The ancient China life

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"The ancient China life" understanding of the history of Chinese content is both unique and sensibility. With other history books come very naturally focus on the rise and fall of the regime change dynasties, such as the "grand narrative" different, "the ancient China life" idea did not stay in the event of the Chinese Empire, but more specific images in the winding jade, ceramics, silk, lacquer ware, Ma Deng, herbs, tea, chopsticks, with a strong oriental flavor, and immersed in the edge of the extension of the thousands of years of daily life scenes. Admittedly, this is a very "one-sided" Chinese history; also can be sure, a written by Westerners Chinese history, is more likely to Chinese Reader brings a fresh perspective, and historical data completely unusual to find.
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Nathaniel? Harris, was born in London, graduated from the University of Oxford. As an accomplished scholar and writer, his interest is focused on the research and writing of stories on the ancient civilization. His important works include the "the Greeks and Romans" (1980), "Alexander the great and the Greeks" (1985), "life in ancient Greece, ancient Rome" "life" and "life in ancient Egypt" etc.. He created the "make history day" series of popular Western readers.
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The first chapter of the eastern empire partly hidden and partly visible in Chinese tyranny and a new order in the early times shepherds episode live in the world finally came to the Empire and the second chapter of every hue subjects Ren Huan wealthy merchant and sit Jia rural and farm border third chapter of marriage and family home is the marriage of the road in the order of their loved ones among the children the fourth chapter from woman to woman discrimination inherent functions: first on the outside of marriage into mainstream history chapter fifth wash and make-up makeup and hair living and washing bath sixth chapter entertainment when the seventh chapter Chinese dress eighth chapter ate and drank the ninth chapter of tenth chapter in the eleventh chapter of medical and funeral the road
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The path followed "ancient China life" author, and give up in a lot of visual offers (inset) under the guidance of Chinese, this closed old country, many already annihilation legendary in the mainstream of historical materials and still alive under the private details of life to highlight, bring pleasure in reading at the same time for the reader, is also driven by the reconstruction of readers for a historical experience......
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