Security Broadsword

Date of publication:2009-3   Press: Ma Shao Ching, Ma Peiting, Gansu people's Publishing House (2009-03)   Author:Ma Shaoqing, Ma Peiting   Pages´╝Ü140  

Baoan nationality, was born in Gansu in 1954 Jishishan Bao Da Dun Cun, Dongxiang Sala Autonomous County Cheyenne River House, graduate, former deputy secretary of the county committee of the Communist Party of China, Jishishan county Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Communist Youth League Deputy Secretary of Gansu provincial Party committee, Gansu Provincial People's Government Foreign Affairs Office of overseas Chinese Affairs Office of member of leading Party group, deputy director, National Committee (bureau of Religious Party members), deputy director, deputy director, Department of culture, director of secretary of leading Party group, the Gansu Federation of literary and art circles of secretary of leading Party group, vice chairman. Membership China Writers Association, chairman of the Writers Association of minority in Gansu Province, honorary president of Gansu Province Academy of calligraphy, Gansu province Contemporary Calligraphy Association honorary president. For more than thirty years, mainly engaged in administrative work, spare time of creation and writing. Literary works have "Jishishan road", "Dongxiang ethnic Yugur Baoan nationality folk tales (BaoAnZu story)", "Chinese minority customs travel" (Bao'an) ". Sociological works have "security group", "security culture form and the ancient books", "Gansu folk overview (Bao'an)", "security group studies" (ed.), "Chinese minority ancient books catalogue summary, Baoan volume". Planning organizations in the preparation of the works "Literature Series" minority in Gansu province first 10 volumes (editor in chief, 1999), "Gansu Province minority literature series" second series 10 (editor in chief, 2001), "Dongxiang culture form and the ancient books" (ed.), "half a step set" (ed.), "Long Yuan Flower Rain" (ed.), "Gansu folk culture protection guide" (ed.), Qingyang sachet material cultural heritage protection in Gansu province "non" (editorial director), "master Qi Xiumei" (editorial director), "River State flowers" (editorial director, chief editor). The main theses are "flowers oral and text -- on the significance of protecting flowers literature", "the Gansu national folk culture protection", "Gansu province about culture construction and long-term development issues".
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"The security broadsword" by Gansu people's publishing house.
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Overview of the soul of the nation culture vein two a riot of colours Ambilight three primitive tools of traditional craft four skilled craftsmen be handed down from age to age five has a long history @##@ heritage protection. "The basic knowledge of the text introduces security broadsword broadsword" security. Security broadsword is Baoan people's unique national characteristics, embodies the national style carry saber, security family history has been passed down from one generation of traditional handicrafts, but also the security people after hundreds of years, with their own one's ability and cleverness and hard-working forged out of the treasure of Chinese culture. It cast a soft BaoAnZu people's wisdom and talent, witnessing the Baoan formation and development of history, reflects the Baoan historical traditions, national spirit and cultural fan Ke, contains the BaoAnZu people's unique spiritual pursuit, values, ways of thinking, imagination and creativity, the outstanding representative called Baoan nationality cultural symbol, an important part of Chinese traditional culture, China and world intangible cultural heritage.
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