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Date of publication:2010-1   Press: Guizhou people's Publishing House   Author:Zhang Zhongxiao   Pages:410  

Zhang Zhong laugh, was born in 1940 in Guizhou Tianzhu County, dong. The Art Institute of Guizhou University master's tutor, professor. Membership China Musicians Association, vice president of the society of Chinese minority music, musicology research fellow at the Research Institute Central Conservatory of Music part-time, part-time professor at Yangtze Normal University in Chongqing, members of the Working Committee for the protection of intangible cultural heritage of Guizhou Province, Guizhou national music research will main founder and longtime Association leadership. Editor of the publication of the "minority music of Guizhou", "Guizhou folk music" (Introduction to ordinary higher education "eleven five" national planning materials), "Dong songs of fifty years" and so on; participated in Compiling "China encyclopedia, volume music and dance", "China minority traditional music", "Chinese minority national art dictionary" (ren drama branch deputy editor), "China folk songs, Guizhou volume", "Chinese ethnic folk music ensemble, Guizhou volume" (deputy editor); in the "China music", "Chinese music", "Central Conservatory of Music journal" magazine published "Chinese minority music research thoughts", "recorded songs -- Ethnomusicology in the classification of the new members", "national music and Guizhou" and other articles published dozens of papers; the opera, dance (Dance), film and television, music works more than 300 pieces, at or above the provincial level awards more than 60 times. "Garden peony" by the Ministry of culture of the first "Star" award; "pull" the sun was the first in Guizhou province "literature and Art Award" first prize; "Huangguoshu Waterall" won the 2008 "colorful Guizhou" singing contest "Ten Outstanding song" award.
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For hundreds of years, the oldest Dongzhai Yong river water three Tang China Merchants as a disseminator of the Central Plains culture, indigenous villagers in the preservation of a very strong vitality, unique language, customs and at the same time, also with a broad mind in production, life of absorbing many advanced technology and information Zhongyuan businessman bring, the Han culture are especially obvious mark of Chu culture, and its clever fusion to their national culture. The three door Tang Dong song is really touching. When the teacher know I want to hear the song's wishes, several local youth singer invited, meet my requirements. I know, here is the clear water river, popular is the Tianzhu folk song tune in "river cavity", to my surprise, they're very skilled through "River" after the same expertly sang "Gao Po cavity", "cave chamber", almost all Song Dong around Tianzhu they will sing. "How so many parts of the song, you sing?" They say: "why not? Now the traffic convenient, fair, relatives, all kinds of songs, we can touch, can communicate with the. Besides, they have high girl married to us here, we here girl also marry to go over there -- a move, the song also follow to walk." This kind of phenomenon, reflect the characteristics of cultural exchange, a new era of. At the end of the three door Tang days of activities, we will leave this to my life unforgettable Xiao Zhai, really did not expect, quanzhai uncle, aunt, women, children, tilt Zhai. In the excitement of the sound of firecrackers, dressed in their holiday best women took each of usThe human hand, while sending Zhai men singing it slightly sad farewell song, children are surrounded by a few days to tutor their mom (the children so affectionately call Mr. Li Huimin). More unexpectedly, out of the village gate, enthusiastic people actually did not stop, with boarded a train bound for the far town size wooden boat, the boat, song unceasingly, sobbing continuously, it is the cry of several ships, cry a river! Meeting that day far export market, these singing the song farewell women and children, in the village of a crowded, self-assured or supercilious crowd around us, crying while singing, the market crowd all attracted over, the presence of Bashang I sang much time. The song hit my mind, it cannot bear to part from each other in it, the tears brim over with tears, and later was a choke with sobs, heart broken! However, singing and intoxicating, affection and intoxicating, we always have to go! The car started at that moment, my eyes have been tears stopped, no longer see the far away relatives face...... A few years later, people go to gate three Tang, the villagers also told them that they come from, Mr. Zhang, Mr. Zhang Zhai, crying, crying very sad.
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Question two a Dong Dong Dong Dong Le three custom four chapter with and the mountain waves of love -- the first festival of folk song folk song Temptation -- "go out to see the portal slope" second festival folk song cradle -- "good sister good talent" third festival folk song color -- "not pepper is not Ma Kou" second chapter is infiltrating the girl epigenetic feelings love -- on Tang Song of youth first song to sit on the spit up -- "cicada" as you fly into a modest is a traditional virtue of two Dong people working together, help each other and Dong young men and women love three "cross cousin marriage" is the Dong men and women youth marriage independent biggest obstacle to marriage since four, Wang is the common aspiration of the young men and women of five potential language expression in Dong minority people's rich feeling Beba in the second quarter, fruit to add radiance and beauty to each other -- "I love lover like 米恋 bran" third chapter shows the relative feelings the night music -- wedding song first festival firecrackers sound crisp Moonlight "--" second day before the feet came to the 耶门 songs sentimental and long -- "go out to see a red" the fourth chapter with the court music. -- Gu Rongxin Song of music section one pull sing "sound" -- never fading memory section second "song" Theory -- from birth in third "from the headquarters of the song, Le" interactive exhibition new face -- Classification of folk music fifth new members with showy flowers chapter shows ancient legacy -- Lanlu songs, step on the Tang Song the first section Dongzhai door song Huan -- Mo blame us to a section second ethnic minority "Duo" "offering grandmother -- each and every family all auspicious sixth chapter embraced the Dong song sea bright pearl -- music class first song of the ocean but without instrumental section second the distance information came good news section third won the" gold mine "treasure in remote mountains section fourth sound, music and national music seventh chapter load their beliefs of the 风乐 language -- sacrifice music eighth chapter Guangyao agricultural civilization -- the art songs of Dong nationality picture gorgeous light Bibliography from the closed book Thoughts thronged one's mind. song catalog @##@ reverie Guizhou is located in the eastern Yunnan Guizhou Plateau in Southwest China, has an area of 176000 square kilometers, 97% for the mountains and hills. Throughout the mountains, a tributary of the Pearl River, the Yangtze River flowing in the mountains. In the course of the development of history, Guizhou is a big intersection corridor a nation, is a multi national assembly. The Chinese family, Diqiang clans, clan, Miao and Yao nationalities Baiyue people and Mongolia, back, full of national into Guizhou in different periods, in different directions, and the native of Guizhou intersection, and gradually formed a multi-ethnic inhabited by situation. The distribution, the Guizhou culture, especially the folk music culture showed a small multiple characteristics! The birthplace of one of Guizhou plateau is the culture of the Chinese nation. Prehistoric cultural sites in Guizhou over the years to multiple unearthed, clearly showing the footprint of human activity in Guizhou plateau. Unearthed relics show, Shang and Zhou dynasties, Guizhou gradually from the Chalcolithic to the bronze age; the late Warring States period, Guizhou began to have iron; West Hanzhoung, later, Guizhou quickly into the iron age.
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