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Zhao Shilin, Bai, postdoctoral. A former editor of "Journal of Yunnan University of Nationalities", Yunnan University of Nationalities Research National Institute of Yunnan Province, director and Secretary of the party, a professor at the Yunnan University of Nationalities, master of Library Science Research Director, supervisor, concurrently deputy secretary general, China ethnology theory Association, deputy director, Yunnan University of commission of Yunnan Province Library Association, member of committee of experts, Yunnan province protection the ancient Yunnan Museum of nationalities distinguished research fellow, leaf culture research center of Yunnan University, part-time researcher, National Culture Institute of Dali University researcher, Yunnan Buyi society consultant Chinese Southwest Research association. Mainly engaged in cultural sociology, culture study. Published three academic monographs, published more than forty academic papers, chaired or participated in more than twenty national, provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects.
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The first chapter: Theory and practice of cultural industry and cultural heritage in 2005, Hu Jintao in the Central Ethnic Work Conference and the fourth meeting of the State Council of the national unity and progress in recognition of the General Assembly speech pointed out: “ should vigorously support the priority to the development of education in Ethnic Minority Areas, science and technology, support the development of ethnic areas of cultural undertakings and cultural industries, inheritance, development, innovation minority culture, rich cultural life of the people of all ethnic groups, and continuously improve the people's ideological and moral qualities and scientific and cultural qualities. ” speech of Comrade Hu Jintao sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height, to the development of our national area direction, and contains the essence Scientific Outlook on Development and its application in the field of national work, national culture construction, has important strategic significance for the minority areas of economic, social, cultural construction and sustainable development. An important problem which we should think about, is how to deal with the relationship between the minority cultural industry and cultural heritage protection. The relationship between culture industry of ethnic minorities and cultural heritage protection, involving more content, also very complex. From the theoretical level, the mainIs how to understand and recognize the relationship between the cultural industry and the cultural cause, how to define and treat the “ ” culture industry; and from the practice and the operation level, it should appear in real development problems, analyze and summarize the situation, proper coordination, deal with various relations, set up a cultural industry and national the cultural inheritance of benign interaction mechanism of society. Yunnan is the minority of China's most populous province, the cultural industry in Yunnan A new force suddenly rises., miracle and pattern creation has demonstration significance in the country, and great development of the cultural industry, has greatly benefited from Yunnan's ethnic cultural resources. We share the fruits of the ethnic cultural industry development, should also be aware of the problems caused by the. Relationship between the development of the ethnic cultural industry and cultural undertakings, especially the relationship between the development of ethnic culture industry and cultural heritage, is that we must face and solve problems. This is because the object of our business and focus on — — culture, is a special category of this community, nation, culture is the identity representation of a nation, is the core factor, national “ the core of national culture tied to the nation's deep psychology structure and the sense of identity, at the same time also structure the deep state of mind and consciousness, hurt it, will hurt the nation; to cancel it, he cancelled the nation. ” … …
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Guide on exploring the market economy cultural inheriting the road of innovation theory and practice: the first chapter of cultural industry and cultural heritage section of cultural resources industrialization is a choice of prosperity and development, cultural development in ethnic minority areas era: national implementation of allied strategic steps Scientific Outlook on Development two, culture and economy: the new era of development path three, economic and social development of the culture industry: four, the industrialization of culture: the sustainable development of the minority regions mode selection theory and practice second national cultural industry, cultural industry: a national cultural industry two, a form of cultural industry and cultural industry: the connection and difference between the three, national the cultural industry development: economic attribute of the new rural construction in the border and minority areas is an important content of third national culture industry and national culture, national culture industry: a consistency requirement of the development of ethnic areas, two main interests: development of national culture resources must pay attention to the problem three, individual and community: culture industry and inheriting the national field four, traditional and modern docking: cultural industry and national heritage The unification of five, market regulation: the national culture industry and the national cultural heritage and effective implementation of the second chapter of history and reality: the day the tortuous development second development of Yunnan ethnic culture industry development course and the mode of the first section of the national cultural industry, cultural industry to start a two, National culture industry started in the background of building a big province the national culture of the ethnic cultural industry, resources and advantages: an important condition for Yunnan the development of national culture industry two, planning and deployment: Yunnan ethnic culture industry development organization three, foundation and environment: Yunnan in the cultural infrastructure third “ tourism ” birth and grafting national culture industry, tourism “ ” two, &ldquo put forward the concept of tourism; ” in the implementation of the Yunnan three, “ tourism ” and the ethnic cultural industry grafting the interrelationship between fourth “ Yunnan ” basic connotation of cultural industry a, “ Yunnan mode the proposed ” two, “ &rdquo the basic connotation of Yunnan model; three, “ Yunnan model & rdquo; the inevitability of the Fifth Festival of Yunnan Ethnic culture industry development of the reality of the situation, industry development general situation and characteristics of two, industrial development imbalance and causes three, industry four, special industrial development disorder five, area of cultural resources development and fairness in the third chapter, layout and structure: the national culture industry category and the organization operation section ethnic crafts, ethnic arts and crafts in two, industrialization and national cultural heritage three, existing problems and Countermeasures of second day national publishing, publication two, audio and video products produced third Festival theme film and television industry, present situation, development of two three, film and television industry and the national cultural heritage four, existing problems and development Countermeasures of fourth ethnic dance performances industry, Yunnan song and dance performances industry overview two, ethnic dance performances industry and resource characteristics of three, song and dance performances industry and national culture inheritance … … the fourth chapter subject and the individual: investigation of the ethnic cultural industry practitioners of the fifth chapter is the analysis of the cause industry: concurrent paths of the sixth chapter structure and analysis of the inheritance and development of national culture: National Cultural industry and chapter seventh the internal mechanism of cultural inheritance and constraint: the development of ethnic culture industry operation of the evaluation index system of the eighth chapter ideas and Countermeasures: establish national culture industry operation mechanism @##@ references. "Yunnan University of Nationalities academic library" is a reflection of an important platform for subject construction of Yunnan University of Nationalities and the pooled results of scientific research boutique library, embodies the scientific research for the purpose of serving the economic and social development. With this set of Library of Yunnan University of Nationalities published in succession, committed to the excellent tradition of serving the social economic development in frontier minority areas and promoting national unity and progress, social harmony and stability will be further developed, the school as a social ideological base and government think tank's role will be further enhanced.
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