Study on the development and protection of ethnic culture

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"Study" the cultural development and protection in 2004 October hosted by the South-Central University For Nationalities and other units of the &ldquo ” the development of national culture under the background of cultural diversity; academic seminar papers, mainly compiled from 60 papers submitted conference in. "Study" the cultural development and protection consists of cultural development, cultural protection, culture development, culture change, cultural diversity, the five part.
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Welcome the opening meeting of the · · cultural development; development of national cultural inheritance and development of national culture on some problems of cultural diversity and ethnic culture development China family culture and family business innovation in Jianchuan County of Yunnan Province as the research development of the central region of minority patients education · cultural protection · construction and the protection of traditional ethnic culture protection and development of ethnic and cultural diversity of national folk cultural relics display &mdash Northwest Yunnan River Basin National Park; — innovative ideas on the National Folk Museum with Scientific Outlook on Development constructing the eco Museum — — in Jiangxi Province, Guixi City Zhang Ping Yu township as an example of intangible cultural heritage protection legislation, the basic principles of — — &mdash ecological paradigm of law from the perspective of globalization; — crisis crisis of Tujia mother tongue of the folk culture of ethnic minority's thinking about the — — of Pojiao village · · development; culture; national culture inheritance and development of cultural resources development in Yunnan several problems of the history from the display for the market — — in the museum to protect and market awareness The protection and development of tourism resources of · hole dam area on ethnic cultural tourism development and some principles about Li traditional cotton spinning process of cultural change; · Muslim culture of Hui family issues of cultural diversity under the background of Chinese culture and national culture authenticity and changes the threshold — — to Bai the beads flowers legend as an example to analyze the migration and marriage culture change — — a “ recruit husband raise Fu ” marriage from history to see &mdash culture change trend of traditional festival culture of Zhuang nationality development and inheritance of ecological immigration from the changes of Zhuang national minority; — in Liangshan, Yanyuan County Ping Zi Cun is cases of social change in the fate of Tujia language · · multi culture; the Western Jin Dynasty at the end minority psychological advantage &mdash build national unity concept; & mdash; short letter in reply Liu Kun Schleswig for &mdash social cultural ecological system center of the Chinese nation; — from the southern national tour of farming culture angle, system of nomadic Cultivation: ancient production style of Tujia Nationality in Heilongjiang basin culture on the multicultural background of minority women's rights of Globalization Look at the Chinese minority philosophy on multiculturalism “ ” Emperor Kangxi of the national culture fusion and promote the spirit: from the past to the present beliefs and narrative of Chinese and Western concept of development history review, comparison and Prospect of Hui culture ecological knowledge of Islam of Hui nationality development to meet the needs of the Hui folk legend rain events cultural interpretation of Zhuang Nationality in Mongolia and a comparative study of oxen worship between Pinghua people Shigong drama of the Kangba culture inheritance and development on the top of the mountain, cross and other more colorful de e Miao costumes from the Enshi national research and development of the traditional ethnic culture protection and development of ethnic minority areas the original accounting records of appendix: &ldquo ” the development of national culture under the background of cultural diversity; academic submit a paper catalog postscript
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