Study on ethnic problems in the process of city

Date of publication:2005-11   Press: National Publishing House   Author:Zhou Daming   Pages:412   Words:360000  

In recent years, the large-scale labor mobility across regions, is the inevitable result of reform and opening up and the development of society, history is also a product of our country from the agricultural society to modern industrial society. In the middle, floating minority population with special "dual identity", the group behavior existence also relates to ethnic fusion, cultural conflict, traditional, ethnic relations related to the abstract problems, caused the social concern and attention. The State Ethnic Affairs Commission of Ethnic Issues Research Center Deputy Director Hu will survey several stages of change form the minority business community Hebei Qinghe County cashmere center 20000 and the national behavior, management mechanism. This study also deal with national problems in the city brings enlightenment, according to director of the minority, provide development space for the.
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City in the process of ethnic problems of ethnic work and ethnic work -- the lack of concern over the city in the process of some ethnic minority families City Floating Population Crimes and Countermeasures of Guangzhou ethnic community organizations in the city: City national survival guide to community: external shift change of ethnic group in city community of city function and the national district: ecological new city in Guiyang City as an example: in view of the Pearl River source area for example city minority and research city city in the process of socialization of city Minority Floating Minority Culture to adapt to Shenzhen: "China folk culture village" employees for social interaction and inter ethnic communication cases of city minority: a case study of Shenzhen City, the capital and the national culture to migrant workers: case study of the minorities in the city "Hand-Pulled Noodle Museum:" Xiamen foreign Muslim city to study Islamic "Uma" and the spirit of the Guangzhou Muslim jam a'at migratory cultural adaptation and social adaptation: a study of Kunming City Hui immigrants "Chengzhongcun" minority floating population governance Policy research: in H District of Guangzhou as an example of international urbanization in the process of overseas ethnic relationship between countries, ethnic culture protection and family than: International Urbanization in exotic ethnic relations with Singapore's Little India: N G student community to backflow special city of Northwest multi-national area city community diversity types and evolution trend of four ethnic Chinese patients with early Hongkong Macao regression Houtu Portuguese survival strategy change in ethnic minority areas in the process of Urbanization: Modern Changes "Lingwu Hui Wang family re localization": a community of Hui nationality in urban planning in the architectural features of non industrialization and Tibetan city: taking Tibet Changdu area as an example, who is the main body of the city? -- rural city population survey report flow and minority areas of Guizhou province from Wang Cun, Anshun City: Kai Tang Miao as the theoretical example of community participation in tourism development from the perspective of local programs to ethnic identity: Interpretation and reconstruction of traditional Xuanwei City -- Yunnan Torch Festival of the Yi people of
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