Mongolia ethnic origin and evolution of
two, from forest to grassland: meet three, Mongolia grassland ecological culture of
sixth chapter of Mongolia ethnic ecological culture change.
A, the increase of floating population and the deterioration of ecological environment of grassland

two, ecological environment and Mongolia ethnic culture change causes
three, the coordination between the traditional culture, environment and social modernization between
seventh chapter Xibe traditional ecological culture.
A, Xibe, the origin and evolution of
two, Xibe environment of
three, Xibe traditional ecological culture of
eighth chapter Xibe ecological culture change < br / > A, the changes of the social environment of
two, ecological and cultural changes
three, ecological culture and the construction of harmonious society in ethnic areas.
ninth chapters of the traditional ecological culture.
A, the origin and evolution of
two, the ecological environment of the
three, the traditional ecological culture of
tenth chapter the ecological culture change.
A, changes of social environment,
two and the ecological and cultural changes.
three, the construction of ecological civilization under the harmonious development of
eleventh chapter of Daur nationality The traditional ecological culture of
A, the origin and evolution of
two, the ecological environment of
three, the traditional ecological culture of
twelfth chapter the ecological culture change.
A, the changes of the social environment of
two, Daur Ethnic Ecological culture change
three, achieve sustainable economic and social development of
thirteenth chapter forest grassland ecological environment decline for national survival effects of
A, the northeast forest grassland ecological environment decline reason
two, the ecological environment problem < br > three, the ecological environment of recession on northeast minority regions of
fourteenth chapter ecological environment changes under the background of ecological civilization
A, the construction of ecological environment changes under the background of national ecological culture of
two, ecological and cultural changes and the minority areas of ecological civilization construction
three, the protection of the environment and ethnic cultural reconstruction
four, the construction of ecological civilization thoughts and Countermeasure of
the main reference
Chapter excerpt

A regional definition and History: the extension of ecological culture hold (a) ecological and cultural connotation and extension of cultural anthropology and culture as a system, the relationships between various factors of culture, cultural structure. Analysis of the structure of culture, has formed the cultural plexus, culture, culture, regional culture, cultural patterns and cultural types on the concept of cultural anthropology. The concept of regional culture and cultural patterns, cultural type has the reference value to the research of ecological culture, but on the ecological culture concept analysis, still need an explanation. Here we from ecological culture and extension of specific connotation perspective. Ecological culture connotation of 1 ecological culture is steady and healthy we mentioned the "ecological culture" is not a general sense of the culture, it means "and the ecological environment of the adaptation of the culture". Its feature is the unity, with a high degree of ecosystems and human cultural systems of harmony and stability, achieve the harmony between man and nature, a virtuous circle and sustainable development. It is embodied in a national ecological adaptability means of livelihood and the corresponding customs and ideas. Here the livelihoods of people in a certain area includes the activities of production, life style, the traditional process, production of crops, livestock species and buildings; customs, namely national diet customs, customs, living habits, living customs, etiquette style; ideas including religious beliefs, ideas and values. This culture we can also be referred to as the "original ecological culture": refers to the highly harmonious a nation to specific ecological environment and ecological system in the best conditions and the formation of the human and the natural, ecological and cultural system produced on the basis of this, it has the original state culture. The earth's ecological environment and ecological system in the process of evolution of ecological system, constitute the most complex and the most perfect structure, biological productivity is highest, the strongest is the ecological effect of forest ecosystem; correspondingly, forest ecological culture or sparse forest grassland ecological culture to establish a human in order to adapt to the forest ecological environment and should be human and environment in the best fit the original ecological culture "".......
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